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October 31 2012

Nathan has been tweeting fan Halloween costumes. I just cannot get over the awesomeness of this Serenity. I want to make my own now!

October 13 2012

Jewel Staite replaces Sean Maher at the Edmonton Expo. Sean unfortunately had to postpone his appearance, but his former co-star (and good friend) Jewel is taking over his spot!

October 01 2012

Original Serenity comic book artwork for sale. Fábio Moon, who drew Zack Whedon's Serenity short story for Dark Horse's Free Comic Book Day issue is selling the original artwork. More...

September 20 2012

"We're Still Flying". The band Merit from Phoenix, AZ has used a clip from Firefly in the demo of their new song, "We're Still Flying". I'll give you one guess which clip they used.

September 12 2012

Nathan Fillion on Hero Complex: The Show. Geoff Boucher talks to Nathan about acting in soap operas, meeting with Joss for Firefly and the musical way in which Joss writes.

September 08 2012

Scott Allie (Whedonverse editor at Dark Horse) doing a Reddit AMA. Looks like it went up about three hours ago, and questions have started to be posted. As per Twitter, I guess he's going to start checking them.

September 01 2012

"It's okay to leave them to die". Sean Maher talks to the New Melbourne Browncoats about All Things Firefly, Serenity & Browncoaty, and also about Much Ado About Nothing. More...

August 22 2012

Quantum Mechanix Inc. releases Firefly 10th anniversary celebration art print. The 27" x 40" lithograph was created by graphic designer Jeff Halsey and features Serenity's silhouette in front of a moon, as well as a quote.

August 21 2012

25 cool behind-the-scenes photos from various TV shows. Including a shot from Firefly, and an especially cool one from Buffy. More...

August 15 2012

The 2nd edition of 'Serenity: Those Left Behind' is out this week. If you're a completist, this front cover has different font than the first edition. More...

August 10 2012

Small Firefly reference in another Gutters webcomic. See if you can spot it.

August 07 2012

Fan pitches naming SpaceX's first private spaceship "Serenity". In the spirit of getting the first shuttle (although it never flew into space) "Enterprise" after Star Trek.

August 04 2012

Seven-foot long minifig-scale Serenity model is a Lego masterpiece. Adrian Drake spent 475 hours over the course of 21 months to build this painstakingly accurate model of Firefly's Serenity entirely out of Lego bricks. More...
Watch "Adam Baldwin - Cocktails with Stan - Ep13" on YouTube. Comic book legend Stan Lee and co-host Jenna Busch interview Adam Baldwin about Firefly and ComicCon on Stan's YouTube program "Cocktails With Stan." More...

August 02 2012

Nathan Fillion does an impromtu AMA in /r/denver on Reddit! Our Captain apparently was practicing for his AMA in the wrong place...

July 23 2012

AMC's Great Film Quotes of the 2000s. A Serenity Quote makes the list, but maybe not the one you expected. More...

July 17 2012

The Whedonverse: This Is War. Another AMAZING fan video from the prolific MrMorda898. One of the presenters showed this at the 5th Slayage Conference that just wrapped up in Vancouver, Canada, to show how the various Whedonverse shows have more in common than at first glance. More...

July 13 2012

Joss Whedon is working the line waiting for Friday's 'Firefly Reunion'! Evidently there are a lot of Browncoats lined up in the rain overnight waiting for the panel on Friday. At one point (a couple of hours ago) Adam Baldwin walked by to say 'Hi', but about a half hour ago Joss showed up and is taking his time walking the line and signing autographs. More...

July 12 2012

Pictures from QMX booth at SDCC including "Little Damn Heroes" cartoony statues of Book and Inara, Penny from Dr. Horrible and a more realistic version of Felicia Day as Codex in the Guild, and a "cut-away" model Serenity where you can lift off the roof and see into the dining room.

July 11 2012

Firefly Reunion in Nerd Machine's Trailer Park Heroes, Pt. 3. Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk join Adam Baldwin in the epic conclusion.

July 03 2012

"Fruity Oaty Bar! The Motion Picture." "It's like nothing you've ever seen before... except for that one 30-second ad from Serenity. It's totally like that." (A small bit of sketch comedy.)

June 28 2012

Mal and Jayne: BFFs? Serenity's two alpha-males make Blastr's list of science fiction's most unlikely friendships.

June 21 2012

Coolest onscreen spaceships. Serenity is #17.
Bearenity - let's be bad bears. io9 tries to prove that every movie is better with added bears.

June 19 2012

CSTS screenings of Serenity this weekend. It's Joss' birthday on Saturday and there's nine screenings of Serenity in the US, Canada and the UK on or around that date.

June 11 2012

Nathan Fillion interviewed by Paul F. Tompkins in Speak Easy. In this episode of Speak Easy, Nathan Fillion talks about working as an actor, what he learned from soap operas and what Firefly was for him.

June 10 2012

Did Joss slip a Firefly Easter Egg into The Avengers? The article suggests that during a moment in the film when Hawkeye shows a picture of Iridium to someone, that the "rock" Iridium is shaped like the Serenity. More...

May 30 2012

The first draft of the Slayage 5 Conference programme is now available for preview. The conference takes place in Vancouver, Canada from July 12-15, 2012. Anyone else going?

May 29 2012

Serenity BD steelbook to be released. Celebrating Universal's 100th Anniversary, they are re-releasing many of their big titles. More...

May 23 2012

Badass Digest's TV Timewarp - Firefly: Episodes 4-6. Devin Faraci, Meredith Borders and Erin Callahan revisit "Bushwhacked", "Safe" and "Shindig". You can see their takes on "Serenity" and "The Train Job" here. -
Serenity voted seventh best sci-fi film of all time. The poll was conducted for SFX Magazine's latest special "The Top 100 Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Movies Of All Time".

May 21 2012

Nathan Fillion talks about Serenity, Firefly, Much Ado About Nothing and Joss. Serenity closed out the third annual Hero Complex Film Festival, and Nathan Fillion was on hand to discuss the film and other subjects, including who is the best Shakespearean actor in Much Ado About Nothing.

May 17 2012

Doug and Lu Hate Everything Podcast. Doug and Lu Hate Everything Podcast discusses Avengers (spoilers!), Buffy season 9, Angel & Faith, and more!

May 06 2012

Free digital versions of the FCBD Buffy and Serenity comics now available. Couldn't get a hold of the Buffy/Guild and Serenity/Star Wars issues at your local comic book shop on Saturday? Dark Horse Digital now has them on their site and it won't cost you anything to read them. More...

May 05 2012

Get your free Buffy and Serenity comic books today. The first Saturday in May means Free Comic Book Day. There's a Buffy/The Guild flip book (penned by Andrew Chambliss and Felicia Day respectively) and a Serenity/Star Wars flip book (both stories penned by Zack Whedon) up for grabs. Hopefully there's a comic book store in your area that's participating. More...

April 30 2012

10,000 supporters and Lego could make a Serenity kit happen. Who wouldn't buy one of these either for themselves or a child? More...

April 19 2012

Best Shot in Serenity? Serenity was chosen for this week's edition of Hit Me With Your Best Shot, the series wherein different writers choose the single best shot from a movie and write about it. More...

February 27 2012

(SPOILER) Preview pages from Star Wars/Serenity free comic book. "It's never easy". More...

February 11 2012

Whedonverse veterans confirmed for Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. Adam Baldwin and James Marsters announced as media guests at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo in April. More...

February 06 2012

Firefly cake with crew cupcakes and light-up Serenity. Not much more to say than that, really. More...

February 05 2012

End of an era for Serenity: 35mm prints have been retired for U.S. screenings. This is expected to have minor impact on CSTS screenings since the majority of last year's events were already using digital copies and CSTS has been anticipating the change.

January 28 2012

"Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal" - a Firefly essay. Lani Diane Rich talks about the arguments she had with her husband whilst watching Firefly and Serenity.

January 24 2012

Morena Baccarin on 'Conan'. Morena was on "Conan" last night to promote "Homeland," and had funny stories about her mom, a presidential fan and Damien Lewis getting her underwear by mistake!

January 16 2012

Firefly designs on merchandise. Stumbled across this Firefly inspired design by Nana Leonti. Available on a T-shirt, hoodie, iphone case, art print, and more. There is also a "Keep flying and stay shiny" design by Perdita on the same site here. More...

January 11 2012

Serenity [Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy] on offer. You can get it for the bargain price of $8.49 at

January 05 2012

Serenity Ship Tribute - A Fan Computer Case Modification. An Amazing Serenity PC mod which is featured in the newest issue of CPU Magazine. Absolutely Gorgeous. More...

January 04 2012

QMX's photo shoot of the 12 foot Serenity filming miniature. As promised, pictures of the model are now up and you can get a better look at how shiny it is. A video of the miniature being filmed for the movie can be found here.

January 01 2012

The Ultimate Serenity. QMxInsider tweets a pic of the 12' Serenity filming miniature. More...

December 21 2011

(SPOILER) CBR interviews Zack Whedon about the Star Wars/Serenity comic book. And Comics Alliance talks with Fabio Moon, the artist for the Serenity comic.

December 01 2011

'Geek The Halls' - geeky craft fair is this weekend in Portland, OR. It's being organized by the PDX Browncoats.

November 25 2011

Den of Geek Celebrates Summer...Glau! Caroline Preece of Den of Geek! waxes rhapsodically about everyone's favourite prima ballerina-turned-psychic warrior/gynoid killing machine/21st century Oracle (Barbara Gordon!Oracle, not resident of Delphi!Oracle)/K9 unit officer. More...

November 24 2011

Quantum Mechanix Black Friday sale includes some Whedony goodness. Starting at midnight, Quantum Mechanix will be selling the River BDH Maquette, Mule Replica, Fruity Oaty Bar girls, Penny Animated Maquette and a couple T-Shirts for at least 50% off. More...

November 23 2011

Free Comic Book Day to include Buffy, Serenity, and The Guild. The official announcement from Dark Horse Comics as to its FCBD slate for May 5, 2012 includes the previously-known Star Wars/Serenity flip book, a new Buffy tale, and the Guildies go to the beach.

November 07 2011

Serenity Little Damn Heroes Maquette from Quantum Mechanix. It will be available in December.
Looking back at Joss Whedon's 'Serenity'. Den of Geek! casts its eye over the Big Damn Movie.

November 01 2011

(SPOILER) NYCC '11: Interview with Dark Horse Editor Scott Allie. brought by insertgeekhere. Allie talks about Buffy S9 and his experience in dealing with fans, Star Wars/Serenity flip book, Sugar Shock and Dr. Horrible comics.

October 20 2011

Jewel Staite talks Firefly, Food, Fun and Fillion. She talks about food, wine, Nathan, and muppets. Yes, muppets.

October 04 2011

Buffy and Serenity now on Netflix Canada. After over a year of being operational in Canada, Netflix finally adds Buffy (all 144 episodes) and Serenity to its library. More...

September 27 2011

Adam Warrock's "The Browncoats Mixtape" is now available. Released earlier today, and available for free online, the album features 10 songs about our favorite crew.

September 24 2011

Alan Tudyk on Wash, Alpha and more at SFX.
Orange County, CA CSTS event today has Serenity with Browncoats: Redemption. CSTS events also in Tucson and Atlanta this weekend. More...

September 23 2011

Alan Tudyk on the fate of Wash, among eight other things. The link goes to the Wash page, but he also talks Tucker & Dale, A Knight's Tale and Transformers 3.

September 22 2011

Alan Tudyk's idea for a Serenity sequel. It would focus on one particular character.

September 12 2011

Inara Serra voted as the second "Most Fashionable SFF Icon". She was just behind The Doctor in Tor's recent poll.

August 25 2011

CSTS event in Melbourne this Saturday. Since 2006, CSTS has raised $601,885.29 for charity. More...

August 22 2011

Shindig for Equality Now. The folk who bring you Pubcast are taking part in the global "Can't Stop The Serenity" fundraising drive for Equality Now in the heart of Dublin, Ireland. More...

August 20 2011

HMV Exclusive Serenity "Reel Heroes" Limited Edition DVD. Saw this in HMV the other day and thought I'd share. It's a limited edition DVD with comic book artwork and comes with an art card, also available on Blu-ray. The video explains all (:

August 18 2011

Gina Torres Suits up for new USA series. The actress talks about playing the boss, and her continuing thoughts about Firefly's Zoe.

July 29 2011

Interview with Joss, Jessica Neuwirth of Equality Now and The One True b!X. The brief interview starts at 48:00, and was conducted by Atom Freeman (the event's M.C) backstage at the June 2011 Can't Stop the Serenity held in L.A. by the SoCal Browncoats. More...

July 28 2011

And the Castle/Firefly cross pollination continues... Molly Quinn steals her T.V. Dad's costume and other fun at the Castle Comic Con Panel.

July 23 2011

Most Awesome Firefly Lego Evah! We've seen quite a few Lego renditions of our favorite spaceship and crew over the years, but this one may be one of the best so far. Amazing level of detail on both the ship and the crew. The tail even lights up!

July 12 2011

Amazing Firefly Inspired Album by Adam Warrock. Adam Warrock, one of the hottest nerdcore MC's on the interwebs is working on an entire album inspired by Firefly. More...

July 11 2011

Kaylee's Strawberry Delight. QMX just announced their latest shiny statue. More...

July 07 2011

The Browncoat Anthem. A Firefly-inspired rap by parody artist ActorPat. Hilariously shiny!

July 01 2011

Serenity voted one of the "top 50 greatest sci-fi movies ever". It came in at no. 44 on Total Film's list.

June 27 2011

'My Little Serenity' - the trailer. The Big Damn Movie meets My Little Pony.

June 17 2011

Castle quiz: the historic details of cult hero Nathan Fillion. An online Quiz about Nathan Fillion with some quite funny comments along the way. How well do you know our Captain? Created by one of the networks that shows Castle.

June 10 2011

'Serenity' features in MSN's list of Best Science-Fiction Flicks. MSN wonders if new movies such as 'Super 8' can stand up against sci-fi classics like 'Serenity'.

June 09 2011

Simon & Kaylee know No H8. A beautiful reunion shot for the anti-prejudice project. More...

June 08 2011

Watch the new Joss Whedon PSA Video for "Equality Now". This video will be shown in the Can't Stop the Serenity screenings in 2011. ETA: The video has now been set to private.

June 06 2011

ThinkGeek has Serenity Schematic T-shirt. A new way to enjoy the midbulk transport, standard radion-accelerator core, classcode 03-K64, "Firefly."
Filtering Firefly for Family Friendliness. If you've ever wanted your DVD player to automatically skip or mute scenes from the show because of undesireable content, well now you can. You can also do the same for Serenity (via the ClearPlay blog). More...

June 02 2011

Amy Acker to play in our 'Dollhouse' while Morena Baccarin stays 'Home(land)'. Bad wordplay aside, Firefly's Inara has regrettably cancelled her Sydney/Perth Supanova appearence and Amy Acker has stepped in to take her place.

May 26 2011

"It was lightning in a bottle" - an audio interview with Sean Maher. It starts at around the 3:06 mark. Sean chats about Firefly, keeping in touch with the rest of the cast, the fandom, his new show 'The Playboy Club' and his love for 'Dexter'.

May 23 2011

Still shiny: an appreciation of Serenity. Tor examines the film as it looks at the best SFF movies from the last decade.

May 12 2011

Book & Wash meet Sulu & Worf. (NSFW) Promo video for animated film "Strange Frame: Love & Sax" features Ron Glass, Alan Tudyk, George Takei, and Michael Dorn, as well as Juliet Landau, Claudia Black, Claudia Christian, and Tim Curry. More...

April 21 2011

Take a tour of a model of Serenity. A very enthusiastic student takes you on a tour of his (almost) 1:1 model of Serenity he's in the process of building on Minecraft. Take a gander if you're into that kind of thing! More...

April 03 2011

Serenity airs on Australia's Eleven tonight. For those Aussies set up to receive the new channel Eleven, you're in for a treat with Serenity airing at 8:30pm tonight.

March 30 2011

Honorable mention of Serenity by author George R.R. Martin in his list of favorite sci-fi films.
ICv2's top ten genre properties for Q4 2010. Find out how Dark Horse's Buffy and Serenity franchises fare against the likes of The Walking Dead, Sandman and Y: The Last Man.

March 28 2011

Vote for Serenity in the "Elite Eight" of io9's March Movie Madness! In this round, Serenity is up against the original Terminator. More...

March 26 2011

io9's 10 Perfect Murders in Sci-Fi. io9 lists 10 "perfect" murders in (apparently) modern science fiction, including The Operative's termination of Dr. Matthias in Serenity. More...

March 21 2011

Serenity vs. ET on io9 March Movie Madness. I09 is taking votes for the best SCIFI movie of all time. Serenity is up against ET in this round.
A Postcolonial Provocation: 'Serenity'. The latest PopMatters essay analyses the Big Damn Movie.

March 18 2011

Outlook Portland interviews Zack Whedon. Way back in December, the show talked to Zack, then posted to YouTube in January. Apparently we all missed it. Link goes to Part One. (Part Two, Part Three, Part Four.)

March 15 2011

Vote for Serenity in io9's March Movie Madness. "This planet's greatest scifi films" compete in the "most important tournament of our time". Voting begins tomorrow at 11 AM PST. More...

March 13 2011

Top ten techies from the movies. Mr Universe gets some long overdue recognition.

February 28 2011

Hangin' with Summer Glau & "The Fireflies." As tweeted by Adam Baldwin and previously touched upon here. More...

February 24 2011

Nathan Fillion tweets about Firefly movement. Captain Tightpants wants you to save your money.

February 22 2011

Minor Firefly reference on Castle last night. Right after the the opening. More...

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