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September 14 2012

The psychotic Cabin in the Woods Monsters you didn't see in theaters! i09 has an exclusive Making Of Blu-ray clip that includes a passel of baddies that didn't make it onto the big screen. More...
'Cabin in the Woods' director Drew Goddard on his lost weekend with Joss Whedon. EW has a video and article where Drew Goddard talks about The Cabin in the Woods.
DVDFile reviews "The Cabin in the Woods" Blu-ray. DVDFile takes a look at the Blu-ray for "Cabin" as well as the movie itself.

September 13 2012

Kristen Connolly talks Cabin in the Woods. From Ain't it Cool News. Spoilers if you haven't seen it yet.
(SPOILER) Joss talks 'Cabin' Black Room with Wired. Video interview and article with spoilers from Cabin DVD/Blu-Ray extras. More...

September 12 2012

"The Cabin in the Woods" misses movie charts top ten entry in Germany. "The Cabin in the Woods" saw the light of big screen in Germany finally on last Thursday, September 6th. 70.000 saw the movie on its first weekend. Article in German.

September 11 2012

A review of 'The Cabin in the Woods' Blu-ray. High-Def Digest give a good breakdown of what to expect from the video, sound and extras on the disc (spoilers for the plot as well).

September 04 2012

'The Cabin in the Woods' is now available at iTunes USA. And as well by the looks of it.

August 21 2012

Cabin in the Woods Q&A in actual woods with Drew Goddard & Jesse Williams. This is the two-part Q&A video from the "Kinema in the woods" that happened on March 23 in Lincolnshire, UK. FULL OF SPOILERS so beware! This is part 1 and here is part 2. In other news, the movie is opening in Germany in a few weeks, finally (Sept. 6!). More...

August 16 2012

Official Facebook Cabin in the Woods Monster Madness Tournament begins! Head on over to Facebook if you want to vote for your favorite creature.

July 24 2012

Home entertainment trailer for The Cabin in the Woods. This one abandons all pretense of avoiding spoilers, laying it all out. It actually sort of makes for a better trailer.

July 20 2012

Fran Kranz talks Dollhouse and The Cabin in the Woods. Now's your chance to find out more about a certain movie prop.

July 19 2012

More details about the "Bonus View Mode" on The Cabin in the Woods Blu-ray. The BBFC website has a list of them plus the lengths of all the extras on the disc.

July 04 2012

Cabin in the Woods to be released in South Africa. To be released on July 27th.

July 02 2012

Special features on The Cabin in the Woods DVD/Blu-ray get revealed. And yes there's Drew Goddard/Joss Whedon commentary.

June 30 2012

Pre-order the 'Cabin' HMV exclusive Steelbook Blu-ray. Seems to be a UK exclusive thus far. More...

June 28 2012

North American "Cabin" Blu-Ray release date confirmed! According to Arrow in the Head, the North American release of The Cabin in the Woods will be September 18th, 2012 for both the DVD and Blu-Ray releases. More...

June 27 2012

Planning against the sequel. Why not every genre movie needs to be a franchise. Cabin In The Woods is cited as a prime example.

June 22 2012

Fran Kranz to introduce a special "The Cabin in the Woods" screening in Melbourne. The screening will be on 1 July at Cinema Nova (Carlton) following Oz Comic-Con (where Fran is a guest). Tickets are $25 and available from the convention. And with Fran being the stand out star of the film, this is an opportunity not to be missed! Oz Comic-Con also features Sean Maher, Julie Benz, Scott Allie and Jason Palmer, as well as STAN LEE!!

June 20 2012

Drew Goddard to receive Filmmakers Showcase Award for 'The Cabin in the Woods'. He'll be receiving it at the 38th Annual Saturn Awards on July 26th. Robert Holguin, president of the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Films, says "Drew is one of the strongest voices in genre entertainment. With his directorial debut, he showed strong leadership in bringing his original vision to the screen."

June 18 2012

The Cabin in the Woods takes $85k from seven screens in Australia. That equates to a per screen average of $12,165. Not too bad for a film that was going to go straight to DVD until the fans made their voice heard.

June 13 2012

(SPOILER) Discuss 'The Cabin in the Woods' - round four. It's finally out in Australia on limited release. So if you've only just seen the movie or want to chat about it some more, then this is the thread for you. More...

June 04 2012

Sequential Tart discusses 'The Cabin in the Woods'. There's some interesting observations to be had. Spoilers if you haven't seen the movie.

June 01 2012

The Cabin in the Woods receives a prize at the 13th Annual Golden Trailer Awards. It won in the category of "Best Horror TV Spot".

May 30 2012

'The Cabin in the Woods' DVD and Blu-ray get UK release date. They'll be out on September 24th. No word yet on what the extras are.

May 22 2012

Take the survey - what values are expressed by The Cabin in the Woods. Watcher Junior continues their Rokeach Value Surveys of Joss' work.

May 20 2012

The Cabin in the Woods: German release pushed to September. Germans won't be able to visit the Cabin until September 14th. Link is in German but I think that shouldn't be a problem (contains official short plot-description). More...

May 18 2012

'The Cabin in the Woods' to be screened at NZ International Film Festival. It looks like it will be screened at various places around New Zealand.

May 13 2012

(SPOILER) The Cabin In The Woods: The Abridged Script. The Editing Room is a site that features fake, parody scripts for movies, often written by fans of said works. Sometimes not (the author for this one gives the film 4 stars). Contains adult language. More...

May 09 2012

Roadshow expands The Cabin in the Woods release in Australia. Adelaide, Brisbane, and Perth join Melbourne and Sydney in getting the film after public outcry over Roadshow initially not booking an Australian theatrical release.
Two minutes of Joss Whedon at SXSW. A video clip from the A Conversation with Joss Whedon event that occurred at this year's South By Southwest, about The Cabin in the Woods, Avengers, and writing. More...

May 04 2012

Get an autographed The Cabin in the Woods poster. Lionsgate is auctioning off a t-shirt, film visualization book, and poster from The Cabin in the Woods signed by Joss Whedon, Drew Goddard, Kristen Connolly, Anna Hutchison, Jesse Williams, Richard Jenkins, and Bradley Whitford, benefiting The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation .

May 03 2012

Roadshow Films decides on a small Sydney/Melbourne theatrical season of Cabin in the Woods. CitW will be getting a limited season starting June 14th at the Cinema Nova in Melbourne and the Chauvel Cinema in Sydney. More...

April 30 2012

(SPOILER) Belated Media has a video-review of The Cabin in the Woods. It's spoiler-ish, but only about the beginning of the movie. Anyway: very entertaining. More...
The Cabin in the Woods has solid 3rd weekend. $4.5m dollars and a fall of 43.9% on last weekend. More...

April 27 2012

(SPOILER) NPR's Pop Culture Discussion of The Cabin in the Woods. Interesting discussion about Cabin in the Woods fast forward to 15:38. More...
Cabin set to pass Serenity's lifetime box office. Cabin is at just over $38m worldwide heading into its 3rd weekend.
Cabin straight to DVD in Australia. Perhaps a fan reaction can overturn this decision too? ETA: Official statement here and there is a screening of the movie on the 29th at the Gold Coast Film Festival.

April 26 2012

(SPOILER) Why "Cabin in the Woods" is awesome. Spoilers abound, but the Mary Sue's Jamie Frevele nails what makes this movie work. On the other hand, Joey Comeau (of the webcomic "a softer world") doesn't think that Cabin is a horror movie.
"This is the silliest movie I've ever made" - a Joss Whedon interview. This is the unedited, unpaywalled version of the interview that appeared in the Sunday Times a couple of weeks ago.

April 25 2012

Hijinks Ensue on Joss' previous TV experiences. Just thinking about this very thing yesterday.
(SPOILER) Animation World talks to Rhythm & Hues about Cabin VFX. Marked for spoilers because you can't discuss the visual effects without actually referring to what the effects are.
(SPOILER) What The Cabin in the Woods says about the current state of pop culture. An essay from examines what The Cabin in the Woods says about pop culture and entertainment. "The film manages to illuminate the deeply weird cultural moment we find ourselves in, and how it all comes back to John Hughes."

April 24 2012

(SPOILER) Extra Hot Great podcast reviews Cabin in the Woods. And they love it! This is a fun listen; it starts at the 18:30 mark.
(SPOILER) The conspiracy and spectacle of The Cabin in the Woods. More analysis of Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard's movie.

April 22 2012

(SPOILER) Millennials get Cabin in the Woods in a way Boomers never will. Jessica Goldschmidt explains why "Cabin" and other Whedon works so appeal to the "millennial" generation.
(SPOILER) Discuss 'The Cabin in the Woods' - round three. It's the second week of release and some fans have now viewed the movie multiple times. More...
"Cabin" tracking for an $8.2 million weekend. Deadline reports that "Cabin" will only drop 44% (if I've done my math correctly!) in its second weekend - which is relatively good for a horror film, especially considering "Cabin's" CinemaScore from last week. More...

April 21 2012

Joss Whedon: Hollywood's golden boy. The Guardian says Joss is the "hottest property in cinema..." (My take: "Like most overnight successes, this one only took twenty years.") Anyway, we knew him when.
Cabin released in Sweden after fan campaign. Just a quick follow-up to my earlier post. Sometimes a fan campaign works!

April 20 2012

(SPOILER) Firefly easter egg in Cabin plus more info from The Visual Companion. io9 gives us a review of the movie tie-in. More...

April 19 2012

(SPOILER) Five star review for The Cabin in the Woods in Dutch quality newspaper. "No horror movie will ever be the same."

April 18 2012

(SPOILER) Joss Whedon finally talks Cabin In The Woods spoilers. Joss talks about whether he thinks a sequel is possible and the reason for a certain surprise.
Help release 'The Cabin in the Woods' in Sweden. At present it looks like Cabin in the Woods will not be shown in Swedish cinemas but go directly to DVD. A Swedish SF bookstore has reacted to this by creating a Facebook page to promote relase of the film. It's in Swedish, but I think you will get the gist of it...

April 17 2012

The Cabin in the Woods climbs to #2 rank in daily box office. Good Monday $1,192,968. Gross so far $15,936,582. More...
(SPOILER) Is "Cabin in the Woods" something different, or Whedon repeating himself? Movieline's Maria Aspan claims the movie is a checklist of tropes that Joss uses in his TV shows and Dr. Horrible. The cliches she identifies includes the "banality of evil", a wise-cracking guy, and the Big Bads lurking underneath. More...
(SPOILER) Is The Cabin in the Woods a step backwards from Buffy? That's the question critic Alyssa Rosenberg poses in this piece for Think Progress. (Her headline is different, but the one here is the more provocative way she tweeted the piece.)

April 16 2012

Fans react to The Cabin in the Woods. Video of readers of /Film and reacting after seeing a free, early screening. The movie is also reviewed on the /Filmcast podcast and given 9/10 in the site's written review.
The Cabin in the Woods: The Official Visual Companion and Novelization get released this week. The Visual Companion features "in-depth interviews, the full screenplay by Whedon and Goddard, stunning production art, and hundreds of color photos." The novelization is written by horror author Tim Lebbon. More...
(SPOILER) Drew Goddard speaks freely about 'The Cabin in the Woods'. Drew speaks in detail about the reasons behind everything in the film, including why the ending is his favourite part of the movie.
10 horror movies that scare "The Cabin in the Woods" team. Entertainment Weekly asked the cast and crew of "The Cabin in the Woods" what movies scare(d) them the most. Here are their answers.

April 15 2012

(SPOILER) CNN reviews "The Cabin In The Woods". Tom "Special to CNN" Charity likes TCITW, noting "there's no question that this is one of the most entertaining and invigorating shockers in recent years. It's also one of the best movies of 2012 so far, in any genre." A rather different opinion of the movie can be found in this Guardian article. More...
The Cabin in the Woods in 3rd place with estimated $14.85 million opening weekend. Box Office Mojo reports an estimated 3rd place finish behind Hunger Games and The Three Stooges. The site offers a more detailed comparison here. More...
Squidoo lists songs used in the Cabin in the Woods from artists like Nine Inch Nails and Ladyhawke. More...

April 14 2012

(SPOILER) Discuss 'The Cabin in the Woods' - round two. In which we carry on chatting about Drew and Joss' new movie. More...
"The Cabin in the Woods" OST now on US iTunes. Here's a nice early surprise. More...
The Cabin in the Woods heading for #3 weekend. Deadline reports that CitW grossed $5.5 million on Friday, and is heading for a $13 million weekend, against a budget of $30 million.
Kristen Connolly talks surviving the "Cabin". The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision talks with "The Cabin in the Woods" co-star Kristen Connolly about the finally-released horror film from Drew Goddard and Joss. In related coverage, Yahoo! Movies' Movie Talk interviews Drew about his directorial debut. He also discusses the five films that most influenced "Cabin" here.
"Cabin" Illustrative of the Critic vs. Audience Divide? "The Cabin in the Woods" has received quite favorable reviews from most major critics, but CinemaScores (when polled what audiences have rated a movie after seeing it) for it have been less than stellar with the majority giving it a "C" and females in particular giving it a "D+." What do you think audiences aren't connecting with that critics are?

April 13 2012

(SPOILER) Salon interviews Joss about his two big movies. Not too spoilery conversation, but a little bit.
(SPOILER) Discuss 'The Cabin in the Woods'. Been aching to discuss those oh-so glorious scenes? Now is your chance. More...
(SPOILER) Drew Goddard on his "Cabin" finally opening its doors. The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision talks with Drew about today's release of "The Cabin in the Woods" as well as fandom and what may be next in his career. There's also an interview with him at The A.V. Club.
(SPOILER) BBC News asks if The Cabin in the Woods trailer gives away too much. The article has spoilers about the movie (and others).

April 12 2012

The Cabin in the Woods opens today. Go see it and we'll chat about it later.
(SPOILER) Ain't It Cool News interviews Joss about The Cabin In The Woods. Spoilers are not heavy but for those who want to know nothing about the film prior to release, tagged. More...
Box office predictions for The Cabin in the Woods vary between $10-15 million. EW predicts that The Cabin in the Woods will earn $15 million this weekend in the US, leaving it as the second highest grossing movie behind The Hunger Games. More...
(SPOILER) The latest clip from 'The Cabin in The Woods'. It features a Chris Hemsworth introduction.
(SPOILER) Roger Ebert reviews The Cabin in the Woods. And he positions it, without overtly stating it, right into my favorite internet discussion topic! :-)

April 11 2012

(SPOILER) Entertainment Weekly Reviews "The Cabin in the Woods". EW's Lisa Schwarzbaum gives a mildly positive review to the film.
(SPOILER) Drew Goddard on Cabin in the Woods, Brainstorming Monsters, and the Horror-Movie Whore. Spoilers for various scenes/aspects of the movie. Drew seems to be loosening his tongue in these pieces now that we're a mere 48 hours away...
(SPOILER) Joss talks about working on Cabin and a lot of behind the scenes stuff. A lot of subjects are covered and very mildly spoilery. Also, check out the talks from director Drew Goddard and cast members: Richard Jenkins, Kristen Connoly, Jesse Williams, Fran Kranz, Amy Acker, Anna Hutchison, Bradley Whitford, Brian White and Chris Hemsworth. Plus, there's also some Behind the the scenes footage.

April 10 2012

Cabin in the Woods Review. The Schmoes Know brings you a spoiler-free review.
Cabin in the Woods soundtrack gets a cover and a release date. The soundtrack will be released May 1st worldwide. More...

April 09 2012

The Cabin In The Woods is "fresh", has 94% positive reviews from 31 sources. So say Rotten Tomatoes. That currently places it in their top 50 reviewed horror movies of all time.
Win Some Cool Cabin in the Woods Swag! Prizes include a T-Shirt, a Signed Poster, and other goodies.
Joss Whedon talks about Fran Kranz, Amy Acker and Tom Lenk. They're appearing in The Cabin in the Woods (and Much Ado About Nothing). SyFy UK also has another clip of Joss talking about horror cliches.
Audience tracking of Cabin in the Woods is looking better. Tracking numbers are looking good; there is definite awareness and interest in the general audience for the movie. More...

April 08 2012

(SPOILER) Interview with Drew Goddard and Amy Acker on Cabin in the Woods. Goddard talks about the writing process and Acker talks about her involvement. Find out Amy's unusual reaction to seeing horror films.
(SPOILER) Cabin in the Woods spoilery 'Glitch' trailer. If you've already decided you're going to watch the movie, skip it.
Dutch premiere of The Cabin in the Woods. I thought we had to wait untill the beginning of May, but I presume this is true... More...

April 06 2012

(SPOILER) Joss Whedon interview at The Guardian. Video interview covering The Cabin in the Woods and recent developments in the Buffy comic.

April 05 2012

"The Cabin In The Woods" Mondo/Alamo Drafthouse poster. A special poster for "The Cabin in the Woods".
(SPOILER) Drew Goddard and Jesse Williams talk to Bleeding Cool. They discuss The Cabin in the Woods. More...

April 04 2012

(SPOILER) Brand new clip from 'The Cabin in the Woods'. You've seen a snippet of this already if you've watched the first trailer.
When Minneapolis saw 'The Cabin in the Woods'. Bloody Disgusting readers give their reaction to the movie (they loved it).

April 03 2012

Another tv spot for The Cabin in the Woods. An exclusive new TV spot for the Cabin in the Woods from Cinema Blend.
Will 'The Cabin in the Woods' be a hit? Box Office Mojo gives their thoughts on the upcoming April releases. They think that the Three Stooges remake is going to beat out Cabin. More...

April 02 2012

Joss Whedon's favourite horror movie. "To celebrate the release of The Cabin in The Woods on Friday 13th of April, Joss Whedon talks about his favourite horror movie".

April 01 2012

Fran Kranz on his belief in The Cabin in the Woods. Some very minor details about his character. Also a fun story about Fran and his faith in the movie after the jump. More...
The ultimate cheerleader fail! Viral marketing for The Cabin in the Woods, spoilerish if you've never seen the trailers.

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