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"And your hair. What color do they call that, radioactive?"
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June 23 2012

Happy birthday to Joss Whedon! He turns 48 today. Been a great year for him so far.

June 15 2012

"Past the brink of tacit support": Fan Activism and the Whedonverses. A journal article about activism by Whedon fans. Includes analysis of Whedonesque posters' responses to Joss's "Let's Watch A Girl Get Beaten To Death" post. The article is part of an entire issue examining activism in various fandoms.

June 08 2012

A shirtless Nathan Fillion is on the cover of Parade Magazine. Nathan Fillion is on the cover of this Sunday's special summer reading issue! He talks books in the interview and much more in the behind the scene video plus an extras page where he talks about Much Ado About Nothing and Firefly revival buzz.

June 01 2012

Ain't it Cool's Nordling examines Alien: Resurrection. Joss' script gets several mentions. More...

May 31 2012

The first draft of the Slayage 5 Conference programme is now available for preview. The conference takes place in Vancouver, Canada from July 12-15, 2012. Anyone else going?

May 29 2012

Ask A Feminist gives Joss two thumbs-up. Our fearless leader and several of his finest creations get a shout-out in a discussion of portrayals of women on TV and in the movies. More...
A look back at Joss Whedon's Roseanne episodes. An interesting, critical look at Joss' episodes on the sitcom.

May 28 2012

A Queer Primer to Joss Whedon. Kevin Sparrow at In Our Words examines how "[Joss'] work addresses a particularly queer audience and our issues."

May 25 2012

Joss Whedon and the Apocalypse. Interesting essay on how Whedon's characters deal with the potential end of the world. Includes spoilers for The Cabin In The Woods.

May 21 2012

The top ten cruelest thing Joss Whedon has done to his characters. Comic Book Resources counts down the ten cruelest things Joss has put his creations through.

May 15 2012

Full video of Equality Now's 20th anniversary event, with Joss Whedon material. The entire event from April 19 of this year has been posted by Equality Now. Joss Whedon wrote several bits, and Eliza Dushku appears. Includes the ability to skip directly to any given segment. More...

May 12 2012

What next after Joss Whedon's miracle year? Ben Child posts his dream list on the Guardian's Film Blog.

May 09 2012

(SPOILER) Death: why it makes us rage. Joss Whedon and George R.R. Martin's works are discussed, particularly 'The Avengers' and 'Game of Thrones', with the focus on fans' attitudes and reactions to death.

May 07 2012

Three Cheers for Joss Whedon: King of the Geeks, King of the World. A great article on Joss Whedon's recent success at the box office.

May 05 2012

Look who's related: Joss Whedon and Eliza Dushku. The genealogy website has listed how Joss and Eliza are related to each other. There are also a few other famous personalities in Joss' family tree.

May 03 2012

A look at Joss Whedon's rise in popularity. "Joss Whedon doesn't belong to us anymore. He belongs to the world now."
Joss Whedon makes an appearance on BriTANicKdotcom. Joss Whedon makes an interesting career choice. More...
Joss Whedon - the interview. Why it's another fantastic epic interview, keep 'em coming. More...
Joss Whedon on comic books, abusing language and the joys of genre. Another great interview, this time courtesy of Wired.

May 02 2012

Joss Whedon's best and worst projects. Rolling Stone's ranking of Joss Whedon projects contains a few surprises.
The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth. Check out the complete GQ magazine article about Joss Whedon, that was hinted from the Cliff Chiang's artwork last month.

April 29 2012

Discuss the CBS Sunday Morning segment about Joss. "You want to see the tiny person suddenly take control. God, my whole career is basically about that." ETA: Watch the video on CBS's site or YouTube (includes the first clip from Much Ado About Nothing). More...

April 28 2012

Joss Whedon - The Guardian Q & A. "Cat or dog? Cat! Dog: need need, poop, chew, need, lick, need. Cat: whatev. Meow, yo. Here's a mouse."

April 27 2012

Joss Whedon to appear on CBS News Sunday Morning, April 29. I think this may be U.S. viewers only, but maybe there's a way to get the CBS feed via the Internet ...? More...
Joss gets a mention in an otherwise sad XKCD comic. XKCD graphs the causes of his emotions over the last six years. Before his fiancee was diagnosed with cancer, she's doing well by the way, back in ought six, Mr. Whedon caused quite a stir. My guess would be Serenity.

April 26 2012

"This is the silliest movie I've ever made" - a Joss Whedon interview. This is the unedited, unpaywalled version of the interview that appeared in the Sunday Times a couple of weeks ago.

April 20 2012

Read a hilarious skit Joss Whedon wrote about sexism and evil robots. Until we have video of the Joss Whedon penned sketches performed at the Equality Now fundraiser this will have to do.
Warren Ellis hints that he will start writing Wastelanders next month. Ellis has started a new mailing list which he talks about what he is working on lately which includes: "...a televideowebby sort of thing I'm supposed to start writing next month." More...

April 18 2012

Joss is one of io9's "Science Fiction and Fantasy Creators Who Became Their Own Genres". Alongside Anne Rice, Terry Gillam, Philip K. Dick, and a whole bunch of other auteurs is our fearless leader. More...
The A.V. Club interviews Joss Whedon. The interview covers Avengers, Cabin, Ripper, spoilers and more. More...

April 16 2012

(SPOILER) Joss Whedon talks to Vulture about Cabin in the Woods, Avengers and more. Quick hit interview between Joss and Vulture which talks about everything on his plate right now.

April 15 2012

The film that changed my life by Joss Whedon. Find out how 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' made Joss an existentialist.

April 12 2012

No 'Catching Fire' for us say Whedon and Goddard. Variety's Showblitz asked Joss and Drew if they fancied directing the second movie in Suzanne Collin's trilogy.
'Avengers' Director Joss Whedon on his creative setbacks. Joss talks about Firefly, Dollhouse, Alien: Resurrection, and other projects that didn't proceed as hoped. Includes some interesting tidbits about Dollhouse scripts that didn't go anywhere.

April 11 2012

Joss Whedon's Total Film social media interview. Total Film fires off a series of fan-submitted questions to Joss on everything from "The Cabin in the Woods," "The Avengers" and much more.
The Lost and Unsung Joss Whedon Projects. The Playlist's Drew Taylor looks back on both the lost/forgotten and under-appreciated projects of our Jossir.

April 10 2012

Joss Whedon's Reddit Q&A kicks off shortly. Questions have already been fielded. And Joss' answers can be found here (click on "context" to see what he is replying to).
Pop Candy interviews Joss in advance of his live Q&A this afternoon on Reddit. He addresses the all important Buffy vs. Black Widow question, among others.

April 07 2012

Five years on - the murder of Du'a Khalil Aswad. On this day in 2007, Du'a Khalil Aswad was stoned to death in an honour killing in Iraq. It led to Joss writing his "Let's Watch A Girl Get Beaten To Death" essay a month later. Organisations like Equality Now campaign against honour killings but they need your support.

April 06 2012

Joss Whedon interview at Collider. He "talks The Cabin in the Woods, The Avengers, his writing process, Comic-Con, collecting and more".

March 28 2012

Joss Whedon - the GQ interview. "There are two things that I cannot resist: one is musicals and the other is a spaceship in trouble. But I am smart enough not to combine the two things..."

March 26 2012

Joss Whedon - the 'A' Magazine interview. Remember that Joss feature that appeared in 'A' Magazine last year? Well an interview is now online and there's lots of good stuff to be had.

March 21 2012

Is TV paying too much attention to fans? An article about how the web brings audiences and creators closer together talks to Chris Buchanan, one-time president of Mutant Enemy, about "the early beneficiaries of this new online fan-community model".

March 10 2012

Coverage of the "Conversation with Joss Whedon" panel at SXSW. It's happening right now. So far The Avengers, The Cabin in the Woods and Much Ado About Nothing have been discussed by Joss. The next thing he plans to do is an Internet series. The whole session is just chock full of quotes. More coverage of the panel here (Goners gets a mention as do Serenity and the Buffy comics). There's also cartoon coverage at Unified.

March 06 2012

Joss Whedon's heroes and inspirations. Interesting SFX magazine interview with Joss, does what it says on the tin.

February 15 2012

Equality Now kicks off online fundraising drive!! In conjunction with their 20th anniversary event in April, Equality Now has launched a $20K in 2012 fundraising drive on More...

February 14 2012

Sci-fi and Fantasy's 14 Greatest Romances. SFX includes Zoe and Wash in 9th place and Willow and Tara at third. Buffy and Angel, Willow and Tara and Zoe and Wash feature in Starburst's "10 of the Greatest Sci-Fi/Fantasy Romances" list. Zap2it included 'Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered' as one of their classic Valentine's Day episodes. also list Buffy and Angel in their True (Fictional) Lovers feature. And the L.A. Times Hero Complex has Buffy, Angel and Spike and Zoe and Wash in their "Geek-culture couples we love" article.

February 10 2012

The A.V. Club discusses fictional crushes. Three Joss characters make the list. More...

January 18 2012

The 15 questions keeping Hollywood awake in 2012. Question 1 - "Can Joss Whedon finally conquer the feature film world with 'Cabin In The Woods' and 'The Avengers'?"

January 06 2012

TV Surveillance's Joss Whedon theme week. The site's writers have been looking at the pilots for Buffy, Angel, Firefly and Dollhouse in great detail. There's some interesting points raised.

December 20 2011

Making It with Joss Whedon. Fab one hour podcast interview about how Joss got started in his career, his love of writing and the decisions that defined his career. More...

December 16 2011

Parody - Joss Whedon's letter to Santa. From the imaginations at Pop Culture Monster, along with letters from other real and fictional persons. ETA: Link down due to traffic.

December 03 2011

IMDB's best origin stories. Two of our favorite origin stories make the list.

November 27 2011

Prestige Television, Joss Whedon and the End of History. In which the author argues that Buffy and Firefly aren't just feminist shows but also "are a comment on the times and speak to my generation's struggle to find meaning in an end-of-history context".

November 26 2011

Five awesome Joss Whedon projects. Screen Junkies praise Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Serenity and Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

November 24 2011

Whedonverse Marathons this Holiday Weekend. Chiller is airing a Buffy Season 7 marathon today, and The Science Channel will air a Firefly marathon on Saturday. More...'s Black Friday Sale includes many Whedon shows on DVD. $8.00 titles include Buffy S1-7 and Angel S1-5. The $10.00 titles are Dollhouse S2 and Firefly: The Complete Series.

November 23 2011

Barnes &'s pre-Black Friday sale includes most Whedon shows. All Seasons of Buffy and Angel are $9.99. Firefly The Complete Series is $12.49/DVD & $17.99/Blu. Dr. Horrible is $7.49/DVD & $11.99/Blu. Dollhouse on DVD S1 is $9.99 & S2 is $12.49.

November 06 2011

Seven great unsung origin episodes. Two Whedonverse episodes make the list.

October 27 2011

Jewel Staite's Latest Foodie Blog: First Up, Montreal!

October 26 2011

What has Joss Whedon ever done for movies? A fair bit, it would seem.

October 19 2011

SFX Magazine's Hot 50 preview. Joss comes in at number four in this year's list of "the movers, the shakers and the decision makers" in sci-fi. If you want to see the whole list, you'll have to buy the latest issue of SFX.

October 12 2011

Joss Whedon is voice-over man! It's a clip from the Warren Ellis documentary "Captured Ghosts".
"Lust for Love" - Fran Kranz & Dichen Lachman's Kickstarter movie project. "We're a group of friends who have worked and created together over the last few years and want to step up and make a feature. With a little support through the Kickstarter platform we believe we can make a wonderful movie." Felicia Day, Enver Gjokaj and Maurissa Tancharoen will also be in the movie.

October 06 2011

10 TV universes you would and wouldn't want to live in. Dollhouse and Firefly make it onto one of these lists. Maybe not the one you'd hope though...

September 27 2011

Joss, briefly, in trailer for Warren Ellis film. NSFW if your work doesn't like cursing. Trailer for the forthcoming Captured Ghosts, about Warren Ellis, who at some point will be collaborating with Joss on the web series Wastelanders. Btw if you're interested in trying to set up screenings for Captured Ghosts, head over to this Facebook page.

September 20 2011

Reaper Awards 2011 nominations announced. The awards honour the best horror and thriller titles of the past year on DVD and Blu-ray. The Buffy Season 8 Motion Comic DVD got nominated in the "Best Limited Release/Direct-to-Video Title" category and The Cabin in the Woods features in the "Most Anticipated Title" category.

September 15 2011

A question and answer regarding Joss and Toy Story. A Pixar camera artist gives his recollections on Joss and his work on Toy Story . More...

September 12 2011

(SPOILER) Positive review for "Comic-Con Episode 4: A Fan's Hope" from the TIFF. Joss Whedon is a producer on the documentary.

September 10 2011

The best comic book movies Hollywood never made. IGN includes Joss' Batman and Wonder Woman in this feature about comic book movies caught in Development Hell.

September 09 2011

Why is TV losing women writers? Maureen Ryan investigates why the number of staffed female writers has been halved in the last five years. Features quotes from Whedon alums Jane Espenson and Shawn Ryan, and mentions Felicia Day. More...

September 05 2011

Joss Whedon's advice for getting through high school. He provides four very important rules.

August 31 2011

We're All Mad Here: Institutionalization in the Whedon-verse. An examination of how Joss explores the idea of institutionalization as a form of controlling and punishing women. It's a good read.

August 20 2011

Organisers for Women of Wonder Day 2011 seek contributions. They are looking for "Artwork, Collectibles, and Autographed Items featuring ANY "Women of Wonder"" (so Buffy for example). The event will raise money for domestic violence charity programs.

August 18 2011

Joss' Equality Now T-Shirt Design. See Joss' design for one of Equality Now's t-shirts. Buying one will, of course, help out the organization and its mission. More...

August 16 2011

Joss Whedon will appear in 'Captured Ghosts'. He got interviewed for the feature-length documentary about Warren Ellis. Presumably the Whedon/Ellis webseries that gets mentioned in the tweet is 'Wastelanders'.

August 05 2011

CNET video interview with Joss Whedon from Comic-Con. It's 4:22 long with a bit of Season 9 and a bit of Avengers. There's also a Whedonopolis/Fanboy Comics interview with Andrew Chambliss. The Andrew video is 8:26 in length with a bit about Dollhouse comics and a bit of Season 9.

August 04 2011

Joss Whedon speaks about "Buffy: Season 9" & "The Avengers" to CBR TV. Juggling his work on “Avengers” with the comic’s new season and his plans to dial back the widescreen action from “Season Eight,” returning to the character’s roots as well as the level of interaction fans can expect between the various Buffyverse titles.

August 03 2011

Comic-Con: Episode IV to premiere at 2011 Toronto International Film Festival. It's part of the documentary line-up for the festival, which runs September 8 to 18. More...

July 28 2011

MTV interviews Joss Whedon at SDCC '11. Joss speaks about many things: Season 9, Angel & Faith, The Avengers, etc. And he manages to avoid giving out spoilers. Sometimes, it's just nice to hear his voice...

July 24 2011

Watch the Joss Whedon panel at Comic-Con. filmed the whole event. Joss talks about Buffy Season 8 and 9, Angel & Faith, Dr Horrible 2, the unlikelihood of a Serenity sequel, Buffy on Broadway, more Firefly, Dollhouse and Dr Horrible comic books, The Avengers actors and wanting to write a strong male gay character.
Joss Whedon talks Avengers, The Cabin in the Woods and Buffy. Great video interview at Techland also has an interview with him where he talks about the Buffy comics and the Harry Potter ending.

July 23 2011

The Joss Whedon panel kicks off shortly at Comic-Con. Hopefully we'll get rolling coverage in the comments section. ETA Fannish Inquisition is live blogging. Recaps can be found at Hero Complex, Collider and Superhero Hype.

July 21 2011

The four biggest Whedonverse betrayals according to an Examiner writer, one for each show.

July 18 2011

Buy Joss Whedon's NOH8 photo. The magnificent Buffy writers photo is also available for purchase as are various solo pics of the writers. More...

July 15 2011

Whedonverse shows that deserved Best Series' Emmy nominations. Pajiba's Dustin Rowles cites two Joss Whedon-created shows that deserved to receive a Best Series' Emmy nomination in his countdown of the 25 best TV series to never get a Best Series' nomination.

July 07 2011

Top five Joss Whedon moments! As provided by WhatCulture!.

June 25 2011

The sexiest couples on network tv. Guess which Buffyverse couple and Firefly couple make the cut!

June 23 2011

Happy birthday to Joss Whedon. He turns 47 today.

June 09 2011

Watch the new Joss Whedon PSA Video for "Equality Now". This video will be shown in the Can't Stop the Serenity screenings in 2011. ETA: The video has now been set to private.

May 26 2011

Joss Whedon and His Creations: Some of the Best Reasons to Watch Sci-Fi & Fantasy. James Sherlock of Den of Geek shares his thoughts on ten things that make sci-fi and fantasy movies and TV shows worthwhile, and both Joss as well as many of his creations are noted as highlights.

May 11 2011

Whedon topics on Quora. Recently started exploring Quora and found lots of Whedony topics, including BTVS, Angel, Firefly, Nathan. Lots more to find, given time. Oh, and Felicia answers questions on her topic.

April 13 2011

Layoffs at Dark Horse. Hard times hit Whedon's publisher of choice. More...

April 08 2011

Teenage girls who can kill you whenever they feel like it. Two Whedonverse female characters make the list. Hint, they've both worked on at least two Whedonverse projects.
A Debate on Joss' Feminism. The linked author defends Joss' feminist credentials against this critique .

April 07 2011

"The Sky isn't evil. Try looking up." The link attached to the preceding quote is to Joss Whedon's post on this very site - approximately four years ago - about the stoning to death of Du'a Khalil Aswad. More...

April 06 2011

TV's Grim Reaper: Why Joss Whedon continually kills the characters we love. Today's PopMatters essay looks at Joss' "willingness to kill off recurring characters in order to ratchet up the narrative tension and create a sense of danger".

April 05 2011

PopMatters' Joss Whedon 101s - from the Buffy movie to Angel: After The Fall. There's been a series of PopMatters essays looking at each Joss work to date . Here's the complete list so far. More...

April 04 2011

Zombies, Reavers, Butchers and Actuals in Joss Whedon's Work. A look at how the Zombie is portrayed in Buffy and Angel, Firefly and Dollhouse.

April 01 2011

Buffy and Angel back to Netflix instant streaming. After disappearing for less than a day, BtVS and AtS are available for instant streaming again thanks to an expansion of Netflix's deal with Fox. More...

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