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April 12 2015

Joss gives answers to very touchy subjects in Badass Digest interview. Joss talks about Twitter, his comment regarding Jurassic World, GamerGate, and Adam Baldwin.

April 03 2015

Hitfix calls "Brain-Dead Poets Society", television they will never forget. Hitfix's series "Waxing Episodic" picks the Joss written episode of "Roseanne" for adding dimensions to the character of Darlene which were not present before the episode, among a whole host of other reasons.
The 17 most effective insults from science fiction and fantasy. A few choice lines from the Whedonverse made the list (shocker!)

April 01 2015

Joss Whedon and his lesser-known film writing work. Den of Geek talks about some of the scripts that Joss has worked on in his time.
The Showrunners documentary is now on Netflix (U.S. and Canada). The Showrunners documentary gives a behind-the-scenes look into running TV shows. A lot of great writers/directors are in this, including Joss Whedon, Jane Espenson, and Steven DeKnight!

March 09 2015

20 of the most hardcore sci-fi and fantasy feminist icons. SciFiNow marks yesterday's International Women's Day.

March 02 2015

Buffy, Angel and Firefly are set to leave Netflix at the start of April. Productivity levels at work are predicted to increase as a result.

February 24 2015

Top 12 really creepy ballet moments in film and TV. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and The Cabin in the Woods all feature on this Den of Geek list.

February 05 2015

Joss Whedon is one of the "Artists for Warren". Yes, the US Presidential campaign season is upon us. *spoilers* Senator Perrin wins anyway *end of spoilers*.

January 30 2015

Joss Whedon clarifies his comments about misogyny in superhero movies. BuzzFeed News did a follow-up interview with Joss regarding his comments made to Digital Spy last summer. It's a good read and gives an indication as to what he'd like to do next.

January 28 2015

Joss Whedon criticises comic book movie industry for "intractible sexism". This Digital Spy interview is from last summer's Age of Ultron set visit.

December 24 2014

(SPOILER) Dark Horse Comics' Sierra Hahn talks Buffy, Serenity, and more. An interview with Scott Allie's replacement as editor of Whedonverse comics.

December 07 2014

The Librarians premieres tonight on TNT. With our good friend Christian Kane in his latest role as a butt-kicking art historian.

December 02 2014

Four celebrity team ups too awesome to ever happen. Would Joss & JJ create the greatest tv show ever? More...

November 10 2014

What happens to the Marvel Cinematic Universe when Joss Whedon leaves? speculates what will happen to the MCU after Joss choses to leave to focus on different projects.

October 31 2014

Thirty-one scary episodes that truly terrified us. Find out which Buffy and Angel episodes feature on this Den Of Geek list.

September 22 2014

The transcript of Joss Whedon's Impossible Screenwriting Seminar. "Joss Whedon the man who brought you Buzz has emergency root canal then gives you wisdom." The transcript is a must for fans and screenwriters.

September 20 2014

Video of Joss Whedon and Seth Green at the Gallery1988 exhibition. This is from the Whedonverse art exhibition in Los Angeles (which finishes on the 27th).

September 19 2014

Is Liam Neeson making Joss' old spec script? Empire Online reports that Neeson has dropped the name "Suspension" as an upcoming film of his, with the George Washington Bridge as a central location--just as in the Joss Whedon script from 1993. More...

September 04 2014

Joss Whedon art show opening at Gallery 1988 tomorrow in LA. The show is a tribute to Joss's work and opens this Friday, September 5th from 7:00-10:00 pm. If you liked "River Tam and the Fireflies", this event is for you as Joey Spiotto has produced new art for it. More artwork from the exhibit can be found on Nan Lawson's Tumblr, on the Gallery1998 Tumblr (here, here and here ) and also on Beau Berkley's Tumblr.

August 27 2014

Joss Whedon blasts misogynistic video games , tweets support for Feminist Frequency founder. He tweeted his support for Feminist Frequency creator Anita Sarkeesian, who released the sixth episode of her video series "Tropes vs. Women" this week. The series looks at how women are portrayed in video games.

August 25 2014

Gallery 1988 announces Joss Whedon inspired art exhibit this September. The Los Angeles art gallery 'Gallery 1988' is to host a Whedon inspired exhibit on September 5, 2014, apparently with Joss Whedon in attendance.

August 21 2014

Joss Whedon's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Does Joss have his own YouTube channel now...?

August 11 2014

Robin Williams dead at 63. Sarah Michelle Gellar's costar in The Crazy Ones has died, and will be sorely missed. In a statement to People Magazine, Sarah described Robin as "the Father I had always dreamed of having".

August 03 2014

Slant Magazine reviews Amy Pascale's "Joss Whedon: The Biography". Jonathan Russell Clark for The House Next Door on Slant Magazine reviews Amy Pascale's new biography of Joss Whedon.

July 27 2014

Watch Nerd HQ's 'A Conversation with Joss Whedon'. Joss couldn't appear in person at Nerd HQ today so he video chatted instead. Check out the mystery panel guests as well. More...

July 09 2014

Joss Whedon's behind the scenes role on Guardians Of The Galaxy revealed. More and more of the round-table Guardian interviews are coming online and this CinemaBlend interview expands upon James Gunn's comments about Joss from May.

June 30 2014

Joss Whedon is one of the world's most powerful celebrities according to Forbes. Last year, Joss came 99th on the Forbes list. This year, he is 68th. The top 100 list can be found here.

June 27 2014

Top 10 most devastating TV cancellations. From the two guys who do the 'Nothing But Static' podcasts. At least four out of the 10 share Whedon-y connections.

June 24 2014

SFX Magazine's top ten greatest scifi, horror and fantasy moments. Over 95,000 readers voted in the poll and there's two Joss Whedon scenes in the top ten . The rest of the results can be found in the 250th edition of the magazine. More...
Five Joss Whedon projects you never got to see. To mark Joss' 50th birthday the other day, Digital Spy lists five of his most promising projects that never saw the light of day. More...
A review of 8 movies where Joss was a script doctor. No surprises, except perhaps the last one.

June 23 2014

17 Joss Whedon quotes for his 50th birthday. Which one is your favourite? Oh and MTV decided to up the ante with 50 quotes.

June 22 2014

Happy 50th birthday Joss! Our wonderful Mr. Whedon hits the big 5-0 this year.

June 10 2014

Joss Whedon talks about working on the movie 'Speed'. Today is the 20th anniversary of Speed (yes, you may feel old) and HuffPost Entertainment has a fairly substantial interview with Joss about working on it.

May 31 2014

(SPOILER) Joss Whedon effusively praises 'The Girl With All The Gifts'. "The story of Melanie and the people around her is so thoughtfully crafted, so heartfelt, remorseless and painfully human, that it takes the potentially tired trope of...and makes it as fresh as it is terrifying". More...

May 29 2014

Joss Whedon's best heel turns. The Artifice looks at Whedonverse characters who change their allegiance.

May 27 2014

12 of the most game-changing TV episodes ever. Not one, not two, not three, but four Whedonverse episodes feature on this io9 list.

May 24 2014

Joss Whedon shows solidarity with Edgar Wright. Joss tweeted a pic of him holding up a Cornetto. Yesterday it was announced that Edgar had parted from the Ant-Man movie.

May 23 2014

A review of the documentary 'Showrunners'. Joss features in the movie.

May 20 2014

The Whedonverse Character Index. "This index lists all named, credited characters that appeared in canonical TV series, films, and comics created by Joss Whedon. Also listed are the episodes in which the characters appeared, and, where applicable, the names of the actors who portrayed them."

May 09 2014

Whedonverse donations needed for silent auction for Slayage Conference. The silent auction, organised by the Whedon Studies Association, will fund travel scholarships to help students attend the conference to present their work.

April 23 2014

Dark Horse digital comics are 50% off this Friday through Sunday. They're having a sale to celebrate their third year offering digital comics. There's also a contest to win an iPad mini. And if you are on their newsletter list there's an additional 10% discount offered. A good time to stock up on old issues?

April 07 2014

"Marriage and the Movies: A History" - a new online film course taught by Jeanine Basinger. Joss Whedon was her student at Wesleyan. The course is free.

April 02 2014

Thirty Whedonverse WTF moments. There's some good choices in this Total Film list.

April 01 2014

Television Without Pity shuts down this week. I post this news because for years TWOP was my go-to archive of Buffy recaps.

March 18 2014

Discuss the Marvel special "Assembling A Universe." Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns April 1. In the meantime, the special will hopefully have some Avengers: Age of Ultron tidbits for us. Related: Age of Ultron concept art!

March 16 2014

Orphan Black's Jordan Gavaris talks Felix, fake accents, and Buffy. Gavaris chats briefly about his love of Buffy while promoting the new season of Orphan Black. More...

March 10 2014

7 characters who were saved by fans. No surprise a couple of Whedonverse favourites make the list.
Five movies and tv shows with brilliant clues in dialogue. Firefly and Buffy feature in this Cracked article.

March 09 2014

It's Joss Whedon Week at Amazon. There's offers on Buffy, Angel, Firefly and Dollhouse DVDs and Blu-rays.

February 17 2014

8 mind-blowing connections between the works of Joss Whedon. The Cracked team put forward their cunning conspiracy theory of how the Whedonverse is all linked.

January 29 2014

Joss Whedon on Much Ado, Agents of SHIELD and the likelihood of a Firefly revival or a Buffy remake. This is another interview from his recent excursion to Paris. So if you're not fluent in French, head over to Google Translate or Bing Translator to get an idea of what he is talking about.

January 28 2014

Australian rapper samples Joss Whedon's Equality Now speech. You can listen to 360's "On A Planet No One Knows" here (NSFW language).

January 25 2014

Meet the Filmmaker : Joss Whedon. Great interview by David Edelstein, from June 2013. Joss talks about "Much Ado" and the rest of his work. Some very interesting stuff.

January 21 2014

Joss Whedon is on tonight's broadcast of Pop-Corn Sur Le Mouv'. He's over in Paris for tonight's French premiere of Much Ado About Nothing. He'll be on the radio at 18:30 (CET/GMT+1). Listen to it live here or check back later for the podcast. Update: The interview is now available on the radio station's website. There's also another interview with him at France Culture.

January 18 2014

Can men write good heroines? Samantha Ellis of The Guardian points to Joss as an example of one who can. More...

January 14 2014

Whedonesque gets some bloggy love from Slacktivist. Fred Clark's musings would always be worth reading even if he wasn't a fan.

December 31 2013

Joss Whedon and Mark Gatiss meet: the crossovers that will never be. There are several nice smiles in there.

December 30 2013

Watch Emma Thompson quote Joss Whedon in this THR actress roundtable interview. The whole video is worth watching but if you're looking for the Joss bit, it starts at around 13:14 (via Dichen Lachman).

December 23 2013

TV Guide Magazine's 60 Best Series of All Time. In honor of TV Guide's 60th anniversary, they have compiled this list. You are only allowed one guess as to which Whedon show is on it!

December 15 2013

Joss Whedon is in The Verge 50 list. It's a list of "people in our world right now who are the prime movers".

December 10 2013

What to do when your favourite show has been cancelled. Discussion of what to do - and what not to do if it happens. Some shows we know and love are mentioned. More...

December 05 2013

Happy Birthday, Amy Acker! The beautiful and talented actress turns 37 today.

December 03 2013

Joss Whedon's Impossible Screenwriting Seminar. You may have seen some tweets like these ones from the other day. Find out what happened in London last Sunday from someone who was there.

November 27 2013

Joss visits the Into the Woods film set. Joss gets a first-hand a look at the the upcoming stage-to-film musical.

November 13 2013

Deaths of the Whedonverse: from least to most devastating. Exactly what you're expecting. Spoilers for the five of you that didn't watch Dollhouse or Cabin.

November 08 2013

Atlantic takes Joss to task for "Genderist". The Atlantic online pushes back against Joss' recent speech. More...
Joss Whedon: Before and After The Avengers. On Joe Utichi's website, there's two unabridged interviews with Joss. The first one is from February 2012, the second is from February 2013.

November 06 2013

Joss speaking at Make Equality Reality. A recording of Joss' speech from Nov 4th when he was honored at an Equality Now event. Find out why he hates the word 'Feminist!' ETA: In related coverage, Allison Mack responds to Joss' 2006 Equality Now speech on her blog.

November 05 2013

Pics from last night's Equality Now event that honoured Joss Whedon. The "Make Equality Reality" event was held in Bevelely Hills. If you scour through the pics you'll see Alyson Hannigan speaking on stage, Joss hugging Alyson, Joss with the host Paul Reiser and Joss with Gloria Steinem and Yasmeen Hassan.

November 01 2013

New BAMF Girls Club web comic. Comediva's comic extension of BAMF Girls Club episode 12, "Mockingjay", features more than just one Whedony guest!

October 29 2013

Joss Whedon: why are his strong women characters still so unusual? The Guardian weighs in on the renewed debate.

October 28 2013

Eliza Dushku cast in new indie drama. Looks like she'll be playing the older sister of a girl with Asperger's who is searching for a boyfriend.
Joss Whedon's "So why do you write these strong female characters?" speech gets rediscovered. It's seven years old and still packs a punch. Joss' speech at an Equality Now event is currently getting a lot of chatter on the social media platforms and various entertainment websites.

October 21 2013

Equality Now to honour Joss Whedon at 'Make Equality Reality' event. This is for his work in gender equality. The event will be on November 4th in Beverly Hills and will include special guests such as Alyson Hannigan.

September 18 2013

Joss rewrote some scenes for Thor: The Dark World. As revealed in the latest issue of SFX magazine. More...

September 10 2013

Local news coverage of the Joss Whedon exhibit at Wesleyan. Gaze upon Joss' handwritten notes for Buffy. More...

September 05 2013

Joss Whedon on filmmaking: directing and discipline. It's the third and final part of the BAFTA Guru interview. Also available on YouTube.

September 04 2013

Joss Whedon on filmmaking: characters, comedy and tv. It's the second part of the BAFTA Guru interview. Also available on YouTube. More...

September 03 2013

Joss Whedon on filmmaking: starting out and story. Recorded back in June, this is part one of BAFTA Guru's video interview with Joss. It can also be viewed on YouTube.

August 27 2013

Joss Whedon rips Indiana Jones scene, and he's right. Mike Ryan at The Huffington Post reckons Joss is right about that moment in Temple of Doom (and what it has to say about culture).

August 23 2013

Joss Whedon reveals his three all-time favourite episodes. He lists which titles from his body of work that he is most proud of.

August 22 2013

Joss Whedon takes on 'Empire Strikes Back,' 'Twilight'. "A lot of things aimed at the younger kids is just 'Choosing Boyfriends: The Movie.'" ETA: Btw Joss commented in this thread.

August 21 2013

Joss Whedon comes second in SFX Magazine's Hot 50 Sci-Fi Buzz List of 2013. Tom Hiddleston came in at number 50, Becky Cloonan number 49 and Clark Gregg number 38.

August 16 2013

"Joss Whedon: From Buffy to the Bard" - an exhibit at Wesleyan. The Rick Nicita Gallery is doing a retrospective look at Joss' career which includes "posters, notebooks, photographs, props and artwork from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Serenity, The Avengers and more". The Gallery's curator says "Joss basically went into his garage - and gave us all this stuff."

August 14 2013

Joss Whedon's blurb for 'The World's End'. Did he like the final movie in the Cornetto Trilogy? (Hint, yes).

August 07 2013

20 Science Fiction Moments that will make you cry. A few Whedon moments make this list - the only surprise, that they're not higher up. And certain tear-jerking moments from Serenity and Dollhouse are strangely missing...

August 06 2013

TV Shows which demand you to rewatch. Unsurprisingly, a familiar name crops up.

July 27 2013

The Science Channel's "Joss Weekend". This weekend the Science Channel will be airing marathons of Dollhouse and Firefly along with the Browncoats Unite special.

July 24 2013

Joss Whedon: "Every kid who hated grownups became a grownup". Another Comic-Con interview with Joss, this time with io9.

July 23 2013

Video from Joss's various panels at SDCC is now online. The main link goes to the big purple Q&A at the Dark Horse panel. There's also the Marvel Studios panel and the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D panel, and don't forget his Nerd HQ appearance.

July 21 2013

Joss talks Buffy & Serenity comics, Avengers and SHIELD. Great interview coming out of Comic-Con.

July 19 2013

Newsrama's liveblog of Joss's Dark Horse panel at SDCC. The panel's just about to end and this is the best liveblog that I've found. It was basically an hour of Joss answering questions from fans.

July 10 2013

Nerd HQ announce 2013 slate of Conversations for a Cause panels, including once again Joss Whedon. His panel is scheduled for July 20th, at 10am. Nathan Fillion has previously already announced he'll be present and Seth Green is also confirmed, with their scheduling TBA. Tickets go on sale tomorrow 07/11 at 12 PDT and are limited to 2 tickets per order and can not be transferred or resold. More...

July 02 2013

Joss Whedon - In Conversation. Jason Solomons interviews Joss in the second season of Sky Arts' 'In Conversation' series. Friday 5th July, 8:30pm on Sky Arts 1 in the UK. More...

June 26 2013

The Avengers and The Cabin in the Woods win at The Saturn Awards. The Avengers won "Best Science Fiction Film", "Best Supporting Actor" (Clark Gregg), "Best Director" and "Best Special Effects". The Cabin in the Woods won "Best Horror/Thriller Film". Pics from the event which include Joss with Clark and Joss with Amy and J. August can be found here.
Joss Whedon makes Forbes' Celebrity 100 list. Also appearing on the list are Robert Downey Jr. and Neil Patrick Harris.

June 22 2013

Happy Birthday, Joss! The Big Damn Bard turns 49 today.

June 20 2013

Joss appears on The Colbert Report tonight. The show airs at 11:30 Eastern time. Come discuss!

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