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"Mercy, forgiveness, trust. Those are the things he left back there."
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March 16 2011

SciFiMafia reviews Dr. Horrible: The Book. Sounds like an excellent companion piece!

March 06 2011

No more license requests for productions of Dr Horrible being reviewed. "We have plans of our own and are not licensing it". Start your rumour engines.

March 03 2011

Evil mastermind running for President! A familiar face is running for Student Union President at the University of Alberta. More...

March 02 2011

Backstage interviews Nathan Fillion. A wide-ranging interview about his life, his career, his profession. (And, yes, another comment on that Firefly campaign.)

February 23 2011

DC finally fets a local production of Dr. Horrible. From March 3-27, Landless Theatre is performing Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog at the DC Arts Center in Adams Morgan. Tix are $25. More...

February 10 2011

Nathan Fillion will be a guest on the Kevin Pollak Chat Show. They are looking for more questions and tweet 5's. It streams live at 3pm PT this Sunday at the Kevin Pollak Chat Show site.

February 04 2011

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog - Live in Vegas. A live version of the online hit is scheduled to open in May of this year.

January 24 2011

Dr. Horrible production opens Friday in Seattle. After a sold-out run last summer, Balagan Theatre is remounting their most successful production at ACT Theatre. More...

January 17 2011

"No time for rhetoric" - Characters who strayed from their prepared remarks. Now this is a list worth reading. Dr Horrible's Captain Hammer is amongst some very illustrious company.

December 30 2010

Dr. Horrible, Live in San Diego July 2011 - a fan campaign. This is a fan driven effort to coincide with Comic Con, so they need to prove demand. By joining their Facebook group, you can help find them sponsors. They're trying to get to 500 by the end of 2010!

December 12 2010

Stage production of Dr Horrible tonight in Mannheim, Germany. It's on at 19.30 at the Mannheim College.

November 27 2010

Happy Birthday, Maurissa Tancharoen! This year brought much Mo than I can fit! More...

November 07 2010

Gimmicky commentary tracks - Dr Horrible's Commentary! The Musical. As featured on a list at The A.V. Club.

October 29 2010

Obscure Dr. Horrible Halloween Costume Ideas. Last minute costume ideas galore!

October 17 2010

Dr. Horrible sells out! The Dark Horse trade paperback is getting a second print run. On its first month of release, the collection stormed in at number two on the Top 100 Graphic Novels list.

October 14 2010

Enter the world of "Dr Horrible," Touchstone style. Article on Touchstone Theatre's stage production of Dr. Horrible, which opens tonight. Some inaccuracies and misquotes within, but on the whole, a nice feature on the show.

September 28 2010

ArtsQuest Interviews Touchstone Theatre re: Dr. Horrible. touchstone is a theatre in Bethlehem, PA and a production of Dr. Horrible is part of their 30th Anniversary Celebration. More...

September 20 2010

10 Greatest Fictional inventors of All Time. Dr. Horrible makes the list; Ted and Warren don't. More...

September 17 2010

Harry Lennix is "Mr. Sophistication"; Danny Green directs. One of Danny and Harry's current film projects that is in post-production; I could not find release information beyond '2010'. More...

September 08 2010

Dr Horrible trade paperback out this week. It includes a brand new Evil League of Evil story. Also available from Dark Horse this week is a $1 dollar reprint of the original Buffy #1 from 1998.

September 07 2010

Simon Helberg joins Twitter. Nobody wants to be Moist, but everybody wants to follow him. (Confirmed by a tweet from Maurissa.)

August 28 2010

Gizmodo lists the 10 greatest fictional inventors of all time. Our favorite member of the Evil League of Evil makes the cut.

August 26 2010

(SPOILER) Sneak peek at the new Dr. Horrible comic. io9 gives a look at a few pages of the new forthcoming story by Zack Whedon, although they put the pages in the wrong order.
See Dr. Horrible LIVE in Halifax! As part of the 2010 Fringe Festival in Halifax, Nova Scotia, a group will be putting on a live performance of Dr. Horrible from September 4th - September 12th!

August 13 2010

When Fandoms Collide: Dr. Horrible and A Very Potter Sequel. A fun little mash-up of the Bad Horse Chorus and A Very Potter Musical/Sequel. Spoilers for A Very Potter Sequel if you haven't watched it yet.

August 05 2010

Dr. Horrible at the Calgary Fringe Fest this Saturday. Thanks to @MoTancharoen and @NathanFillion for the tip.
Dr. Horrible DIY action figures at CustomCon by MsBigPileOfDust.

August 04 2010

Zombie Penny or Robot Penny: How can Felicia Day return in Dr. Horrible? io9's round-up of their Dr. Horrible related coverage from SDCC including conversations with Felicia Day and Simon Helberg - as well as some Guild stuff for good measure. More...

July 24 2010

Felicia Day, Eureka! Felicia announce she will be doing a guest starring arc on the SyFy series Eureka.

July 17 2010

Happy Birthday, Jed Whedon! Another quiet year in the life. More...

July 15 2010

Nathan Fillion: Captain Tightpants or Captain Hammer? Nathan Fillion has been blessed with several fan favorite roles. Considering all the options, which role will you best remember him for?

July 14 2010

Dr. Horrible White Lab Coat Shirt. QMX is now offering a Dr. Horrible Lab coat t-shirt. Maybe time to start thinking about your Halloween or CSTS outfit... More...

June 25 2010

Simon Helberg stars in the LATW production of Doctor Cerberus. Live in LA, July 14-18, 2010. As part of The Play's The Thing, which is a live in-performance radio theatre series. L.A. Theatre Works, make theatre easily accessible to audiences through it's radio performance on public radio stations.

June 04 2010

Examining Meta-narrative in Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. And there's analysis of 'Commentary! The Musical' thrown for good measure too. More...

June 03 2010

DVD Verdict reviews Dr. Horrible on Blu-ray. As well as The Guild: Season 3 on DVD.

May 30 2010

Tahmoh Penikett says Joss has a new project. German interviews Tahmoh Penikett at FedCon 2010. More...

May 28 2010

New details about the Dr Horrible Sing-Along Blog Book. It will feature exclusive contributions from cast and crew, sheet music and the full shooting script.

May 26 2010

Zack Whedon interviewed about Dr Horrible comics. Zack Whedon does a promotional interview with Comic Book Resources about the trade paperback collecting the various comics. He also speaks about the sequel (in no real spoiler detail). There's also interesting comments about Joss and The Avengers movie. More...
Win a copy of the Dr. Horrible Blu-ray or The Guild Season 3 DVD. The Digital Bits has copies of the new Dr. Horrible Blu-ray and The Guild Season 3 DVD for five lucky winners. Contest open to US and non-US residents. More...

May 24 2010

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog out on Blu-ray today. Reviews of it can be found at and DVD Talk.

May 21 2010

The Dr. Horrible syndrome (horribly nice guys). The Slap and The Tickle blog looks at why the Doctor put Penny on a pedestal.

May 20 2010

A feature on 'Dr Horrible - Live in Calgary'. Apparently it's the first professional production of the musical and it'll be on from May 27th to June 5th. The poster for it can be found here.

May 19 2010

The Webventures of Justin & Alden, featuring Felicia Day. It's all glitz and glamour as Justin & Alden make their way on the red carpet, posing as press. When they catch a glimpse of their dream leading lady Felicia Day, they quickly hatch the perfect plan.

May 17 2010

High Def Digest reviews Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Blu-ray. The 'movie' receives a perfect 5/5 star review and the audio is considered decent, sadly the video is lackluster.

May 12 2010

Win a copy of the Dr Horrible DVD signed by Joss Whedon. If you want to double your chances, there's another similar competition on New Video's Facebook page (why should you be inducted into the Evil League of Evil?).

May 02 2010

Joss Whedon sings 'Heart, Broken' on Return To The Scene Of The Crime. "In a live episode of This American Life, filmmaking legend Joss Whedon makes his very brave musical theatrical debut". More...

April 26 2010

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Game (Act III). Doctor Octoroc's 8-bit tribute to Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is now complete with all three acts.

April 24 2010

"Dr. Horrible" high school production at Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Students at Guilford High in Guilford, CT were chosen to participate this summer in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe (the largest arts festival in the world). They will be performing their version of "Dr. Horrible."

April 19 2010

Dr Horrible DVD shipped over 60,000 copies in its first 6 months. That's according to New Video's sellsheet (available only in PDF format) for the Blu-Ray. There's also a behind-the-curtains look at how the fans will be targeted for the release.

April 16 2010

Press release for the Dr Horrible Blu-ray. As previously reported, this'll be out on May 25th.

April 15 2010

8-Bit Dr. Horrible - Act 2 is up! Act Two of the 8-Bit Video Game version of Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog has been posted as of this morning. More...
Coming soon - Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Book. Details on this so far are sparse. It's being published by Titan Books and is 200 pages long. Will it be similar in terms of style and content to the Firefly Companion volumes?

April 13 2010

A Horrible Collection. Dark Horse collects the Dr. Horrible oneshot and webcomics in September, adding "a never-before-seen sixteen-page story, about the top secret organization The Evil League of Evil."

April 09 2010

Dr Horrible comic available for iPhone/iPod/iPad now. It's written by Zack, and it's currently in the top 100 app downloads. Top ten, anybody?
Open auditions for a stage version of Dr. Horrible in NC. Roles are available for men and women of all ages. Auditions will take place Sunday Apr 11th, 3pm - 6pm at the Browncoat Pub & Theater - Wilmington, NC.
Wonderflonium makes The Periodic Table of Imaginary Elements. See all of the amazing table created by Russell Walks by clicking here. More...

April 05 2010

"Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Game". An 8-bit interpretation of "Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog" as a theoretical Nintendo game - part 1 of 3.

April 04 2010

Dr Horrible 2 is being organised and written. Whedonopolis has the scoop from some Whedony people last night in LA.

April 03 2010

An NPH musical biography. A clever montage of NPH singing moments. It includes several clips from Dr.H.

March 31 2010

Felicia Day talks Dr. Horrible Sequel to MTV. She's heard there is a title.

March 27 2010

Simon Helberg Interviewed about Dr. Horrible sequel. Simon talks with IGN about the sequel and the fandom.

March 25 2010

Why I Hope Dr Horrible Stays on the Internet. Self-explanatory...

March 22 2010

(SPOILER) An epic interview with Scott Allie. The transcript of Mike Russell's wide-ranging interview with Scott Allie about the Whedonverse, comics, and sundries. Plus: hear how the Twilight reveal fiasco went down. Marked spoilers mainly for artwork from the upcoming Serenity comics. More...

March 20 2010

The Dr Horrible Comic Book App for your iPhone. Buffy Season 8 to follow?

March 19 2010

Neil Patrick Harris thinks the Dr. Horrible sequel will be on the big screen. NPH speculates on the future of Dr. Horrible: "I don't know what their plans are, but I don't think it will be on the Internet."

March 15 2010

Cory Monteith praises Joss, NPH. Interview with Cory Monteith (Glee) touches on what it's like working with Joss. More...

March 08 2010

Evil League of Evil Official T-Shirt now available from QMx. Another Whedon goodie from Quantum Mechanix.
Felicia Day is Red Riding Hood: Werewolf Hunter on SyFy in 2011. Syfy's plans to reimagine classic fairy tales into action movies continues with "Red". Felicia will play Red Riding Hood, who introduces her fiance to her family of werewolf hunters. When he gets bitten by a werewolf, she's torn between her duty and her love for him.

March 02 2010

Nathan Fillion hints at more than a sequel for Dr. Horrible. He says that he's "also heard of some kind of other accoutrements that are coming out aside from a sequel that we're planning on", but that elaborating on this would result in "a lightning bolt from god."

March 01 2010

Nathan Fillion, Felicia Day, and Horrible Turn get Streamys nominations. Amongst the many nominations for the second annual awards for web series: Nathan (Guest Star), Felicia (Writing for a Comedy, Female Actor in a Comedy, Ensemble Cast), and fan film Horrible Turn (Original Music). More...

February 28 2010

Netflix subscribers can now watch Dr. Horrible instantly. If you subscribe to Netflix, you can instantly watch Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog on your computer or -- if you own one of the many Netflix-ready devices -- on your television. More...

February 25 2010

Dr. Horrible joins Glee club! E!'s Kristin confirms episode with Neil Patrick Harris is now being written.

February 19 2010

Two more Dr. Horrible 8bits from Doctor Octoroc. The main link goes to "My Eyes", but here's "So They Say".

February 16 2010

Inside Wesleyan's stage adaptation of Dr. Horrible. The director reveals what it's like to put Joss and co's internet hit on the stage.

February 11 2010

Fan recreates Dr. Horrible finale theme in old-timey video game style. More...

February 03 2010

Zack Whedon talks Dr. Horrible comics. And offers a tiny update on Dr. Horrible sequel. Courtesy of MTV.
Dr Horrible production at Wesleyan University. It's running from the 11th to the 13th of this month and tickets are free. So if you live in Connecticut or thereabouts, why not pop along? More...

January 31 2010

Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Blu-ray gets a release date on Amazon. It'll be out on May 25th. Will it have the good Doctor's Emmy appearance as an extra? More...

January 21 2010

Dr. Horrible Inventions! has put together an absolutely adorable compilation of Dr. Horrible fan crafts for their "Fandomestic" section. What are your favorite Horrible crafts on the web?

January 19 2010

Why Dr. Horrible 2 has to go now or we'll lose it for a year. I say: all good things come to those who wait. Sci-Fi Wire reports on NPH comments.

January 12 2010

'Commentary! The Musical': the commentary. Emily Nussbaum comments on 'Dr. Horrible - Commentary! The Musical'. More...

January 08 2010

Commentary! The Musical is now available on iTunes! Apparently it's been out since January 5th. It's also available at iTunes UK, and as well.

January 02 2010

Dr Horrible in Battle Royale for Man of the Decade. "...the battle's close, with Neil Patrick Harris and John Barrowman only separated by 20 votes." Until NPH and his Dr. Horrible buddies hit twitter with a call to vote. The vote is still going on, but Barrowman has since made his own twitter call to 'Torch' the Doctor.

December 31 2009

Serenity & Dr. Horrible singled out in Geekscape's Best of The Decade list. Author for the site, Jim Pellegrinelli lists the best pop culture had to offer these past ten years (Comics, Film, TV, The Web). Includes spoilers for other properties and some language. More...

December 30 2009

An Open Letter to Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen. A writer requests more YouTube fun. More...

December 26 2009

Dr. Horrible gets a Special Achievement Award. This was in the "Best Viral Videos of the Decade" section. "It would be unfair to put an Emmy-winning production by a beloved director on the same playing field as giggling babies, so we have to single out Joss Whedon's tuneful, stunning creation as a phenomenon unto itself."
Pre-order the Dr. Horrible maquette from QMx. "It seems only fitting," says QMx, "that the first authorized and fully-licensed Dr. Horrible Animated Maquette is of the man with the PhD in Horribleness himself." First in a series of limited-edition maquettes.

December 21 2009

Article on Made-for-web productions includes Dr. Horrible. Article from the associated press on the future of internet productions, reported on CP24's website.
Dr. Horrible & Firefly's Wash named among the Top 10 Characters of the Decade. The list was created by author and Time Magazine writer Lev Grossman.

December 18 2009

Dr. Horrible named one of the decade's best geek moments. Joss's web creation is added to list of triumphs for the 2000s. More...

December 13 2009

Mashable names Mutant Enemy one of top companies reinventing TV online. The Social Media Guide cites Mutant Enemy as a company "well-positioned" in television's more internet-driven future. More...
Dr Horrible Commentary soundtrack is coming. An official soundtrack of the addictive Commentary! The Musical is coming our way, maybe before christmas says Dr Horrible's twitter account.

December 08 2009

Comic book sales figures for November 2009. ICv2's sales estimates for November 2009 have been released. More...

December 07 2009

10 Small Screen Masterpieces from Joss Whedon. A thoughtful list of one fan's top 10 favorite Whedon TV moments, from Buffy to Dollhouse, with stops in-between.

December 04 2009

It's not a death ray... Random awesomeness at The Pancake Project!

November 24 2009

Dr Horrible's Freeze Ray works on Nematode worms. National Geographic name checks Dr Horrible in this article about the effect of UV on Nematodes.

November 23 2009

Producers Guild to honor Joss. "Joss Whedon has mastered the art of melding the newest technology with inspired storytelling, truly exemplifying the spirit of the Vanguard Award".
iFanboy podcast discusses Dr. Horrible one-shot comic. 40 minutes and 45 seconds into the Pick of the Week podcast, a user submits their review, resulting in opinions expressed about the comic and the video itself.

November 22 2009

QMx gets Firefly, Dr. Horrible licenses. As announced yesterday at Creation's Serenity & Firefly convention, QMx now has the rights to produce collectibles for two more Whedon shows. They showed off a Dr. Horrible maquette.
Gene Ha's "full pencils" Captain Hammer artwork. Wowed by the Captain Hammer pin-up in the recent Dr Horrible comic book? Then check it out in its original form.

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