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"'How have you been?' 'Rat. You?' 'Dead.' 'Oh.'"
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May 30 2011

Tiny Doctor Horrible. Maurissa Tancharoen posted on Twitter the cutest costume ever. More...

August 26 2010

Joss on SOON on Aussie radio on Go there & click on "Listen" - they keep announcing him for "after the news." ETA: The interview is now online. More...

July 23 2009

Dr Horrible comic book coming out later this year. It's part of Dark Horse's One Shot Wonders which highlights the company's "biggest characters and properties in standalone comics". Presumably it'll be a collection of the online Dr Horrible comic strips.

March 30 2009

Backstage at the Streamys - an interview with Joss Whedon. Fresh from Dr. Horrible's triumph at the Streamys, Joss speaks to NonSociety's Mary about his beard, Dr. Horrible and why he doesn't twitter. And there's a very cool interview with Neil Patrick Harris as well.

December 18 2008

Amazon/CreateSpace press release for the Dr. Horrible DVD and CD. If you want to know why Joss chose this particular distribution model then this press release is a must-read.

December 03 2008

Zack Whedon talks Moist. Find out about the secret origin of Dr. Horrible's henchman.

November 09 2008

Felicia Day gives an update on the Dr. Horrible DVD. She tweets "BTW recorded some of the Dr. Horrible musical commentary track last week. Frikkin' HILARIOUS! Whedons=genius! (Maurissa too)".

October 22 2008

An interview with Dr. Horrible's project manager. By permission of, reproduces an interview with Rachel Rhee about the Evil League of Evil entries and the upcoming releases of the DVD and CD.

October 05 2008

Up-to-date list of ELE Applications on Youtube. Though some of these may not be official submissions, theonetruebix compiled a playlist of over 50 videos, which means there are a couple of hours of footage to go through...if one has the time.

October 03 2008

A Very Unique Karaoke Night and "My Freeze Ray". YouTube video of Stanley, the puppet, performs "My Freeze Ray" in lounge singer style karaoke.

September 09 2008

The IT Crowd want Mutant Enemy's help. "THE IT CROWD" is a UK show about geeks and nerds on Channel 4. They want to reference Doctor Horrible by set dressing themselves with Horrible things for filming series 3, but need to get permission. Edit: Thank you, Jed - help is at hand. The show, in case anybody is wondering. More...

August 29 2008

Dr. Horrible Sings Again, Gets Moist. Doc-ish news on the soundtrack release date and more moist comics, which is so hard. And moist.

August 11 2008

G4TV's Attack of the Show covers Dr. Horrible. Quick interviews with Joss, Neil Patrick Harris, Felicia Day and Nathan Fillion. More...

August 08 2008

That Dr. Horrible remote control explained. Remember the iPhone doohickey that was used to control the van? Its creator PJ Haarsma reveals how it came to be.

August 02 2008

The New York Times has a look at Dr. Horrible. Interesting if slightly surreal analysis from the Gray Lady: ""Legally Blonde the Musical: The Search for Elle Woods" is a superior piece of craftsmanship."

August 01 2008

Fake Flak from Fake Thomas Jefferson. MTV gets corrected on reporting "pointlessness" of Fake Thomas Jefferson. And I think he's dreamy. More...

July 30 2008

Is Doctor Horrible a model for the future? A Chicago Tribune columnist adds his two cents to the seemly endless business analysis of Joss' internet phenomenon (which will be available on Hulu for the next four months according to a Variety blogger).

July 29 2008

Joss blogs about Dr. Horrible over at Hulu. "You'll laugh, you'll cry.... and you just might learn long division. With songs! PLEASE watch it. We're so lonely...".

July 28 2008

Fake Thomas Jefferson is pointless. Joss reveals his plans for more Dr. Horrible comic strips. Elsewhere on the MTV website, Neil and Joss say more about the DVD and what could feature in the sequel.
Nathan Fillion reveals Captain Hammer's superpowers. A heavy lifter but maybe not a flyer. Also has the power of awesomeness.

July 25 2008

Today at Comic Con - the Joss Whedon Dark Horse panel. Not only will Buffy season 8 and the Shepherd Book mini-series get discussed but Dr. Horrible as well. Kickoff starts at 1.30pm PT. ETA At the moment is live blogging from the event and we're getting great "as it happens" comments from our Whedonesque posters in attendance. And the big news is that there will be more Dr Horrible. More...

July 24 2008

Dr. Horrible - An oral history. How it all came together (with contributions from Joss, Felicia, Nathan, Neil, Jed and Maurissa). It's the definitive "making of" article we've all been waiting to read.

July 20 2008

Dr. Horrible: The Early Years. The dawn of a new fan series?

July 15 2008

Doctor Horrible Now Viewable Outside the USA. Yay for those of us not in the USA - and well done to those who worked so hard to get the issues sorted out! Thanks.

July 07 2008

MTV News interviews Joss about all of his upcoming projects: Dollhouse, Doctor Horrible, Cabin in the Woods, and the ones that won't be happening for now (Goners and Serving Girl).

April 05 2008

'The music is about as addictive as World of Warcraft'. Dynamic Forces interviews Felicia Day about a number of things, including (of course) Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

March 31 2008

The preview poster for Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. Thanks to a pointer from the official fansite, our first glimpse of promotion for the musical.

March 27 2008

Web comic character auditions for Joss' online musical. Although, really, I'm more interested in the blog post's suggestion that the devotion of Joss' fans only can mean that "all 7 seasonís of 'Buffy' were laden with subliminal messages that will allow Joss to activate us in his time of need."

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