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September 16 2008

Los Angeles Screening of Dr. Horrible and The Guild. Whedonopolis presents a charity screening on Halloween.

September 05 2008

Video of The Guild Q&A at PAX. Twelve minutes or so of the panel session for Felicia Day's The Guild from Penny Arcade Expo last weekend in Seattle. And a glowing review of the show can be found over at Newsarama. More...

August 25 2008

More New York Times fun with Dr. Horrible. Thesis: Web serials kinda suck. Problem: Dr. Horrible didn't. Solution: Ease Dr. H out of the category. More...

July 30 2008

Felicia Day tapped by to write and star in new series. Interview with Felicia Day about her new project, a bit about how that affects the Guild and mentions of Dr. Horrible.

July 21 2008

The Guild: Episode 10 - Re-loaded... Now with a shiny new commentary. Didn't get enough Penny in Doc Horrible? Revisit the Guild and pick up all sorts of interesting tidbits about the making of Episode 10.... and check it out Penny really was Evil after all.

July 14 2008

The Guild's schedule at Comic-Con. Just what it says. The schedule for Guild activity at the California Browncoats booth.

July 09 2008

Felicia Day Interview is EPIC-FU's FU of the Week. Felicia talks about The Guild and Dr. Horrible in this interview with a focus on web/media-DIY. More...

July 05 2008

The Guild Season One DVD now available for preorder. Felicia Day's award winning web series will be released on DVD on August 1st. Free shipping with preorder. It will also be available at Comic-Con.

June 28 2008

Happy Birthday, Felicia Day. Former Vampire Slayer Vi, the star of the acclaimed online series "The Guild", and the upcoming "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog", turns 29 today. Share your birthday wishes to one of the Jossverse's best!

June 11 2008

The Guild at Comic-Con. Felicia Day and other cast members of The Guild will be making themselves a home at the California Browncoats booth at this year's Comic-Con International in San Diego. It will be the first place to buy the Season One DVD. More...

May 15 2008

Season finale of The Guild. Take a break from all the wonderful Dollhouse news to watch Felicia Day and crew in the final The Guild for this season.

May 13 2008

Future Entertainment Part 1: Reviewing 'The Guild'. "The times, they are a-changin’. Mentions of The Guild, Dr Horrible, Felicia Day, Joss and how their creations for web content will change the industry." Mild spoilers for The Guild. More...

April 26 2008

How Felicia Day WoWs. A World of Warcraft podcast interviews Felicia Day about...everything. Including brief mentions of Nathan Fillion, Buffy and Dr. Horrible. More...

April 20 2008

Tom Lenk's photography in The Guild. Those embarrassing modeling shots of Bladezz (Vincent Caso) in episode nine were taken by Tom Lenk.

April 17 2008

Episode 9 of The Guild is up.

March 31 2008

The Guild DDR Video. Those behind The Guild promised that if their fans' voting won them the YouTube award, a certain video would be posted. They won. The video's been posted. And now it's linked here.

March 22 2008

The Guild takes the Yahoo! Video Award. Fresh on the heels of winning the YouTube award for a series and the Greenlight award (at SXSW) for a series, Felicia Day's web series The Guild takes one more award for series. More...

March 16 2008

A message from The Guild. Want to see what kind of snappy moves will be in "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog?" Then vote for Felicia Days "The Guild"! More...

March 12 2008

The Guild won at the Greenlight Awards at SXSW. The Guild, starring Felicia Day (Vi on Buffy), won the On Networks Greenlight Award for best original production.

February 21 2008

The Guild - Episode 7 is up. More fun with Felicia Day. Warning: a tiny bit of strong language.

February 10 2008

Felicia Day's The Guild is worth watching. The LA Times says: "A rare jewel in the Web TV world is "The Guild," written and produced by Felicia Day, a graduate of the Joss Whedon School for Gorgeous Nerd Actresses."

December 01 2007

The Guild Episode 5. The next installment of Felicia Day's (Vi) web-series is up.

August 20 2007

Official website for Felicia Day's (Slayerette Vi) "The Guild". The videogame/humor online TV series' site has posted two YouTube webisodes so far. More...

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