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"I'm so evil, and skanky. And I think I'm kind of gay."
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October 16 2015

Fill in this survey about the reuse of actors in the Whedonverse. Help fellow Whedonesque poster whedongeek with her research.

June 01 2012

Survey Request: What Are Angel's Values? Watcher Junior is requesting help with surveys on Whedon's work. This week's survey will have you examine the values expressed by Angel, the television series created by David Greenwalt and Joss Whedon. (The comic series will be the subject of a later survey.) More...

May 22 2012

Take the survey - what values are expressed by The Cabin in the Woods. Watcher Junior continues their Rokeach Value Surveys of Joss' work.

December 31 2010

The results of the Buffy values survey. Remember this epic survey from a couple of weeks ago? Well there was over 700 responses to it and the Watcher Junior blog now has a breakdown of the results.

December 17 2006

The results of the Whedonverse fandom survey. Remember the survey from last month? Well the results are in and there's some interesting findings. More...

November 09 2006

A Whedonverse fandom survey. Help fellow Whedonesque poster yourlibrarian with her research into online fandom.

July 05 2005

Sideshow Survey asking for what figure you'd want next and what new line would you like to see next. More...

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