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April 04 2011

Maurissa Tancharoen on Dr Horrible, Dollhouse and 'Help Nathan Buy Firefly'. She also tells Crushable that she's working on some musical projects at the moment.

March 31 2011

Buffy and Dollhouse are worth the "effort". I don't know if I'd use that word, but the AV Club presents nice write-ups on why both shows are worth sticking with.
(SPOILER) Andrew Chambliss to return to the Dollhouse. He'll write a 5-issue miniseries set in pre-"Epitaph One" days. First issue drops July 13th. Should probably add that the link contains mild spoilers about plot details.

March 30 2011

(SPOILER) 'Dollhouse: Epitaphs' comic book comes out today. The one-shot continues the tale that began in the comic book that came free with the Season 2 DVD. And it's written by Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon.

March 24 2011

Is the young adult novel 'Altered' the new 'Dollhouse'?'s Charlie Jane Anders investigates why the book's blurb got described as "Dollhouse meets Prison Break for teens". More...

March 21 2011

Dollhouse: Making of a Cover. Dark Horse takes us through the stages of Phil Noto's cover art for Dollhouse: Epitaphs.

March 20 2011

Dollhouse C2E2 Q&A Panel. A mini-Dollhouse reunion went down with Eliza Dushku and Tahmoh Penikett at the Chicago C2E2 comicon.

March 15 2011

Reviews of Olivia Williams star-turn, In a Forest Dark and Deep. Solid reviews for Olivia Williams and Matthew Fox. More...

March 10 2011

The Summer Glau Curse: Is it more than a myth? puts a critical eye to what is apparently one of the more pressing geek topics of our time.

February 22 2011

What it's like to be a young writer working with Joss Whedon. Dollhouse's Andrew Chambliss reveals all.

February 19 2011

Liza Lapira is glad to be caught in 'Traffic'. Dollhouse's assistant-to-Topher "Ivy", who is on Fox's new comedy "Traffic Light", is loving Boston and has some kind words for her former "Dollhouse" co-star Eliza Dushku. More...

February 16 2011

Joss Whedon and Scientific Facts. Brief article on some of the science related to Dollhouse.

February 14 2011

(SPOILER) Six page preview of the upcoming Dollhouse comic book. If you've read the mini-comic that came with the Dollhouse Season 2 DVD then there's nothing new here. But if you didn't then the preview is worth a look.

February 12 2011

Live commentary of Dollhouse 1x12 - Omega with Tim Minear. Set TV volume to 0 and turn up your PC volume.

February 09 2011

(SPOILER) Jed and Maurissa talk about returning to the Dollhouse. Interview with Comic Book Resources about the upcoming one-shot. Some spoilers about the main players of the miniseries, and perhaps a hint or so about what's to come.

February 05 2011

Dollhouse opening a new branch in Slovakia. Add another country to the list of international broadcasters of Joss' youngest show. Slovak TV JOJ will start airing Dollhouse from 15th February under the ridiculous title "Tender Killers". More...

January 30 2011

Amazing Dollhouse fan trailer. Might contain spoilers for both Dollhouse seasons.

January 27 2011

Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon go back to the Dollhouse. MTV Geek speaks to the J-Mo "hive mind" about the coming Dollhouse one-shot.

January 22 2011

Dollhouse parody by olgakay. A slight cheeky and possibly NSFW Dollhouse parody I found today that I don't recall ever seeing posted.

January 21 2011

Fox Friday Night Cancellations. Yahoo TV is asking if "Fringe" will be the latest Fox show to be cut short in the Friday night 'death slot'. More...
Miracle Laurie's new blog post. She reflects on 2010 and talks about upcoming projects for 2011, including the Hulu series "Goodnight Burbank" and a new album from her band Uke Box Heroes.

January 11 2011

Nicely balanced review of Dollhouse Season 2 Blu Ray boxset. It's a review. More...

January 10 2011

Felicia Day interviewed at the Video Game Awards by Angry Joe (who should really be called Excitable Joe, or in this case Flustered Joe). There is also an interview by a representative of The Game Heroes.

January 07 2011

(SPOILER) Dollhouse Star joins Community cast as a love interest. Enver Gjokaj will play an "attractive, accent-y, oily Eastern European fella." Seriously. That's what it said.

December 29 2010

Tim Minear chats Dollhouse and what season 3 could have been. Along with Dollhouse, he also talks about the passing of actor Andy Hallett who Minear worked with on Angel.

December 22 2010

(SPOILER) Preview page for Dollhouse: Epitaphs. It's from the opening chapter. So if you've read the mini-comic that came with the Season 2 DVD then you will have seen it before.

December 21 2010

'Dollhouse' episode 'Getting Closer' makes The AV Club's 45 Standout Episodes of 2010. The AV Club recently featured the Top 25 shows of 2010, these are great episodes from shows that didn't make that list. Are they banoonoos for not including 'Dollhouse' in the first place ? You decide.

December 19 2010

Top five likely locations for Dollhouses in London. What venues would you choose for your local town or city?

December 18 2010

Haley Pullos cites Joss in funny on set moment. Child guest star on Dollhouse (episode 1, Ghost) describes a sweet and funny moment with Joss. More...

December 15 2010

"Epitaph Two: Return" earns honorable mention as one of the best episodes of 2010. List created by TIME magazine's Tuned In column writer, James Poniewozik.
(SPOILER) Cover art for Dollhouse: Epitaphs. As previously stated, this comic book by Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon will be out on March 30th of next year. More...

December 11 2010

New Dollhouse One-Shot. Things from Another World (TFAW) now has the Dollhouse One-Shot available for pre-order with a release date of March 30th, 2011. Jed Whedon & Maurissa Tancharoen will be writing the one-shot and the Dollhouse comic series that follows. More...

December 10 2010

Dollhouse receives an honorable mention on Mo Ryan's list of Best 2010 shows. Chuck and How I Met Your Mother are listed in the same category. The Guild ranks among her favorite Web Series. Bones & Castle are not as well regarded, but are mentioned as well.
Olivia Williams interviewed on the BBC's Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo film review podcast. Career retrospective including Dollhouse. Lovely woman. [direct download]

November 29 2010

Dollhouse Paleyfest Panel now available on DVD. The Paley Center has made several of their Paleyfest and Insidemedia events available for purchase on DVD. More...
Dollhouse Season 1 Blu-Ray for $9.99 at Amazon. It will be a Lightning Deal beginning at 4:40 AM PST (7:40 AM EST) and will be available for up to four hours after that (or while supplies last).

November 27 2010

Happy Birthday, Maurissa Tancharoen! This year brought much Mo than I can fit! More...
Plug In, Turn On, Wipe Out: Dollhouse and the Fractured Psyche of Millennial Sci-Fi. Find out why the show "deserves more attention or analysis than anything from its creator's canon".

November 25 2010

Joss Whedon talks Firefly, Dollhouse and leaving television. It's an extended interview from the latest issue of SciFi Now.
Dollhouse: Season One DVD for $10.99 on I was looking at some stuff online and I found out that Dollhouse is $10.99 on Amazon, best buy I've seen in a long time for a season.

November 23 2010

Television Without Pity considers which of Joss' work is better suited for a reboot. Dollhouse, Alien Resurrection, Titan A.E., Speed and Roseanne all get a mention.

November 22 2010

Dollhouse Season 1 Blu-ray $13.99 at Amazon. One of the Gold Box Lightning Deals for Black Friday week. Set to be even cheaper 11/29. More...
Olivia Williams will star in a new West End play. The play is called 'In a Forest, Dark and Deep', and it's written and directed by Neil LaBute. More...

November 21 2010

Olivia Williams interviewed by Movie Geeks United. Olivia was interviewed by Blog Talk Radio's Movie Geeks United about working with directors Roman Polanski, Wes Anderson, Joe Wright, and of course, Joss Whedon. More...

November 19 2010

"The Mind Doesn't Matter, It's the Body We Want": Identity and the Body in Dollhouse. An essay from 'Inside Joss' Dollhouse: From Alpha to Rossum.'
Competition time! Win a copy of 'Inside Joss' Dollhouse: From Alpha to Rossum'. Head over to to find out how to win this collection of Dollhouse essays.

November 10 2010

Dollhouse Extravaganza! Let's surround ourselves with Joss Whedon-ensued conversations from the fan's point of view in this podcast from SeriesPass! Join J&C in their Dollhouse extravaganza!

November 08 2010

Reed Diamond is lending his voice to Firebreather. The LA Dollhouse's (best) Chief of Security is going to be the voice of Col. "Booshwa" Barnes, the Head of the UN-sanctioned Special Operations Strikeforce, in Cartoon Network's adaptation of the the comic series. More...

November 05 2010

Dollhouse season 1 finally gets a Dutch DVD release in 2011. At last the Dutch get to watch Joss' latest show as of January 24th 2011. More...

November 04 2010

Buffy and Dollhouse: female empowerment and disempowerment, respectively. The writer argues that Dollhouse is "an extraordinary exposé on structural, systemic oppression and its implications for feminism".
Whedon's Dollhouse re-opens with Dark Horse. Jed and Maurissa chat to Newsrama about what to expect from the Dollhouse: Epitaphs comic books that are coming out in 2011.

November 01 2010

More Dollhouse Season 2 DVD/Blu-ray reviews. Thinking about buying the boxset? See what,, Blogcritics, Daemon's TV, DVD Verdict and TV Overmind have to say about the final season.

October 27 2010

Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen on the Dollhouse comic books. "The very mention of a Season Three is giving us the giggles. Giggles that are suppressing our tears."

October 24 2010

(SPOILER) Keith Carradine cast in Big Bang Theory. Dollhouse alumnus will appear in CBS's The Big Bang Theory.

October 22 2010

The future of the Dollhouse comic books. Dark Horse's Scott Allie reveals all.

October 20 2010

Enver Gjokaj Guest Stars on NBC's 'Chase'. His episode airs next Monday (25th October). Watch the trailer here.

October 19 2010

(SPOILER) Discuss the Dollhouse comic book 'Epitaphs'. My season 2 DVD came today and I noticed we haven't had a discussion thread for 'Epitaphs', so come discuss it!
Eliza Dushku talks about the Dollhouse comic books. Despite only just finding out about them, she thinks it's cool.

October 18 2010

Dollhouse number two on UK TV home video official chart. 'cos we rock.

October 15 2010

Eliza Dushku on what Dollhouse taught her, and what it can teach us. Eliza spills the beans to io9 as Dollhouse Season 2 arrives on home video.
At Echo-2 Dollhouse convention in London, Adelle and Ivy are attending. They join Fran Kranz and Amy Acker for the 2nd dedicated Dollhouse convention, April 1-3.

October 14 2010

Geekscape reviews Dollhouse Season 2 on DVD. Columnist William Bibbiani recounts his troubled relationship with the show early on, but is happy to report the second season results in an overall, highly positive experience.

October 13 2010

LA Times interview Remains music video director Anton King, talks about Dollhouse. The music video, shot by King, Dichen Lachman and Enver Gjokaj for fans is currently number 9 on Youtube charts. Additional writes up at io9, Wired, SFX Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter and the New York Post.

October 12 2010

Book release party for Dollhouse anthology tomorrow night! To celebrate the release of "Inside Joss' Dollhouse: From Alpha to Rossum", an anthology edited by Jane Espenson, Smart Pop Books is hosting a party tomorrow at 7pm in NYC. Everyone is welcome!
'Remains' - the official music video, made by Dollhouse cast members. Created to celebrate the Dollhouse Season 2 DVD release. Fantastic.

October 11 2010

Dollhouse Season 2 DVD and Blu-ray out today in the USA and Canada. The 'Looking Back' and 'Defining Moments' features are well worth watching.
Eliza Dushku on Dollhouse. It's an extended interview taken from the recent SFX 'Worlds of Whedon' special.
Dollhouse Season 1: the bite-sized script. Courtesy of the Reduced SFX Company.

October 10 2010

Dollhouse Season 2 and Complete Series DVD and Blu-ray out in the UK today. The comic book 'Epitaphs' is included with them. The Season One Blu-ray also comes out today.

October 08 2010

Dollhouse fan thank you organised on Whedonesque shown on Season 2 DVD. Enver is shown reading the book. The idea to send a cake to the crew (which went with this book) was originally suggested by Whedonesque's Simon the day the show got cancelled, and then theonetruebix, QuoterGal and friends ran with it, with bobw1o delivering to set. More...
Another behind-the-scenes clip from the Dollhouse Season 2 DVD. This one is from the "Defining Moments" extra, SFX has a clip too. Related (old?) promotional interviews with Eliza and Joss can be found here and here. More...
Lots of Whedonverse comic books on the horizon. Buffy Season 9 will bring us two to four monthly books and a Dollhouse mini-series is in the works too.

October 07 2010

A clip from the Dollhouse Season 2 DVD outtakes reel. If you didn't already know, the DVD will be out on release next week.

October 06 2010

Miracle Laurie (and her mom) open The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. From the Wednesday night show, which hasn't even quite yet aired here on the West coast of the U.S.. Miracle had tweeted a reference to this earlier.
Dread Central posts a Dollhouse S2 DVD Deleted Scene. Dichen tweeted it. Btw the website is giving away the DVD. More...

October 04 2010

Dollhouse comic 'Epitaphs' to come with Season 2 DVD in the UK. As confirmed by HMV. It also comes with the Season 2 Blu-ray and the Complete Series Blu-ray and DVD boxset.

October 03 2010

Dollhouse to be shown on Channel 2 in Iceland. Finally we get to watch Dollhouse too!
Dollhouse to be shown on Eleven in Australia. It's featured in the station's promo video. Since Eleven is a free-to-air digital channel, hopefully this means that that the DVDs can finally get released in Australia. More...

September 29 2010

Ten shows you should watch now that they've ended. Firefly and Dollhouse make the list!

September 26 2010

Nominations for SFX Magazine Awards 2011. Nominations include the cancellation of Dollhouse and Buffy season 8.

September 24 2010

20 mad scientists who turned against their creations. Our favorite programmer is on the list. Spoilers if you haven't finished Dollhouse.

September 22 2010

Master of the Whedonverse quiz nights. Are you the Master of the Whedonverse? Quiz nights starting this Saturday. More...
An appreciation of Summer Glau's 8 sci-fi roles. A look at Summer Glau's roles in sci-fi.
Amazon Lightning Deal - Dollhouse Season 1 Blu-ray for $26.99. This is at 6 AM PDT for only 4 hours or until they sell out.

September 18 2010

Series Pass debut podcast episode covers Angel. In their first podcast episode, Series Pass delves into Angel Season One. They analyze their favourites and less-favourite aspects, as well, of the entire show. More...

September 17 2010

Harry Lennix is "Mr. Sophistication"; Danny Green directs. One of Danny and Harry's current film projects that is in post-production; I could not find release information beyond '2010'. More...

September 14 2010

Dollhouse Season 2 DVD has an Easter Egg. What it is, well we'll just have to wait and see. In related news, has a Season 2 DVD trailer on their website.

September 07 2010

More Dollhouse items listed with VIP Auctions. Another round of Dollhouse items are up for grabs.

September 05 2010

The Dollhouse promo we never saw. International airings, for the win. There's also a batch of three Australian promos here, which include a Rossum TV spot.
Cute Dollhouse Fan Vid. Nice little fan-made parody. The disclaimer at the end is fun.

September 03 2010

How to get into 20 classic science fiction shows: The ultimate guide. An inherently controversial guide for the un-initiated.
Final Dollhouse Auction Items on eBay. The final Dollhouse auction on eBay from VIP auctions.

August 25 2010

Fantasy Is Not Their Purpose: Essays on Joss Whedon's Dollhouse. It's a special double issue of Slayage with twelve essays to look at.
Dollhouse: Complete Series R2 Box Set (Blu-ray) Cover. I never expected it to be THIS good.
Playing a bad hand well: Adelle DeWitt as abuse survivor. A very thorough look at the Dollhouse character.

August 22 2010

Trailer for the Dollhouse premiere in New Zealand. It airs tomorrow night on C4 at 9.30pm.

August 04 2010

Eliza Dushku at Tsutaya Roppongi in Japan for Dollhouse S1 promotions. Pictures of Eliza in Japan promoting the season 1 release of Dollhouse. Seems like the DVD is going to do really well there. Here is the Japanese cover art. More...
Artwork for the Dollhouse Season 2 R2 DVD and Blu-ray. It's a variation of the US cover. The Dollhouse Complete Collection will also be released on DVD and Blu-ray.

August 03 2010

CSTS Cosplay Celebration today in Melbourne, VIC Australia. "Also featuring the Australian premiere of Megabot, starring Fran Kranz (Topher, Dollhouse)." More...

August 02 2010

Fox's Kevin Reilly comments on Dollhouse at the TCA press tour. When asked about the show, the network's Entertainment President said "Well, Joss does his own thing anyway and by Season Two, there was an understanding, we're going to do the show and see what happens".

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