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November 21 2009

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Official Ornaments. They have some Holiday Bundles and the 2010 calendar and free shipping on $75 or more. More...

November 18 2009

Dr Horrible comic book out today. The one-shot penned by Zack Whedon tells of how Dr Horrible got drawn into a world of crime.

November 17 2009

Report by Crix Lee from 2nd Dr Horrible/The Guild screening. Some footage from the 2nd Dr Horrible/The Guild screening plus interviews. More...

November 14 2009

Dr. Horrible inspires Germans. It seems that once again life is imitating art in this video on the BBC News website. So everyone be careful with your wonderflonium now.

November 11 2009

Zack Whedon gives an update on the Dr Horrible sequel. "We will expand the world a little bit into other areas you have not seen... and it will be hilarious."
Dr. Horrible at the University of Connecticut. Another theatrical adaptation of DHS-AB produced by UConn Dramatic PAWS. Goes up this weekend.

November 10 2009

Horrible Turn - "the one hour [fan tribute] musical with songs and stuff". "He wanted to change the world. But the world changed him."

November 06 2009

Dr. Horrible listed on io9's Top 10 Dumbest Evil Geniuses of All Time. Dr. Horrible is regrettably listed for his ineptitude.

November 05 2009

(SPOILER) Preview of the Dr Horrible comic book. And related interview with Zack Whedon.

November 02 2009

Nathan Fillion updates on Dr Horrible sequel. He re-confirms that there is a title and that some of the songs are already written.

October 30 2009

Trailer for the Dr Horrible fan prequel 'Horrible Turn'. This fan effort will be out on November 10th.

October 23 2009

(SPOILER) Newsarama interviews Zack Whedon for upcoming Dr Horrible comic. "I think it will be fun for people to read that are fans of the show".

October 21 2009

Zack Whedon on Dr Horrible's appearance at the Emmys and more. There's some great info about the Dark Horse webcomics and the upcoming Dr Horrible one-shot. Oh and you'll find out what form the prequel to the Dr Horrible sequel will take.

October 16 2009

Tonight: Joss and Felicia visit the Egyptian Theatre in LA. They'll be having a "discussion" after screenings of Dr. Horrible and The Guild season two. The fun starts at 8:00 Pacific. More...
Dr. Horrible (somewhat) finally, officially available in Germany. now lists it (with a release date of Oct. 8, 2009). So for those in the de, at and ch areas, who didn't already order it via the U.S. site, here's your chance.

October 15 2009

Dr. Horrible Charity Screening in Salem, MA this Friday. The Cinema's website is Cinema Salem.

October 06 2009

A chat with 'The Guild' creator/star Felicia Day. PopCandy talks with Felicia about this season of The Guild, the Emmys, plus the influence of Dr. Horrible. More...

September 28 2009

An Evening with Joss and Felicia. See "Dr. Horrible" and "The Guild - Season Two" on the big screen, and enjoy a discussion with Joss and Felicia on October 16th! (schedule permitting). More...
Felicia Day appearing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. She is scheduled for Tuesday night Sept 29th broadcast on NBC.

September 27 2009

Nathan Fillion mentioned in Virtual Shackles. With Jossverse references. This one's several months old.
Nathan Fillion aka Richard Castle book signing for Heat Wave. The event will take place Sept 29th at 8pm at the Borders books in Northridge, CA.

September 24 2009

Sing along with Dr. Horrible in L.A. one night before Halloween. Information about the Los Angeles Halloween-time screening of "Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog." More...
In a Social Networking World, What's the Future of TV? "Whedon and Day are demonstrating that television may be a genre or format of entertainment -- which looks and feels "like television" even if it is never broadcast".

September 23 2009

Tur-Mohel's Yearly review to the ELE. Tur-Mohel sends in his yearly review to Bad Horse and the League.
Dr. Horrible in Legos. This comes from Sci-Fi Wire, but Mo Tanchareon found these two figures of Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer made out of Legos. Someone named "Cube Dude" made them, and displayed them on his Flickr page. More...
(SPOILER) Joss talks to Complex Magazine. Joss covers the gamut of his current projects. Spoilery if you are staying away from Dollhouse guest star spoilers.

September 22 2009

Is there a Joss new media studio in the works? Tubefilter seems to think so, citing sources that he's "shopping a digital studio proposal around Hollywood, including to the major studios, looking to raise investment". More...

September 21 2009

Joss hosting a Dr Horrible screening tonight in New York. This to benefit 826NYC and after the screening, there will be an interview with Joss and a Q&A as well. And if you are going, the correct address is Broadway at 95th Street.
TV Guide's "Best Moments" at The Emmys. The Doctor is in, at #4.

September 20 2009

Dr. Horrible attacks the Emmys. What happens when Doctor Horrible finds out about the Emmys? Well, watch this and find out! Alternate link with the intro and outro bits in HD here.

September 19 2009

Joss talks Dr Horrible on NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday. The audio interview is now online and it's a really good listen.
Simon Helberg aka Moist on the Dr Horrible sequel. He reckons that it could indeed be a movie.
Organize your 2010 with some "Horribleness" . The same company that produces the Buffy calendars brings us Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog 2010 Wall Calendar.
The Emmys are going to be 'Horrible'. Ausiello confirms that "Neil Patrick Harris will headline a Dr. Horrible-themed production number". ETA: Dr Horrible has a plan. More...

September 18 2009

Want to watch Team Horrible win an Emmy, here's your chance. The Creative Arts Emmy Award are now airing on E! it just started so you still have time to catch the win. Not to mention seeing the other verse guest in attendance. (YouTube link in comments.)
(SPOILER) Dollhouse boss breaks good Horrible news. Dr. Horrible lives again! Also contains mild Dollhouse character spoilers.

September 15 2009

(SPOILER) Big Joss news: Dollhouse, Dr. Horrible and Cabin updates. Sci-Fi Wire interviews Joss after a Fox party Monday night.

September 14 2009

NYMag: Neil Patrick Harris is a High-Wire Act. Seven page article on NPH covers his career with mentions of Dr. Horrible.

September 12 2009

Dr Horrible WINS the Emmy. Just tweeted "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog wins #Emmys09 for Short-format Live-Action Special Class". Photo from Zack Whedon of the envelope. Some more photos from earlier of Team Horrible at the Emmys. Photo of Nathan and Emmy. Pic of the gang on stage. More pics in thread comments. More...

September 11 2009

The Top 10 Most Watched Web TV Shows. Dr Horrible is #8 for August, and The Guild is #4 (don't ask what's #1...) More...

September 09 2009

Dr. Horrible charity screening in Adelaide, Australia this Friday. It'll be showing at Union Cinema, Adelaide Uni. More...
Tur-Mohel 2 Electric Boogaloo. Apparently Tur-Mohel, an Evil League of Evil application winner, is releasing another video message and looking at the homepage of there may be a calendar on the way. Here is the YouTube link to the teaser trailer for the upcoming video.

September 08 2009

Felicia Day Featured in CNN Story. Her appearance at DragonCon last weekend is discussed in the story, and how the Guild is becoming known as "The Office for the geek set." More...

September 04 2009

Neil Patrick Harris on David Letterman tonight. Promoting the Emmys I assume.
Costume designer Shawna Trpic posts an intriguing pic. What could it mean? Could it be the return of...? More...

August 26 2009

GeekSix at it again with Whedon B-listers. They take a humorous look at the lovable non-headlining characters of Joss.
Dr McKay's Sing-Along Blog. Great parody of the Dr Horrible trailer.

August 20 2009

Bid for Dr Horrible Sing-Along Blog figurines. The Captain Hammer figurine is signed by Nathan Fillion and proceeds will go to Kids Need to Read. The auction ends on the 24th of August.

August 14 2009

Nathan Fillion Talks to Watch With Kristin at E!. Dr. Horrible, Castle and Emmy stuff all get discussed.

August 12 2009

Buffy season 8 and Dr. Horrible on the syllabus of Henry Jenkins' new course at USC on transmedia storytelling, which includes a section on the Whedonverses. He notes "I still have room for more students." More...

August 09 2009

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog wins a Hugo Award. Just announced out of Montreal, our beloved mushortio wins yet another award, for Best Dramatic Presentation: Short Form. It was up against episodes of Lost, Battlestar Galactica, and Doctor Who. More...

August 05 2009

'We have a story for the Dr Horrible sequel' says Joss. He tells MTV News "the writers are trying to put something together".

August 01 2009

Commentary! The Musical coming to iTunes. Finally fans will be able to listen to Commentary anywhere they want!

July 30 2009

Remember the Zack Whedon-penned one-shot Dark Horse announced at the Comic Con, slated for November release? Here's a sneak peek at the artwork. More...

July 27 2009

Michael Ausiello talks to Felicia Day. They talk about The Guild, Dr. Horrible, and her role in Dollhouse.

July 26 2009

(SPOILER) Radio Askew podcast talks to Jed Whedon. A phone interview conducted on the first day of shooting Dollhouse Season 2. They talk about "Epitaph One", the show in general (and it's retooling), Dr. Horrible, Twitter, Comic Con and Jed's music. The only spoilers are about the setting and casting of "Epitaph One". More...

July 23 2009

Dr Horrible comic book coming out later this year. It's part of Dark Horse's One Shot Wonders which highlights the company's "biggest characters and properties in standalone comics". Presumably it'll be a collection of the online Dr Horrible comic strips.

July 20 2009

J. Scott Campbell Dr. Horrible sketch. J. Scott Campbell, artist on comics such as Gen13 and Danger Girl, does an awesome sketch of Dr. Horrible. More...

July 19 2009

Fury of Solace Continues the Adventure with New Video and Comic. Inspired by the Evil League of Evil contest, Emmett Furey has turned his entry into a continuing multimedia series. Click here for episode 2 (in comic form).

July 18 2009

Happy Birthday, Jed Whedon! One year ago, Jed Whedon celebrated his birthday by posting Act III of Dr. Horrible. This year I hope he took the day off.

July 17 2009

Joss Whedon: A Sing-Along, Screening and Q&A. In NYC on September 21. Joss will host a screening of Dr Horrible and special guests will also appear at this benefit for 826NYC. More...

July 16 2009

Joss talks Emmy nomination. Great interview over at SCI FI Wire.
Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog gets nominated for a Emmy! In the Outstanding Special Class section, it got nominated in the Short-format Live-Action Entertainment category. Congratulations to everyone involved in the making of the musical. More...

July 12 2009

Dr. Horrible Goggle Cardstock Masks. Another California Browncoats Comic-Con 2009 Exclusive and also available to every attendee of their screening of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. More...
Jed Whedon's Streamy Award and interview. Because Jed's award was on an earlier night we didn't get to see it presented, so this is finally available showing us that presentation and giving us Jed's thoughts. It is a fun video that almost no one has seen yet. More...

July 04 2009

Aids Walk Ebay Auction of signed Dr Horrible poster. Signed by Joss Whedon, Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day. More...

June 28 2009

Quote of the Day - Pie! Quotes of the Day features another Dr. Horrible quote.

June 12 2009

Screening of Dr Horrible at Comic Con. It's being organised by the California Browncoats and they'll be showing Commentary! The Musical as well.
Dr Horrible Fan Sculpt. A 13cm Sculpture made from polymer clay. Scroll down past a couple other pics and then you'll find it. It's really cool.

June 07 2009

Dr. Horrible Official Merchandise on sale for Father's Day. $15 a shirt and there are also some bundling choices available now. More...

June 05 2009

NPH on Letterman for the Top 10 list. Another Tonys related interview reveals that amongst his Tony Awards duties NPH will present presented the nightly Top Ten List on “The Late Show with David Letterman” tonight (6/5) last night, June 4th, 2009. More...

June 04 2009

'Penny: Keep Your Head Up' - a Dr Horrible tale. Zack Whedon and Jim Rugg tell Penny's back-story in the latest issue of MySpace Dark Horse Presents. More...
Neil Patrick Harris video interview with Michael Ausiello. Mostly about the Tonys and a little about HIMYM.

June 02 2009

Dr. Horrible comes to Best Buy shelves and online. Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog DVD was released to ( retailers today. Best Buy brick and mortar stores have it. Anyone seen it elsewhere? More...
Dr. Horrible Party Cakes. Evil has never been so delicious.

June 01 2009

Get to know The Evil League of Evil. MTV has an Easter Egg clip from the Dr Horrible DVD which goes on sale tomorrow in all good stores. It's only viewable from within the United States.
Dr. Horrible supposedly coming to Blu-ray. According to the Dr. Horrible Twitter, a Blu-ray release is being brainstormed. More...

May 31 2009

New Official Dr Horrible Merchandise. I really love the Freeze Ray t-shirt. Don't remember seeing the hat, mug, tote bag or the Dr. Horrible Goggle t-shirt before.

May 17 2009

Dr. Horrible and The Guild cited in Washington Post article on the emergence of web series. This is an interesting article describing the emergence of web series as an alternative media to TV, citing several of our favorites as leading indicators. More...

May 11 2009

Nathan Fillion talks Castle, Dollhouse and Dr. Horrible. A brief interview with Nathan Fillion on the likelihood of Castle being renewed, what he knows about a possible sequel to Dr. Horrible (there's a title) and his thoughts on Dollhouse.

May 10 2009

Felicia Day on the Kevin Pollack Show tonight. Online at 8pm ET. More...

May 06 2009

T1 Convention Recap. A good recap of all the goings on at the T1 convention that happened in the UK about a week and a 1/2 ago with lots of photos. Guests included Summer Glau, Dichen Lachman, Miracle Laurie, Felicia Day and Adam Baldwin. More...

May 05 2009

Hmm, What's Neil Patrick Harris's Fave Viral Video? He tells Jimmy Fallon on the Late Show's Internet Personality Test. What could it be?!?!

May 02 2009

Official Dr. Horrible Sing Along Blog Keychain. Just perfect for your keys to a shiny new Australia or your lab or for a Horrible or Serenity Screening prize. Any other suggestions?
Dr. Horrible now available on Xbox Live Marketplace! Available in SD or HD! More...

April 30 2009

Felicia Day joins Dragon*Con guest list. She joins an ever-growing list of Whedonverse stars at the Atlanta 'con. Keep an eye on the Whedon Universe track website for more.

April 26 2009

Dr. Horrible at Penguicon! Dr. Horrible will be presented live at Penguicon this Saturday, May 2nd, at 8:57 p.m. in metro Detroit. Auditions were held last fall so the players should be well rehearsed and fabulous! Scroll down about two-thirds of the page for the event entry. More...

April 20 2009

Dr Horrible sequel at a theatre near you? SCI FI Wire reports on the Whedon brothers (and sister-in-law) thoughts regarding a Dr. H sequel.

April 18 2009

A message from the Dr. Horrible cast and crew of Hockinson High School. It's for Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen (they got married yesterday). More...

April 17 2009

Paley site has video from Dr. Horrible panel. A wonderfully edited, five minute video for your viewing pleasure.

April 15 2009

The Futon Critic's recap of the Dr. Horrible panel. Great write-up of the PaleyFest event. ETA: THR also reports, as does The TV Addict.

April 14 2009

Tonight at PaleyFest09 - the Dr. Horrible Panel. Starring Nathan, Felicia, Maurissa and The Brothers Whedon. Will we hear news about a possible Act IV? More...

April 11 2009

Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog to get re-released on DVD. It has a slightly different cover and there's a new distributor involved. More...
How Good of a Doctor is Dr. Horrible? On this particular episode of the podcast "Science or Fiction," the hosts discuss the science behind "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog" and how realistic it truly is.

April 09 2009

Neil Patrick Harris to be a guest judge on 'Top Chef Masters' premiering June 10th. I'm a 'Top Chef' nut and am thrilled to hear that the NPH will be a part of it in a awesome new format.
The good news: Joss has a title for Dr. Horrible 2. So Nathan reports in this mainly Castle-oriented interview with the TV Squad. Short, but sweet.

April 06 2009

Dr. Horrible live on stage at Hockinson HS (Portland/Vancouver area). Looks like Hockinson High School is also going to present a live version of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog on April 17th/18th. Will be interesting to see how they deal with all the previously mentioned issues involved in presenting live to a family audience. More...

April 03 2009

Stage production of Dr. Horrible at Tufts University, MA. There will be two performances tonight and tomorrow night. More info can be found on Facebook and on this flier. There's even a promo video for it on YouTube. More...

April 02 2009

Dr. Horrible gives twitter-approval for a high school stage production. Does this twitter post mean that there is now a protocol for rights for stage adaptations of Dr. Horrible? See the production flier.

April 01 2009

Dr Horrible in Space. The most recent installment of David C. Simon's excellent webcomic Crimson Dark includes a sly Whedony tribute--there's a Dr Horrible poster on the wall in the background of the final panel. Earlier in the story, Ch 1, Pg 10 also included a Firefly poster. More...

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