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August 24 2007

MTV interviews Brian K Vaughan. This interview covers Y The Last Man and Ex Machina heading to the big screen. Also Buffy, Runaways and his work on Lost. Plus, interview snippets with Amber Benson and Joss (both interview clips are from a few months ago - the same sessions used here). More...

August 14 2007

More printings for Buffy Season 8 issues 1-4. A 4th printing for #1, a 3rd printing for #2, and a 2nd printing for #3 and #4 with all new designed covers.

August 12 2007

Civil War Panel at Wizard World Chicago. Civil War Panel at Wizard World Chicago with Mark Millar and Joe Q describes Whedon's involvement with Civil War and a story about Joss and Quesada at Comic Con. More...

August 09 2007

(SPOILER) More info on Joss' next Office episode. He's tentatively scheduled to direct it in October, as rumored on the E! site.

August 08 2007

The Onion's AV Club interviews Joss. Huge interview with Joss in this week's The Onion. Lots of info on what he's been doing, what he won't say in interviews anymore, some tidbits on how he works, and, as always, great quotes. More...

August 03 2007

Joss video interview at San Diego '07. A four-minute conversation with Joss, where he talks a little about his vision for X-Men 3, why you shouldn't use Wikipedia to look up Harry Potter characters while you're reading "Deathly Hallows", and which of the two Buffys he thought was the hotter one.

August 01 2007

'Another moment on the Olympus of fame'. Gabriel Ba explains Joss' visit to his and Fabio Moon's table at Comic-Con, and the genesis of Joss' awesome t-shirt of Dandelion from his and Moon's new Sugarshock online comic from Dark Horse. More...

July 28 2007

Whedon and Fillion Together Again? IGN TV talks to Nathan Fillion about a possible new collaboration with Joss Whedon. More...

July 24 2007

Dark Horse Announces Joss Whedon at Comic-Con Booth Saturday. Joss, George Jeanty and Andy Owens (who also worked on "Fray") will be appearing at the booth Saturday, July 28th. Joss' appearance is a ticketed event, however.
Buffy Season Eight #5 shipping July 25? According to Diamond, Buffy Season Eight #5 will ship the 25th of July, one week earlier then the original release date.

July 18 2007

Nothing But Red. Inspired by Joss' post on the murder of Dua Khalil Aswad a group of activists have decided to publish an arts anthology titled "Nothing but Red," with proceeds to benefit a charity, probably Equality Now. More...

July 10 2007

(SPOILER) Dark Horse Comics for October. Covers and info for Buffy Season 8 #7 and also a new Serenity ornament.

July 09 2007

This year's Comic-Con has a lot for Whedon Fans. The biggest day will be Saturday the 28th with the Dark Horse panel on Joss, but that will be up against the "Sarah Connor Chronicles" with Summer Glau. More...

July 07 2007

Buffy forum site announces "One More With Feeling" showing at Comic-Con. Whedonopolis announces there will be a showing of "Once More With Feeling" during Comic-Con in San Diego on July 28th, about the same time as the annual Masquerade. There will also be a showing of an extra Buffy episode.
One family's attempt to have dinner with Joss. This is awfully cute, but I'm thinking they won't raise the $5,000 currently necessary to get into the running for the Big Damn Dinner tickets!
He's the Executive Producer. Scott Allie updates the Buffy Zone about how much Joss is involved with Season 8. Some new info aswell.
Joss talks to video camera. But not randomly, there is a reason! Earlier this week, MySpace Comic Books asked for questions to ask Joss in a video interview. Here is the result.

July 06 2007

Joss Whedon's Comic-Con panel Officially Announced. The panel will be on Saturday, July 28 from 4:45 - 5:45 and a sneak peak of the Serenity Collectors Edition DVD will be shown!

July 04 2007

Quick mention of Runaways at The A.V. Club. More...

July 01 2007

Me Links to Me! In Which Joss Brings Up A Certain Auction, Among Other Things More...

June 29 2007

Buffy and Firefly on TV Guide's new Best Cult Series List. Three years ago, TV Guide had a list of the top 25 best cult shows ever. This year, it's expanded to 30 shows, with two of Joss' shows on the list. More...
Important note for prospective 'Dinner with Joss' bidders. Says Auction Cause: "High-profile auctions often need to pre-screen interested bidders in order to maintain the integrity of the fundraising promotion. Please provide us with the following information and we will call you to verify." So if you plan on bidding, be sure you've done this before the auction begins on July 2. More...

June 27 2007

Interview with Joss about "Dinner with Joss" and other projects. While the announcement is still on the front page, Comic Book Resources' related article is post-worthy because it's a rare Joss Whedon interview. Discusses many things, mostly the Equality Now dinner auction.

June 26 2007

(SPOILER) Paul Lee Interview. Pulse interviews Paul Lee about working with Joss on Season Eight and he reveals some details about #5. Also there are a few pages from the comic.
Reflections with X-Editor Nick Lowe Some Joss-love, Joss-dream projects, and the tale of getting Joss to write "Runaways". More...

June 25 2007

Scott Allie announces 'Dinner with Joss' charity auction. Over in the Buffy Zone on Dark Horse, Scott Allie discusses this past weekend's events here in Portland and then announces that Joss "wants to step up himself, and he's conceived his own fundraiser" -- My Dinner with Joss, wherein "the five highest bidders get a private sit down with Joss, chewing the fat and drinking the drinks." More...

June 18 2007

HBO Zone rocks The Fillion tonight (Monday June 18). It will be Nathan Fillion night on HBO Zone: "Serenity" starts at 6:55 P.M. (East/West) and "Slither" starts at 9:00 P.M. (East/West). Sarah Michelle Gellar's "Simply Irresistible" precedes them at 5:15 P.M. Check your time zone!

June 15 2007

Not coming to a theatre near you. AfterEllen blogger laments the lack of a Whedon-helmed Wonder Woman as "what's wrong with Hollywood these days." The link to the Premiere list that inspired her woe makes this old news worth perusing.

May 25 2007

Joss to direct Osiris Release? According to iFMagazine Joss is one of a number of directors in talks to direct "Osiris Release" which is a movie from New Line Cinema about "five young men who discover that they are the reincarnations of ancient Egyptian Gods." More...

May 22 2007

(SPOILER) Astonishing X-Men #23 solicitation info. The penultimate issue of "Unstoppable" hits stores by summer's end. No Cassaday covers given, and no specific date until tomorrow. More...

April 27 2007

(SPOILER) Astonishing X-Men 21 Preview. IGN posts the first 6 pages (including the recap page) of the next Astonishing installment. More...

April 26 2007

(SPOILER) Buffy Zone Updated. New updates from Scott Allie. More on the contest winners, where Season 8 is at, how #2 is selling, the cover for #6(amazing!) and much more!

April 24 2007

David Goyer Interview Mentions Joss. Though the mention is brief it brings up big questions. More...

April 17 2007

(SPOILER) Marvel products shipping July. Comic Book Resources has solicitations for comic books and merchandise coming from Marvel this July. Apparently, Runaways takes some time off but Astonishing X-Men #22 makes an appearance.

April 13 2007

(SPOILER) Buffy Season 8 #3 Variant Cover. TFAW has the variant cover for the 3rd issue up. Under 'More images'. Also the final cover art for the regular cover.

April 07 2007

(SPOILER) New Joe Fridays 42. Includes a question concerning the usage of Kingpin by Joss in Runaways.

March 30 2007

Sheldon calls for Joss to save the day! Popular webcomic Sheldon recognizes Joss as the only person who is capable to fix Star Wars' plot holes! More...

March 22 2007

James Gunn's New Blog Talks about Joss's Episode of "The Office." Brief commentary on Joss's directing is about 1/3 of the way down the page. More...

March 16 2007

(SPOILER) Thoughts on the influence of Buffy/Joss on TV. Matt Roush talks about the impact of Buffy/Joss on TV. Scroll to the end of the page. Spoilers for BSG and other shows.

March 12 2007

(SPOILER) Scott Allie Season 8 interview. IF Magazine interviews Scott Allie about Season 8. No big spoilers but there are a few hints. Also a review of #1. More...

March 10 2007

(SPOILER) New Joe Fridays 38. Same spoilers concerning Marvel this week, another mention of Joss saving the day.

March 08 2007

C-Note: March Edition. suggests that some of your comic money this month goes to buying Buffy #1. Duh.
(SPOILER) Jeph Loeb gives props to Joss. Huge spoilers for this week of comics in this interview which mainly focuses on Marvel's Fallen Son mini-series. More...

March 01 2007

SlayAlive PenPal: Jo Chen! Season 8 cover artist Jo Chen sends SlayAlive Forum a letter dropping info on how she dove into the Buffyverse, and how many covers she has completed...

February 28 2007

Buffy Zone Updated. Scott Allie posted some new Season 8 goodness, as well as an alternate cover for #4.
Vote for Joss at Publicly declare your love for the Big Purple with a simple click of the mouse. More...

February 26 2007

What Joss thinks of Ellis' new novel. Warren posts the review blurbs from his new novel.

February 22 2007

Kate's Office Blog. Kate Flannery of "The Office" talks about working with Joss, the bat in the bag (and out), and JJ Abrams. More...

February 17 2007

New Joe Fridays Week 35. Two Joss mentions this week. Re: Runaways stint and fashioning the new landscape of a universe (it's sort of his thing)!
Jenna Fischer's new Myspace entry for 'Business School'. Another entry on her blog about the episode of the Office that Joss directed! More...

February 16 2007

Defining The 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' Effect. SyFy Portal equates the reaction of non-viewers to Battlestar Galactica to those of people who judge(d) "Buffy" on the movie or the name alone. More...

February 13 2007

(SPOILER) Dead End Kids. It is here! The solicitation for yet another Joss-penned Runaways! With a cover that is to die for! Or that makes it look like someone's bound to die, anyway. More...

February 08 2007

(SPOILER) Buffy Meets The Office. Joss talks about the infamous "total coincidence" he faced while directing his episode of "The Office". More...

February 06 2007

Comic Book Resources interview Joss. Here we go. Joss' take on him leaving Wonder Woman, the other script, and Goners: "'Goners' is the movie that is more me than anything else and that's the movie that I really want to make."

January 23 2007

Exclusive podcast interview with Steven DeKnight. He discusses working on Buffy and Angel, his favorite episodes from the two series, the animated series, and James Marsters, to name a few (11.6 MB download).

January 13 2007

(SPOILER) Running in a different direction. Marvel reveals solicit and (spoilerish) cover for Joss's Runaways #25. More...

December 01 2006

Hollywood Invades the Comic Industry. An article discussing whether or not television and movie directors and writers are making a difference in comics. Includes a profile of Joss in comics.

October 23 2006

James Gunn compares the families of Slither and Serenity. Promoting Slither on DVD More...

October 18 2006

Warren Ellis has pictures of Joss in London.

October 11 2006

Joss Whedon, George Lucas and redemption. Interesting conclusion from the author of this piece on the work of Joss and George Lucas.

October 04 2006

Equality Now's 2005 Annual Report acknowledges support from the 'verse. Joss, cast, and fans are thanked. (link to pdf) More...

September 30 2006

New Joe Fridays 15. A question concerning continuity gets Quesada to refer to Nick Lowe and a source known as "The Whedon".

September 22 2006

(SPOILER) Matt Roush discusses Joss. Matt discusses his hopes for future Joss on TV. This can be found about 2/3 down on the page. Contains spoilers for other shows.

September 15 2006

McCollum: The curtain goes up Monday on the new CW. Almost a eulogy to WB shows, including Buffy and Angel, crediting it as the network that "provided a launching pad for some of television and film's most distinctive voices" such as Joss Whedon. And as a reminder, the first episodes of Angel and Buffy will be shown on The WB on Sunday night.

August 23 2006

Entertainment Weekly's Popwatch blog carries on the listmania! References the recent Whedonesque thread where Joss & James Gunn chimed in on their all-time favorite TV characters. More...

August 14 2006

Veronica Mars S2 DVD gag reel features Joss. IGN says highlights of the gag reel include "a montage of Joss Whedon clearly adlibbing some dialogue as his car rental agent chastises a coworker." Release date is 8/22. More...

August 06 2006

"Give them what they need, not what they want". SMRT-TV column includes Buffy/Angel in column discussing how much much more interesting it is when TV relationships go badly than when they end happily ever after. More...

July 11 2006

Jane Espenson reports that Joss had a pink mesh backpack, which she found adorable. This is from Jane's ongoing online seminars about screenwriting, and it's used to explain the power of analogies in stage directions and dialogue. More...

June 20 2006

Video Of Joss At May's Equality Now Event. Equality Now has put up a page at which you can download Joss' speech at an event during which the organization honored him "for his outstanding contribution to gender equality in film and television." Link leads to YouTube upload to save EN's bandwidth.

May 30 2006

Forthcoming book by David Lavery: Joss Whedon: Wonder Boy. Prospectus for David Lavery's "comprehensive critical biography of Joss Whedon." More...

May 29 2006

Joanna Russ: Buffy Fan. During an interview with Samuel R. Delany at WisCon 30 in Madison, WI, the legendary feminist SF and F writer Joanna Russ expressed her admiration for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. More...

May 17 2006

MySpace Makes Room for "24" (Joss & other goodies mentioned). Though I do have a myspace account, I'm not an avid user of that site. I did, however, come across this tidbit of news while looking at the E! site today. More...

May 10 2006

Video interview with Joss from the Saturn Awards. Joss discusses where he is with Wonder Woman and the chances for the Spike movie ever getting made in an interview at IESB. More...

May 07 2006

(SPOILER) Joe Quesada gives a shout-out to Joss in Newsarama's "Joe Fridays". While chatting about Marvel Comics' huge Civil War event, the Marvel editor-in-chief manages to squeeze in a brief shout-out to Joss: "There has been no changing on the fly to the heart of the story and we've always known the ending with the exception of a few minor tweaks that occurred at our last creative summit several months ago (thanks, Joss!)." More...

April 26 2006

(SPOILER) A Look at the Future of X-Men Film Franchise. Joss cited as a reason why we could see "a fourth and an eighth and a tenth." Tiny X3 spoilers, bub. More...

March 19 2006 gets a shiny plug in issue 14 of Marvel's Runaways as one of Brian K Vaughan's most frequented websites. More...

March 10 2006

2005 Wizard Fan Award nominations. Help nominate the people and things you want honored from 2005, in comic books writers, artists, tv shows, and dvd. Joss and John Cassaday are on the list in some categories.
Susanna Clarke, author of "Jonathan Strange & Mr Norell", lists Joss as one of her favorite writers. He and the other BtVS writers are among her 5 favorite writers, and the only non-text based authors listed. More...

February 17 2006

Joss does Peanuts! Hah! What if Joss wrote the comic? See for yourself...

February 06 2006

Don't wait for Willow. Alyson Hannigan suggests that a TV movie based around Willow would be a long time in coming. More...

January 24 2006

EzyDVD now offering a chance to win one of five Serenity posters signed by Joss. I know this site has been linked to before, but I thought maybe this competition might be of use to those who have yet to order theirs. Unfortunately it's Australian residents only. More...

December 26 2005

Validation from Joss. Leftover quote from his SF Chron interview, on how he would've lived on the internet as a kid, instead of being an adult occasional visitor... More...

December 21 2005

Whedon Calls Death Knell For Firefly - when articles go wrong. Slashdot have now covered the EW article doing the rounds across the fandom (and Joss himself has commented on it in this Whedonesque thread -Simon). More...

December 20 2005

Review of Serenity DVD. San Francisco Chronicle gives the dvd a glowing review.
Aint It Cool's Moriarty interviews Joss. Moriarty talks to Joss about the DVD release of "Serenity", Joss' work in comics, and of course, the future of the Buffyverse. "Of this week's releases, SERENITY is definitely the one I'd recommend the most...".

December 18 2005

New Amber Benson interview at Great new interview with the ever lovely Ms Benson. More...

December 02 2005

Joss talks to IGN. Two video interviews covering Serenity, Firefly, fandom and Wonder Woman. More...

November 22 2005

Josscentricality podcast now has a website and forum. Josscentricality have started up a site/forum for discussion about the podcast, and Joss and Joss-centric productions - from Buffy and Angel, Firefly and Serenity to new projects like Wonder Woman.

November 18 2005

Win an Official Australian Serenity Theatrical poster signed by Joss. More...

November 09 2005

Bizarre Love Triangle: Joss, Buffy . . . and Veronica. In honor of Joss's cameo, L.A. Times' Calendar section tomorrow talks Veronica, Buffy, hey and Whedonesque too (with *that* post). Like, self-referential, dude. More...

October 26 2005

Empire Online Joss Interview. Empire Online has a readers only interview with Joss Whedon, where he talks about Buffy, Serenity and Wonder Woman. "Some people have asked about a new series but I don't think that's where the thinking would be." More...

October 08 2005

"Shaw Island" web comic featuring Serenity. It references the movie and Joss. More...
Joss Whedon reviews Veronica Mars on DVD for Entertainment Weekly. "Last year, Veronica Mars' best friend was murdered. Some months later, she was drugged at a party and raped in her sleep. Welcome to the funniest and most romantic show on TV..."

October 02 2005

Joss checks in with his Aussie peeps. A quick note from Joss to his Australian browncoats, including a nice shout out to whedonesque's nixygirl and mimbles.

September 28 2005

Ask Ausiello Interviews Joss. Mike Ausiello at asks Joss questions about Serenity, his upcoming appearance on Veronica Mars, what's up with the possible Spike movie, how far he's gotten on the Wonder Woman script, and more. Quite comprehensive, but short. No spoilers.
(SPOILER) Joss internet radio interview from The Fandom available for download. (mp3) A nice interview, not the standard questions Joss has been getting. At the end there was a Q&A open to those in chat. Includes a transcript of Joss's answer about what it would take to return to TV. More...

September 16 2005

More details on Serenity Fan Fest at Uni Studios Hollywood. Much more detailed info on this thread topic, including a $15-off coupon to print out. More...

September 15 2005

"The Signal" #10 is available. This edition takes a look at "Bushwacked", and the meaning of some of the characters' names on the show. Plus, hear an instrumental version of the "Ballad of Serenity."

September 13 2005

(SPOILER) Interview with Joss in A nice little, but fairly standard, article about Serenity and the fans (possible minor spoilers). More...

September 12 2005

"I would go back to TV" says Joss. But as he tells New York Magazine in a brief interview, it would be on his terms.

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