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April 15 2009

BookBanter Interviews Amber Benson. Episode six of the BookBanter podcast reviews Death's Daughter and interviews Amber Benson. More...

April 14 2009

Amber Benson on Blogstein tonight at 9 pm ET.

April 06 2009

Amber Benson signing at Kings Comics, April 7th. In store signing at the Sydney, Austrailia location on Pitt Rd., between 3-5 pm.

April 01 2009

Part 1 of iF Magazine's interview with Amber Benson. The lovely and talented Amber Benson talks about her first venture as a solo author. More to come as well!

March 28 2009

Interview with Amber Benson. She will also be signing at Borderlands Books in San Francisco today at 4pm PT.

March 25 2009

Amber Benson interviewed live at Film Snobbery tonight. Amber will be on at 9:30pm ET in the US. If you missed it you can now download the interview here. More...

March 12 2009

Amber Benson on Private Practice tonight. Amber Benson Twittered that she will be on Private Practice tonight. Check it out! More...

March 10 2009

5 new interviews at Slayerlit. Slayerlit celebrates its 6th anniversary with new video interviews with Amber Benson, Ginjer Buchanon, Keith DiCandido and Tom Sniegowski. Stop on by and enjoy the discussions! Scroll down for the links to each interview series.

March 09 2009

Amber Benson interviewed at the Dragon Page podcast. Amber Benson talks about her new book at the Dragon Page Cover to Cover podcast. More...

March 08 2009

Want to see Amber Benson do the macarena? In that case, write a review on Death's daughter on More...

February 28 2009

Want a signed copy of "Death's Daughter"? Order signed copies of Amber Benson's new book, available to international readers.

February 10 2009

Strictly Sexual now available for early rental on Netflix. The new film starring Amber Benson won't be available to buy for another two weeks (the 24th), but you can rent it right now! More...

January 29 2009

Amber Benson's Official Blog. She's blogging and twittering.

January 09 2009

Amber Benson to guest star on 'Private Practice'. TV Guide has the scoop.

January 01 2009

Amber Benson in the Lifetime movie "7 Things To Do Before I'm 30". Airs today at 1pm. "Pretty, charming, and weight-challenged (at least as she sees it) Lori Madison is a month shy of the big 3-0 when her life implodes."

December 01 2008

Amber Benson to appear at NY Comic Con '09. She'll be there to help promote the release of her next novel, Death's Daughter, along with a couple or three new indie films she's in that will be released in the next few months. More...

November 07 2008

Cover to 'Death's Daughter' revealed. This is Amber Benson's first solo novel, and will be released in February.

September 28 2008 talks "Drones". The Louisiana based magazine has a nice little piece about this movie, directed by Amber Benson and Adam Busch, and starring Jonathan Woodward. More...

August 05 2008

'Can't Hardly Wait' 10th Anniversary DVD to be released. Amber Benson, Seth Green and several other Buffy alum star in 'Can't Hardly Wait' which is getting the 10th anniversary DVD treatment in September. More...

June 26 2008

The skinny on Hollywood stars. AfterEllen blogger Gina Vivinetto discusses Hollywood's thinness obsession, with a comparison of Amber Benson (who is described as "dreamy") with Alyson Hannigan and Sarah Michelle Gellar in Buffy.

June 12 2008

Getting THE INSIDE Out...on DVD! Showcasing the twisted mind of Tim Minear and the deadpan...deadpannity of Adam Baldwin, THE INSIDE was a unique crime drama canceled by Fox (surprise!) and not released on DVD (surprise!), leaving close to half the series unaired (surprise!). See what you can do to change that.

June 07 2008

First look at Vampire Amber. CineQuest are bringing out two minibusts of Amber Benson's character from Supernatural. More...

June 01 2008

Amber Benson filming 'Another Harvest Moon' this month in Pennsylvania. Another Harvest Moon, to be shot starting this month in central Pennsylvania, is being headlined by Ernest Borgnine. Amber is mentioned as being part of the cast.

May 08 2008

And she's cool if you accidentally call her "Tara". One fan recounts a recent meeting with Amber Benson after a screening of Amber's film "Lovers, Liars and Lunatics".

May 03 2008

'Buffy' star Benson a study in versatility. Brief interview with Amber while she's in Houston to promote Lovers, Liars & Lunatics and to do a signing for Free Comic Book Day. Includes 10 short videos (4 with Amber herself) plus 25 photos from the day. More...

April 23 2008

Amber Benson and Adam Busch in "viral" videos. Amber Benson and Adam Busch appear in some satiric political videos. Both are in the first one; Mr. Busch is also in the second and third. More...

April 15 2008

Kiss the Bride - Trailer and stills, includes Amber Benson. Movie synopsis, trailer, and production stills. Amber, as ever, looks amazing.

March 29 2008

Amber & James perform at San Diego Indie Music Festival. James Marsters plays his music on the Main Stage at 6pm and Amber Benson has a Q&A on the Indie Film Stage at 4pm today!

March 22 2008

Amber Benson and Tom Lenk talk PETA. Passionate words from the actors.

March 14 2008

Amber Benson Q&A in Houston, Texas on May 3rd. The Southwest Alternate Media Project (SWAMP) are hosting a special screening of "Lovers, Liars and Lunatics" followed by a Q&A with Amber. Tickets cost a very reasonable 10 dollars.

February 29 2008

"Common Rotation - Wasted Words" - a music video directed by Amber Benson. The song has a really cool mellow 60s vibe to it. And of course there's the sheer gloriousness of watching Adam Busch's band being directed by our Amber.

February 04 2008

Those Buffy cast members that'll be appearing at Paley Fest 2008. "Creator Joss Whedon will be on hand; cast members who have said they will join him so far include Amber Benson, Nicholas Brendon, James Marsters, Emma Caulfield, Eliza Dushku and Michelle Trachtenberg". And Seth Green as well.

January 08 2008

Happy Birthday Amber Benson! 31 candles today for her.

December 30 2007

Common Rotation on the radio 7pm New York Time tonight. Adam Busch's band Common Rotation can be heard on the radio or via the internet tonight at 7PM New York time (30.12.07). There is also a new Common Rotation newsletter. More...

December 11 2007

Amber Benson + C-block = Marvel Manga. A Marvel Comics VP of Development tells the story of how Marvel Manga began and its involvement with Amber Benson. More...

December 06 2007

Amber & Adam sing in Hollywood on Dec 8. The lovely and talented Amber Benson sings old timey-like. More...

October 22 2007

"Act Your Age" sneak preview in Champaign, IL on November 14th. The film stars Amber Benson and Michael Muhney and also features Pat Morita in unfortunately his final role, Adrienne Frantz, Eddie Jones, Max Gail, Frank Nicotero, and Mark Allan Stewart (Heroes). This film was previously called "Angst". The official website can be found here. More...

October 02 2007

Amber Benson in person on Long Island, October 10 Wednesday, October 10th, Amber Benson appears in person at the Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington, Long Island with her new film Lovers, Liars and Lunatics.

September 11 2007

Amber Benson to appear at FPI comic book shops in Great Britain. She'll be up and down the country this month to promote her new movie "Lovers, Liars & Lunatics". More...

August 23 2007

MTV interviews Brian K Vaughan. This interview covers Y The Last Man and Ex Machina heading to the big screen. Also Buffy, Runaways and his work on Lost. Plus, interview snippets with Amber Benson and Joss (both interview clips are from a few months ago - the same sessions used here). More...

July 17 2007

Amber Benson's "Race to the Bottom" available on DVD. "Bisexual travel writer Nathan (Cole Williams) examines his increasingly complex feelings for Maggie (Benson) as they travel through California's wine country on assignment."

May 29 2007

Benson in new horror comic and film. Amber Benson will appear as a character in Shifter, a new horror comic to be published this fall by Fangoria. More...

May 24 2007

Vote for the World's Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity. It's that time of year again and nominees include Amber Benson.

May 03 2007

"Simple Things" featuring Amber Benson, wins Best Film at Appalachian Film Festival. The film is an inspirational story about a pediatrician, his son and a community. You can view the trailer for the film at the "Simple Things" website.

April 03 2007

Amber and Ol' One-Eye. Amber Benson is currently filming a "comedy-horror" called ONE-EYED MONSTER, and there are a couple of Jossverse connections. More...

March 31 2007

Ten minutes with Amber Benson. A great interview over at Her new film 'Race You To The Bottom' and the legacy of Tara get discussed.

January 27 2007

Tonight on SciFi - Amber Benson in 'Gryphon'. Tara of Arc fights a mythical winged beast. More...

January 15 2007

Amber Benson film racing into theatres in March 2007. The film 'Race you to the Bottom' staring Amber has been touring the festivals this the past year. Now it has been picked up for theatrical release. More...

January 08 2007

Happy Birthday to Amber Benson who is thirty today. More...

December 28 2006

Amber Benson's "Gryphon" to debut January 27 on Sci-Fi Channel. The network page for the movie has a spiffy shot of her in her chainmail hat that makes her look about twelve, but not much else info.

December 16 2006

The Bronzer Cookbook. A project by kessie and k8cre8. The cookbook includes recipes from the likes of Amber Benson (pumpkin pie), David Fury ('David Fury's Faux Brooklyn Egg Cream' mmmm) and Nancy Holder (Anti Vampire Pasta - tasty and practical). All proceeds (minus cost of publishing) go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

December 14 2006

Director on a hot tin set. Amber Benson's warts and all account of the production of her movie "Lovers, Liars and Lunatics". A must read for those interested in the film making process. To read the article, follow the instructions to view the sample issue (starts on page 10). More...

November 19 2006

Maggie Walsh - Tara's mom? A quick heads-up for those who are interested: This month on Encore Love Channel - Bye Bye Love, with Tara, Faith and... Maggie Walsh! More...

November 05 2006

Short Interview with Amber Benson. Amber talks about recent projects including a recent appearance on Supernatural.

October 20 2006

Intermedio on SciFi channel October 21. Movie featuring Edward Furlong, Cerina Vincent and Amber Benson premieres this weekend. More...

October 12 2006

(SPOILER) Tonight on The CW - Amber Benson guests in Supernatural. And in two weeks time, there's an episode penned by Ben Edlund. So it's all good really. More...

August 15 2006

(SPOILER) Amber Benson to appear in 'Supernatural'. As she says herself "It's a very juicy guest spot".

July 21 2006

Collectormania 10 featuring Adam Baldwin, Amber Benson and Juliet Landau. They (and Supergirl) will be visiting Milton Keynes in September/October this year.

July 20 2006

Amber Benson interview on Slayerlit. This is a comprehensive and intelligent interview with Amber Benson, conducted by Shiai of Slayerlit, and based on question submitted by members of that yahoo group.

June 13 2006

Lovers, liars and lunatics. Official site for Amber Benson's new film.

June 09 2006

Amber Benson and the trio to appear at the Hub in Sydney and Melbourne in October.

June 08 2006

Amber Benson to judge Comic Con's 2006 Independent Film Festival. Amber is one of three judges of this 4-day film festival which will feature nearly 60 independent films. The schedule has just been announced. More...

May 22 2006

Kristen Bell and Prince voted World's Sexiest Vegetarians. The Veronica Mars actress beats Amber Benson for this "prestigious" prize awarded by PETA. Nominations originally discussed here. More...

April 25 2006

Amber Benson in poll for world's sexiest vegetarian. Vote to crown the veggie king and queen in PETA's sixth annual World's Sexiest Vegetarian poll.

April 15 2006

Veronica Mars star Michael Muhney talks about working with Amber Benson. "Amber and I have worked together twice, and I've name-dropped her to the producers of VERONICA MARS." - Michael Muhney.

April 07 2006

TT20 Grand Giveaway. Amber Benson and Adam Busch are only two of the guests appearing at TT20 in Toronto this year, and you could win two weekend memberships, accomodations and much more.

March 08 2006

Busch and Benson trek to Toronto in July. Adam Busch and Amber Benson will be attending this year's Toronto Trek, celebrating it 20th year, July 7-9, 2006.

March 03 2006

Lovers, Liars & Lunatics. Charity pre-screening of Amber Benson's new film which she wrote, directed and starred in, will be held in Pasadena. Also you might want to know there is a Myspace profile with a trailer for the film at Lovers, Liars & Lunatics. More...

February 27 2006

Amber Benson and Christopher Golden February 24th chat transcript. They talk Ghosts of Albion, Chance, Buffy, and more.

January 22 2006

Positive review of 'Ghosts of Albion: Accursed' by Amber Benson and Christopher Golden calls it "darkly enthralling."

January 08 2006

A Ghost of a Chance to win an Autograph from Amber. "In honor of Amber Benson's birthday, this week the Whedonverse Multimedia Project is offering fans the chance to win an autographed copy of Ghosts of Albion: Accursed that she co-wrote with Christopher Golden."

November 08 2005

Meet Amber Benson. She will be at a "Meet-the-Writer" event for her new book, Ghosts of Albion: Accursed, 7:30 PM tomorrow night at Barnes and Noble in Framingham, MA.

November 04 2005

(SPOILER) An afterlife for Tara. Amber Benson finds a new calling as co-author of the horror series, "Ghost of Albion: Accursed", the first full-length novel in a new series from Christopher Golden. More...

October 20 2005

Fab Amber Benson contest. You have a chance to win an autographed copy of her and Chris Golden's new book and a phone call from Amber herself. All you have to do is suggest which figure from British history (pre 1840) could be a ghost in a future 'Ghosts of Albion' story.

October 09 2005

'Ghosts of Albion' website now open. Amber Benson and Chris Golden's popular dark fantasy series now has a home. Amongst other things, there's details of a November signing tour for their new novel.

October 01 2005

Horror, Crime, and Gender. Sequential Tart article on the genre fiction panels at Comic Con. A definite must read for lovers of those books. Features insights from Amber Benson (who also comments on Willow and Tara's relationship), Jim Butcher (no stranger to James Marsters' fans) and Keith DeCandido (Serenity novelist).

August 09 2005

Amber Benson's new movie Angst in post production. Details about her new movie can be found at Reel Chicago.

July 26 2005

Amber Benson talks about her new comic book 'Shadowplay'. Wouldn't you know it, one of her stories is about vampires. "I guess it's just karma for being such an Anne Rice fan as a teenager. My love for Lestat and Louis has followed me into adulthood." More...

July 25 2005

Pre-Order Amber in Houston on DVD. Amber Benson is raising funds for her next independent film, "Lovers, Liars, and Lunatics" by selling a DVD compilation of her convention appearance in Houston this past April. (reg req) More...

July 03 2005

David Boreanaz will be at Comic-Con for "Bones." He, Charisma Carpenter, Amber Benson, and Seth Green all look to be appearing (on different panels) on Friday, July 15. More...

June 29 2005

Amber Benson's "Shadowplay." "Former TV witch and Ghosts of Albion scribe Amber Benson will co-write a four issue horror comic miniseries, due out this autumn."

June 20 2005

Amber Benson to appear on The Inside. More...

March 12 2004

Review of 'Latter Days' which has Amber Benson in it. Amber plays a character called Traci, a friend of one of the film's main characters.

July 08 2003

Amber Benson's 'Chance' Available On VHS & DVD. " may now buy a signed never before seen photo (color 8x10) taken on the set of 'Chance' or a signed second printing of the 'Chance' poster and receive a FREE DVD or VHS copy of the film 'Chance.'" More...

April 27 2003

Amber Benson to Host Fashion Show Next Sunday. "Fashion and design in Los Angeles will come together when Woodbury presents its 2003 fashion show, Metropolo: a mid-century night's dream."

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