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"Ripping its brain out is absolutely a good plan. I certainly dont have a better."
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April 04 2013

Enver's deleted scenes from "The Avengers". His character originally had a lot more to do. More...

November 17 2012

Dichen, Enver, and Miracle reunite again. Another Kickstarter movie, starring Dichen Lachman, Enver Gjokaj, and Miracle Laurie, and written by and starring Adam J. Yeend who was a producer on Lust For Love. More...

August 13 2012

Enver Gjokaj on tonight's episode of Drop Dead Diva. Airing now! Just saw his name in the credits. On Lifetime.

December 23 2010

Enver Gjokaj and Harry Lennix on tonight's Undercovers. Although not listed in IMDB both appear in the episode Funny Money airing now 8pm EST.

December 07 2009

iF Magazine interviews Enver Gjokaj. A nice little Q & A with our golden boy, Enver. Unfortunately not recent enough to talk about certain recent tours-de-force, but still very charming with lots of Dollhouse acting insight.

March 27 2008

BSG's Helo Cast in Dollhouse. Kristin dishes the casting news of Tahmoh and others.

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