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November 07 2005

Flanvention preliminary schedule released. The Big Damn Flanvention in Burbank is just a few weeks away. Booster Events has released a preliminary schedule of the three-day event. It looks like there will be something for everyone Dec. 9-11.

October 05 2005

(SPOILER) National Review Online Review of Serenity. Another review, which I ordinarily wouldn't post, but this is interesting--a stunningly favorable review on the conservative magazine's Web site. Moreover, it's from a Firefly (and Joss, for that matter) virgin. More...

October 04 2005

"The Signal" has a Dragoncon special online. The site says it has plenty of interviews with Browncoats who visited Dragoncon in Atlanta during the Labor Day Weekend.

September 29 2005

"The Signal" #12 is online. This week, an interview with Morena Baccarin, a new version of "Mal's Song", a look at "Done the Impossible", and Civil War influences on "Firefly". More...

September 07 2005

The Signal #9 is available. The latest edition is from Dragoncon. There's an essay that defends "The Train Job", more on the "Science of Firefly" and music from "Out of Gas".

August 23 2005

Willow and Joss listed among MSN's "Favourite Geeks". Both the character of Willow and Joss are mentioned in this feature, stating that, as Willow once said, "Nerds are in. They're still in, right?" More...
Joss Talks Serenity on Sunday Morning Shootout. Very short, scroll past the Singer interview (actually don't cos he rocks) and you'll get Joss talking Serenity and the Internet.

August 17 2005

The Signal #7 is out. This week's interview with Greg Edmonson, who composed much of the music for Firefly.

August 12 2005

And it seems The Leaky Cauldron Loves Joss. Veronica Mars, Harry Potter mention on Whedonesque leads to post on site. More...

July 21 2005

(SPOILER) Aint It Cool News has review of Serenity Screening at Comic-Con. The review is described as fair, and by someone who has only seen the final cut, not the test screenings. More...

July 20 2005

Sorry, no July 28 Serenity screening. Posted at the official site: "Attention Browncoats - Contrary to some rumors on the message boards you may have read, there is no July 28th screening of Serenity scheduled."

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