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April 06 2009

Angel:After the Fall on New York Times Best Seller List. Angel: After The Fall volumes 1 and 3 have joined Spike: After The Fall as New York Times Best Sellers. They ranked number 2 and 3 on the list. Congrats again!
(SPOILER) Scott Allie's SlayAlive Q/A for Buffy #24. More spoilerish for the current issue than upcoming issues.

March 28 2009

Spike: After the Fall is featured on the New York Times Graphic Book Best Seller List. Congratulations to Brian Lynch and Franco Urru!

March 26 2009

Another preview page for Angel: Not Fade Away (the comic). It's the Spike one. More...

March 24 2009

Nick Runge covers for Angel #24 and #25. Variant covers for the Dru in Hell-A story.

March 23 2009

The Nick Runge cover for Angel#23. We've already seen the Urru cover for this issue.Here is the other cover for the Gunn story.

March 18 2009

(SPOILER) Georges Jeanty Slayalive Q/A #2 Is Up. Georges Jeanty answers the questions submited a few weeks back. There's at least one piece of new info about an upcoming issue that we didn't know before. More...

March 16 2009

Whedonverse comic book chart positions for February. Are there any great surprises? Not really. Buffy #22 came in at no. 12 and Angel #17 and #18 took 51st and 53rd place respectively. More...
The latest issue of Slayage is now online. The 27th volume has four essays about the Buffyverse and an announcement about The Whedon Studies Association.

March 10 2009 launches Jo Chen Gallery. Catch a sneak peek of Jo's cover to the BtVS Season 8 Vol. 5 TPB.

March 08 2009

(SPOILER) Scott Allie Slayalive Q/A For Buffy #23. The Buffy editor did another fan Q/A for the latest issue.Has some new spoilers revealed for upcoming issues.
Want to see Amber Benson do the macarena? In that case, write a review on Death's daughter on More...

March 03 2009

(SPOILER) Franco Urru Cover For Angel #23 - The Gunn Story. Brian Lynch posts the Franco cover for the Gunn One-Shot in Angel#23.The cover has a massive spoiler for the issue.And the text has some light spoilers.

March 01 2009

(SPOILER) Wonder Con 09:Dark Horse Panel. First story info on Jane Espenson's arc starting in issue 26.

February 22 2009

(SPOILER) Interview with Angel artist Franco Urru. The artist on Angel: After The Fall, Spike: After The Fall, Spike: Asylum and Shadow Puppets offers some teases about the upcoming Gunn story and the Dru two parter.

February 17 2009

Whedonverse comic book chart positions for January. Buffy #21 comes in at no 10 and Angel: After The Fall #16 takes 47th place. So pretty much the same as usual.

February 08 2009

Highlights from the Dark Horse panel at NYCC. The Buffyfest blog recaps the relevant Jossverse news (not much in terms of hard news but there's videos of the panel and who knew Twilight was really that person?). In related NYCC coverage, Marvel has announced that the first ten issues of Astonishing X-Men will be turned into Motion Comics. John Cassaday will be "directing" the animation.

February 07 2009

'Buffy Meets The Academy' - coming soon to a bookshop near you. Subtitled 'Essays on the Episodes and Scripts as Texts', this scholarly book promises to be different from other works "because it uses Buffy as a primary text and not as a secondary instrument to explore other concepts". More...

February 06 2009

(SPOILER) Another Kelley Armstrong Interview About Angel:Aftermath. This time with Comic Book Resources. More...

February 04 2009

Buffy and Serenity comic books win 2008 Diamond Gem Awards. Buffy #12 won "Licensed Comic Book of the Year" and the Serenity: Better Days TP won "Licensed Trade Paperback of the Year".

January 30 2009

Amber Benson's debut solo novel "Death's Daughter" available for pre-order at The page gives the official release date as Feb. 24. Amber Benson has written novels before -- but with Christopher Golden -- and written on her own before -- but not novels -- so this is a first. A review of it can be found here.

January 20 2009

Whedonverse comic book chart positions for December. Buffy #20 came in at no. 17 shifting an estimated 71,896 copies while Angel: After The Fall #15 took 64th place shifting an estimated 37,649 copies. More...

January 15 2009

Dark Horse Buffy Zone Update. We'll be getting another MDHP tie-in for the next issue.

January 05 2009

(SPOILER) More preview pages for this week's Buffy #21. Also a preview page for the MySpace Dark Horse Presents tie-in to the issue by Jane Espenson and Karl Moline.
Voting opens for the 17th Wizard Awards. Buffy, Angel and Astonishing X-Men all get nominated for various categories.

December 29 2008

Brian Lynch has finished Angel:After The Fall. "It was a long, fun, stressful, insanely rewarding road."

December 21 2008

Angel:Smile Time #1 preview pages. It's out this week.

December 16 2008

Buffyverse overload: Buffy #20 and Angel ATF # 15 ship this week. Confirmed by Previews.

December 15 2008

Whedonverse comic book chart positions for November. Buffy season 8 re-enters the top ten with #19 taking eighth place. 'Angel: After The Fall' #14 comes in at no. 47 and is also the top selling book on the Independent Comic Books chart.

December 13 2008

(SPOILER) Cover and solicitations for IDW's March Angel books. In March,we've got Angel #19 which is the second Angel:Aftermath issue, Angel:Blood And Trenches #1 and the Angel:ATF Vol.3 Hardcover. More...

December 07 2008

Nothing But Red named as finalist for 2008 Eppie award. The anthology, which came about as a result of Joss' impassioned post about the killing of Du'a Khalil, got nominated in the "nonfiction anthology" category. More...

November 28 2008

(SPOILER) The wraparound cover for Angel:After The Fall #17. I don't think the cover is spoilery but I put a warning just to be safe.

November 26 2008

(SPOILER) Brian Lynch Answers five 'After The Fall' questions at Slayalive. Some of the questions and answers are spoilerish.

November 18 2008

Whedonverse comic book chart positions for October. Buffy didn't come out last month but Angel: After The Fall and Spike: After The Fall entered the top 100 at nos. 66 and 88 respectively. ETA: Estimated sales figures available over at

November 11 2008

Whedon Speak: How Cyclops Got His Groove Back. iFanboy continues its highly enjoyable examination of Joss' comic book writing. This time round, a look at what worked with Astonishing X-Men and what didn't work with Runaways.

November 09 2008

(SPOILER) Scott Allie updates Buffy Zone. He gives info on the new schedule of issues and announces upcoming unique Buffy promotion starting at first of the year.Plus he talks a little about Jane Espenson's upcoming season 8 work. More...

November 08 2008

Angel and Buffy Graphic Novels in Amazon's Top Ten Customer's Choice 2008! Congrats to both series. More...

November 07 2008

Cover to 'Death's Daughter' revealed. This is Amber Benson's first solo novel, and will be released in February.

October 29 2008

Buffy and Angel Conquer the Internet: Essays on Online Fandom. This scholarly look at the wackiness that is our fandom will be coming out some time next year. Buying the book will set you back $35 and it's available for pre-ordering over at

October 27 2008

The final chapter of Spike After the Fall (#4 of 4) ships this Wednesday. According to Previews.

October 25 2008

Is There Intelligent Life on Television? An interesting discussion from the Claremont Review of Books on the maturation of television as a medium, one that has now "developed the aesthetic virtues traditionally associated with books -- complex and large-scale narratives, depth of characterization, seriousness of themes, and richness of language." Mentions of Joss, Buffy, BSG, and the like naturally follow.

October 21 2008

Possible new schedule for Buffy Season 8. Comicbookresources' Lying in the Gutters column has different tentative release dates from Dark Horse's site set for the next three issues. Might issue 22 slip to February ?

October 20 2008

Buffy S8, Angel ATF and Spike ATF's positions in September's comics chart. The Whedonverse books reach the usual excellent rankings for last month's retailer orders. Plus, The Long Way Home TPB is back in the Top 100 and First Night gets in at #20. ICV2 has the estimates.

October 18 2008

Buffy books going wireless. Simon & Schuster has signed a deal to make hundreds of its books, including some of the BtVS ones, available via cellphone.

October 16 2008

(SPOILER) IDW's Angelverse solicitations for January 2009. Angel:After The Fall #16 and Angel:After The Fall Cover Gallery are released in that month. No peek at the covers though, Brian Lynch says over at SlayAlive that he believes that they are too spoilery.

October 12 2008

(SPOILER) Brian Lynch comments on finishing issue 15 of Angel:ATF at his blog. Brian drops some hints at what's coming in that issue. More...

September 16 2008

(SPOILER) 5 page preview for tomorrow's Spike:After The Fall #3. Preview for tomorrow's issue.

September 15 2008

Whedonverse comic book chart positions for August. Buffy and Angel stay much the same as before, Spike takes a little bit of a tumble. More...

September 07 2008

ComicMix Radio talks the Whedonverse with Joss. He tells us about "A Shepherd's Tale" and why he decided to do Book's story now, saying that he wouldn't want to wait for the sequel even if there were one. More...

August 31 2008

Our own Mockingbird (aka K. Dale Koontz) made it into the latest issue of Slayage. I admit it. I'm not unbiased. I love Mockingbird... in a platonic-I'm-already-married kind of way of course. And I loved her presentation at this year's Slayage Conference. Now here it is on the Slayage Online Journal.

August 29 2008

Angel: After the Fall #12 is out next week. According to Brian Lynch's blog, the next issue of Angel is out next week. The same day as Buffy Season 8 #18.

August 19 2008

Comic books sales continue apace. Estimated sales figures have been released for July 2008, with strong results for Whedon books. Buffy Season 8 #16 sells 82,031 copies, maintaining its top ten position in 10th place; Angel: After the Fall #10 is 51st with 43,024 sold; Spike: After the Fall #1 sells 36,974 with a strong debut in 59th place. More...

August 15 2008

Comic Book Resources has an analysis of June's comic sales. Both Buffy and Angel come out very favourably.Buffy was the bestselling non Marvel/DC comic, and Angel was the 2nd best non Marvel/DC. Very impressive. More...

August 14 2008

(SPOILER) The Alex Garner Cover For Angel:After The Fall #13. I don't think it's spoilery but I put a warning to play safe.

August 13 2008

Empire Online posts list of the 50 greatest comic book characters. The list includes Wolverine at #4..."[Wolverine] has a deep appreciation of ice-cold beer (see, for example, Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men, where beer brings Wolverine back from a hypnotised state)." More...

August 06 2008

(SPOILER) For the discussion of Spike: After the Fall #2. The second issue of Spike's adventures in Hell-A arrives today! More...

August 04 2008

Buffy #17 and Spike ATF #2 ship this week. According to Previews.

July 26 2008

Joss Whedon talks about his comic books. ComicMix chats with him about Buffy season 8, Angel: After The Fall, A Shepherd's Tale and Fray.
Joss wins two Eisners. Best New Series (Buffy: Season 8 by by Joss Whedon, Brian K. Vaughan, Georges Jeanty, and Andy Owens) and Best Digital Comic (Sugarshock, by Joss Whedon and Fabio Moon).

July 25 2008

(SPOILER) Brief Buffy tidbit from Scott Allie at SDCC Dark Horse Horror Panel. No major Buffy announcments are planned at this weekend's Comic Con but Allie did drop an interesting tidbit about an upcoming five issue arc.

July 24 2008 to close next month. The fan fiction site will be closing on August 4th. So if you have Buffy/Angel/Firefly fanfics on that site, you might want to store them elsewhere. More...

July 22 2008

(SPOILER) Vote for Spike: After the Fall at Pink Spike: After the Fall #1 is up for "Best Comic Book Moment of the Week" at More...

July 21 2008

Those Whedonverse comic book chart positions for June. Buffy #15 comes in at no. 12, Angel: After The Fall #8 and #9 at no. 43 and 45 respectively and Runaways #30 at no. 60. More...

July 18 2008

Joss talks Buffy/Satsu with Cornered at the FOX party during the Television Critics Association press tour, Joss also gives the lowdown on tastefully naked Willow. More...

July 12 2008

Amber Benson goes to Hell(boy). As a tie-in with the new film, Amber has written a short story for the Hellboy: Oddest Jobs anthology book, edited by former Buffy novelist Christopher Golden. More...

July 09 2008

Freshmen Summer Vacation Special. Now on the stands, courtesy of Seth Green and Hugh Sterbakov. More...

July 03 2008

Angel Omnibus up for pre-sale at Looks like a collection of Angel: The Curse, Angel: Old Friends, Angel: Spotlight, and Angel: Auld Lang Syne. More...

July 01 2008

(SPOILER) The second cover for Angel:ATF #12 has been released. It's the Alex Garner cover.Like the Nick Runge cover that was released earlier in the month,it's spoilerish. More...
Reminder: Buffy #16 and Angel #10 ship this week. According to Previews.

June 25 2008

Tim Minear's "The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress" Script. Tim's unproduced movie adaptation of Robert A. Heinlein's 1966 science fiction novel in .PDF format. More...

June 20 2008

John Cassaday and Brian K. Vaughan nominated in the 2008 Harvey Awards. Cassaday has nominations for "Best Artist" and "Best Cover Artist". Vaughan has been nominated for "Best Writer".

June 16 2008

May 2008 comics sales charts are released. Joss' books do very well, and Season 8 tops the trade paperback charts. More...

June 14 2008

Should Joss write Spidey? Based on Joss's writing of Spider-Man in Astonishing X-Men, should he be given his own arc(s)? This guy thinks so.

June 02 2008

Auction to benefit ailing Slayers artist. Legendary comic book artist Gene Colan (who illustrated two Tales of the Slayers stories by writer Doug Petrie), is seriously ill and lacking health insurance. Luckily, many of his friends...including Stan Lee, Neil Gaiman, Harlan Ellison, and BtVS novelist Christopher Golden...have rallied to his side, donating items for an auction to raise money for Gene's bills. More...

May 21 2008

This month's SFX magazine is giving away free Buffy and Angel novels. It also contains coverage of the Paley Reunion,Dollhouse and various other Whedonverse tidbits. More...
The Truth of Buffy - Essays on Fiction Illuminating Reality. Another collection of essays which will out be later on this year. The authors will focus on "ways in which Buffy reflects, illuminates, and clarifies its audience's real-life experiences". More...

May 19 2008

Buffy #13 is 11th biggest-selling comic of April 2008. It's that time again - sales charts are released, and issue 2 of Drew Goddard's "Wolves at the Gate" arc just misses out on a top 10 placing. Serenity: Better Days #2 reaches 32nd, Angel: After the Fall #6 is 45th. More...

May 15 2008

Georges Jeanty is Toronto-bound. He'll be appearing at Fan Expo Canada this August. More...

May 09 2008

Cover art for the Buffy season 8 'Wolves at the Gate' tpb. has a shipping date of November 1st for this volume but as ever that's subject to change. The website also has cover art for the Serenity: Better Days trade paperback.

May 06 2008

Buffy #14 and Angel #7 ship this week. Double-dose of the 'verse!

April 19 2008

Joss in Fast Company (May 2008). Joss and Whedonverse noted as inspirational to Lost, Heroes, Battlestar, and others.

April 15 2008

Buffy Goes Dark: Essays on the Final Two Seasons of Buffy. This book which covers seasons 6 and 7 will be out sometime towards the end of the year. More...

April 14 2008

Joss Whedon, Sugarshock! and Buffy Season 8 nominated for 2008 Eisner Awards. Buffy is nominated for "Best Continuing Series" and "Best New Series", Sugarshock! for "Best Digital Comic" and Joss is up for "Best Writer". More...

April 07 2008

"Nothing But Red" now available for purchase. This anthology of literary and visual arts was inspired by Joss' post about the killing of Du’a Khalil. All profits go to Equality Now. More...
Den of Geek article about licensed comics. Discussion includes Season 8 and After the Fall. No plot spoilers.

April 03 2008

(SPOILER) IGN Comics reviews Buffy #13. A generally favorable review. And AICN's Herc approves of the ish too. IGN also reviews Angel: After The Fall #6 giving it 7.8 out of 10.

April 02 2008

The top ten things we'd like to see in Buffy and Angel comics. IFMagazine has a list of Buffyverse characters that they'd like to see appear in Buffy Season 8 and Angel: After The Fall.

March 25 2008

"Pop-culture icon" Joss (and some other people) explains the lure of graphic novels. "Whedon says Dark Horse allowed him to 'plumb the depths' of the Buffy story in a new genre, and also introduced him to what he calls 'a different kind of fandom.'" More...
(SPOILER) Scott Allie on Serenity, Buffy and the Joss Whedon Universe. Excellent interview with the Dark Horse editor. Spoilerish for Joss' next arc on Buffy season 8.

March 23 2008

(SPOILER) The Onion's AV club reviews Whedonverse comics. Angel #5, Buffy #12, and Serenity #1 are all reviewed (mostly) favourably. Scroll down a little on the page to read.

March 19 2008

(SPOILER) The past, present and future of Astonishing X-Men. Marvel editor Nick Lowe chats about Joss' X-Men run and calls it "the most consistently excellent X-story ever". In the second part of the interview, there's some discussion of Joss' Dead End Kids arc on Runaways.

March 17 2008

Whedonverse comic book chart positions for February. The Buffyverse comics continue their solid performance, Buffy #11 was 14th and Angel: After The Fall #4 was 37th. Joss' penultimate issue of Runaways came in at no. 55.

March 15 2008

Buffy the PhD Slayer. Another call for papers, but NOT for the upcoming Slayage Conference. More...

March 11 2008

Superheroes: Capes and Crusaders in Comics and Films. Whedonverse scholar and frequent Slayage contributor (and an incredibly sweet and approachable person) Roz Kaveney talks about her latest book. More...

March 04 2008

Buffy Season 8: #12 Wolves at the Gate ships this week. According to Diamond's shipping list.

March 03 2008

Slayage Volume 25 - the Firefly edition. Tons of essays to read, with lots of issues to ponder on.

March 02 2008

Have Any Questions for Adam Hughes? Serenity: Better Days and Those Left Behind cover artist (not to mention, "Once More, With Feeling" poster artist) Adam Hughes has agreed to answer any questions that you have about his 'verse related work. Post your questions in the comments for this thread and Adam will be stopping in to answer. More...
(SPOILER) Whedon chips - or Joss' influence in the future. Philip Palmer pays tribute to Joss (and Buffy season 4) in his debut sci-fi novel 'Debatable Space '. Link goes to the relevant page from the book on Amazon's Online Reader. More...

February 28 2008

5th anniversary of Slayerlit! Slayerlit is celebrating its fifth anniversary, with new interviews from John Pasarella, a review of Buffy Omnibus 3, a new BTVS story from Christopher Golden getting its first exposure, and a contest to win a signed copy of the Buffy Omnibus #3. Stop on by and join the fun!

February 25 2008

Georges Jeanty Nominated for Best Artist in the 2008 Glyph Comics Awards. For his work on the Buffy Season 8 comics. The winners will be announced at the May 16-17 East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention in Philadelphia.

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