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February 20 2008

David Boreanaz talks Green Lantern. He provides the voice of the character for the highly anticipated animated DVD movie "Justice League: The New Frontier".

February 06 2008

Scott Williams (writer/producer of Bones) talks Writers' Strike and maintaining focus on DB. The WGA strike, David in Bones, the "Moonlighting curse," and more!

January 04 2008

No new Bones till May sweeps. TV Guide's Ausiello has the bad news (though there is a small silver lining).

December 20 2007

David Boreanaz Taunts British Boxing Fans. DB Speaks on Bones, acting, boxing, and more.

December 11 2007

David Boreanaz on BBC Radio 1. Right about now! More...

November 28 2007

WB releases complete info for the release of Justice League: The New Frontier. This new direct-to-DVD release features the voice of David Boreanaz as Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) and will be released on February 26, 2008.

November 27 2007

(SPOILER) Brennan and Booth explore new territory on tonight's "Bones". With 9 million viewers a week, the smart Fox procedural-with-a-difference, and a lot of heart, gets risky (and a little frisky). More...

November 12 2007

David Boreanaz on Regis and Kelly. This morning David brought his parents to 'Regis & Kelly' (his Father is a Philadelphia weather man who always appears at the Thanksgiving Day parade). More...

November 11 2007

(SPOILER) Trailer for David Boreanaz's movie "Ghost Writer". This was formerly known as "Suffering Man's Charity" and co-stars Alan Cumming, Anne Heche and Carrie Fisher. It looks really good in a glorious over the top fashion.

September 27 2007

"Bones" season premiere on iTunes for free. Two of our Whedonverse favorites are back for season 3 of Bones. For a limited time, the iTunes store is offering a download of the premiere for free (USA only).

September 13 2007

David Boreanaz to appear on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. It's an early show so get your tickets now before they are gone. More...

September 10 2007

Bones Season 2 DVD out today. Our favorite FBI agent and forensic anthropologist hit DVD shelves. More...

August 29 2007

Fire breaks out on 'Bones' set. "A source tells E! Online a production assistant was able to extinguish the blaze before any serious damage was caused to the set."

August 07 2007

(SPOILER) Watch a preview for Justice League: The New Frontier. Watch the producers describe the project and a short scene of David Boreanaz voicing Hal Jordan (no sound though).

July 23 2007

Boreanaz fillm Mr Fix-it on WE tv tonight. You can catch it at 8pm & 10pm tonight or it will be replayed on July 24th and August 14th on the cable channel WE.
"Bones" in today's IMDB poll. "Bones" is one of the choices for the IMDB "2007 Emmy Poll: What omission from the Outstanding Drama Series nominees irritated you the most?"

July 22 2007

Early press about the Justice League: New Frontier direct to DVD film. David Boreanaz is the voice of Hal Jordan (aka Green Lantern) in this much anticipated adaptation of the 2004 series from DC. The related New York Times link can be found here.

June 17 2007

Fox is promoting Bones for Emmy nominations. Link is to LJ post about Bones's Emmy campaign. Good luck to the cast and crew. They deserve the recognition. :) (fingers crossed).

June 13 2007

A fan's account of David Boreanaz in 'Spalding Gray: Stories Left To Tell'. A great write up about David's performance in the play. More...

May 27 2007

The joy of socks (according to David Boreanaz). Awesome, there's no other way to describe those lucky green Irish socks of his.

May 23 2007

Boreanaz will star in basketball drama "Our Lady of Victory". DB plays Carla Gugino's husband, and the movie is set against the backdrop of the 1972 feminist movement.

May 22 2007

Boreanaz's "Bones" Season 2 DVD gets a release date and an interestingly named featurette. This DVD set will include commentary from David as well as the gag reels from both season 1 & 2. Also a featurette titled "The Angelator", can't wait to see what that one is about. The release date is set for Sept 11th this year.

May 16 2007

No Bones About It: David Boreanaz Turns 38 Today. Happy Birthday to our favorite cocksure FBI agent/broody hot vampire! More...

May 15 2007

David Boreanaz Up for Sub-Mariner? According to Superhero Hype!, there is a whiff of a rumor that David may be up for playing the title character of Namor in a big screen adaptation of Marvel Comics' Sub-Mariner. More...

May 14 2007

David Boreanaz on The View tomorrow (Tuesday). I think this might be David's second appearance on The View; he is always a fun guest.

May 10 2007

'The Hard Easy' DVD release news. David Boreanaz's "action-packed thrill ride" will be released in the States on May 22nd. And David fans will be pleased to hear that Titan Books will be releasing 'Bones: The Official Companion Seasons 1 & 2' later on this year. More...

April 29 2007

Boreanaz Has No 'Bones' About Touting NHL. "The NHL said today that actor David Boreanaz would provide the voiceover for the next series of TV spots supporting the Stanley Cup playoffs." The series of spots are called "Quest for the Cup".

April 23 2007

David Boreanaz to guest star Off-Broadway in "Stories Left to Tell". The guest stars for Off-Broadway hit "Spalding Gray: Stories Left to Tell" switch out weekly or so; David Boreanaz will be joining May 22-27. More...

March 12 2007

Salon reviews Suffering Man's Charity. David Boreanaz's new film is "an outrageous horror-comedy carefully designed to offend the entire population of the planet." More...

March 08 2007

(SPOILER) World Premiere of "Suffering Man's Charity" starring David Boreanaz Friday at SXSW in Austin. Directed by and also starring Alan Cumming (The Anniversary party, X-Men 2), the film co-stars Anne Heche, Carrie Fisher, Karen Black, Henry Thomas and Jane Lynch. More...

February 24 2007

David Boreanaz in new Justice League animated DVD movie. He'll providing the voice of Hal Jordan/Green Lantern in the adaptation of the critically acclaimed DC mini-series "Justice League: The New Frontier". More...

February 16 2007

IGN's list of favorite TV couples...Buffy and Angel at #2. This may be a little late, but it's interesting how high this classic couple was on the list. Wash and Zoe are also on the list, as are Jim and Pam from "The Office."

February 15 2007

Fox renews Bones. Fox shows some early love for Bones and House.

February 13 2007

(SPOILER) David Boreanaz blogs about Bones. Details are provided for upcoming episodes and he teasingly hints at his recipe for Bragoile (who wouldn't buy his cook book?).

February 08 2007

David Boreanaz Interview on He talks about the season 2 of "Bones" Tv Series (with Stephen Fry and David Duchovny) and Ladies.

February 07 2007

(SPOILER) Bones gets a nice shout out from TV Guide's Matt Roush. Spoilers for tonight's (2/7) episode in the article.

January 30 2007

(SPOILER) Fox reveals their programming for the February Sweeps. Includes information for several Whedon cast and crew related shows such as 24, Prison Break, Bones, The OC and Family Guy. ABC has also unveiled their programming for February sweeps, related shows include Greys Anatomy, Ugly Betty and Lost. Beware that the links do contain minor spoilers about upcoming episodes. More...

January 24 2007

(SPOILER) David Boreanaz on the relationships in Bones. There's also some amazing guest star casting news for that show as well. More...

January 15 2007

Boreanaz in 'Suffering Man's Charity' premieres at the South by Southwest Film Festival. The Alan Cumming directed film, co-staring David will be shown this March at the Austin, Texas film festival. More...

December 31 2006

Help DB win hottest male star at David Boreanaz is pitted against 4 other male stars for sexiest of 2006. He's in 3rd place now but if the Whedonesquers get their vote on, we can push him to the top!

December 27 2006

David Boreanaz interview in the New York Times. Handily the paper tells us how to pronounce his name.

December 19 2006

Boreanaz flick, Mr. Fix-It goes straight to R1 DVD on Dec. 26th. When she thinks she can do better...let her. Plot summary, a man who tricks women into returning to their ex-boyfriends soon finds himself falling for one of his marks.

December 17 2006

David Boreanaz thanks NORAD for tracking Santa every year. DB and other celebs thank the NORAD via video for keeping up the 50 year old tradition of "tracking" Santa so he stays safe in the air during his Christmas deliveries.

December 10 2006

David Boreanaz would be the shark... if each member of the "Bones" cast was in a tropical fish tank. So says his "Bones" co-star TJ Thyne. He also talks about what David's like on the set in this Q&A.

November 22 2006

Serenity Actress Engaged. An announcement of a happy event for Tamara Taylor, Summer's teacher from Serenity and now on Bones. More...
(SPOILER) David Boreanaz and his show Bones are on the cover of this week's TvGuide.. A great interview with both him and Emily Deschanel about their show, their characters and if they should get together. More...

November 19 2006

(SPOILER) Bones makes a list of the Fall TV shows you should be watching. Veronica Mars,Heroes,Dr.Who and Supernatural also mentioned. More...

November 08 2006

Stunt Buffy (Sophia Crawford) fights on Angel's current show. I was watching Bones tonight when I saw "Buffy" fighting while "Angel" watched. More...

November 07 2006

(SPOILER) New David Boreanaz Interview. He talks about his upcoming movies, Bones and Angel.Contains spoilers for Bones. More...
Band loses MySpace URL to Bones and then get it back. Previously: "We logged on one day and found David Boreanaz staring back at us." Now: "Myspace give us back the... URL". More...

November 01 2006

(SPOILER) David Boreanaz interview in latest Fox promo. There are also spoilers for Standoff and other shows. Bones is back on tonight at 8:00 pm. More...

October 29 2006

David Boreanaz's "Bones" will be receiving an award from The 14th annual Diversity awards. Bones will receive the most compelling drama award. More...

October 25 2006

(SPOILER) The name of the Buffy alum who auditioned for ER gets revealed. If you thought it was *ar* *lu**s, you'd have been right. TV Guide's Mike Ausiello also reveals how David Boreanaz reacted to the idea of a Buffy/Angel reunion movie (numerous spoilers for US tv shows on this page). More...

October 24 2006

David Boreanaz on Rachael Ray's talk show Wednesday. Check local listings -- time and channel will vary. More...
First Look and details for David Boreanaz's "Mr. Fix It". The DVD will be released in December, 2006.

October 23 2006

Ask Men Magazine Article with David Boreanaz. Pretty nice article about DB. No spoilers.

October 22 2006

David Boreanaz is on the tentative guest list for Fox's fall party so e-mail Michael Ausiello questions to ask DB.

October 17 2006

Boreanaz Trades Bones for Balls. As a celebrity owner of a fantasy football team in the NFL Total Access Hollywood League, Tall-Dark-&-Forehead is 3-3 on the season and on-deck to appear on the Wednesday night football show. More...

October 16 2006

MSN asks "Are they going to kiss or What?". Booth and Bones from David Boreanaz's show "Bones" make this interesting list. More...

October 12 2006

(SPOILER) David Boreanaz blogs about Bones. Over on the FOX website David has a newly updated blog. Maybe minor spoilers for future episodes.

October 11 2006

Boreanaz Poses for Bones Season 1 (R1) DVD Cover. More...

October 03 2006

Fox Fall TV Line up Launches on MySpace. Among the shows you can catch previously-aired episodes of at myspace, starting today, are verse related shows Bones and Standoff.

September 26 2006

MSN votes David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel two of Fall's Hotties. More...

September 04 2006

TV Guide interview with Elisabeth Rohm about her new movie Amber's Story. She mentions David Boreanaz and her time on Angel, and mentions that she is friends with him to this day. Its a very interesting interview, especially considering what she says about Bones. More...

September 03 2006

(SPOILER) David Boreanaz's blog from the set of Bones. A great little behind the scenes commentary from David himself as the second season is filmed. More...

August 30 2006

(SPOILER) David Boreanaz digs deep for Bones. The new season of Bones starts tonight on Fox. And to mark this here's an interview David did with iFMagazine. He chats about the show, how it compares to Buffy and whether his Buffy and Angel fans have embraced it. TV Guide's Insider has a new spoilerish interview with him too. has a Bones set visit article where amongst other things, David chats about singing 'Mandy'.

August 28 2006

Bones ... a reason to live. Review of David's performance in Bones Season 2. More...

August 23 2006

(SPOILER) Ausiello announces some news for Summer Glau and Rebecca Rand Kishner. Summer's joined 'The Unit'. There's also spoilers for Bones, How I Met Your Mother, 24 and Veronica Mars. In related news, TV Guide has also confirmed USA's renewal for the fourth 13-episode season of The 4400. More...

August 18 2006

'Bones' Season 1 R1 DVD officially announced for November 28th. It will be a four disk set with commentary by David on one episode at the very least. A full list of extras are included. In related news, the 'How I Met Your Mother' Season 1 R1 DVD will come out on November 21st and will be a three disk set. Alyson is doing three commentaries. More...

August 09 2006

Promo Pics for Bones Second Season. More...

August 08 2006

(SPOILER) More Bones News from Even more Bones news and comments from David too over at TV Guide. More...

July 31 2006

Boreanaz 'Bones' interview from TV Week. With Bones premiering on Australian television, the Australian TV magazine TV Week has a nice interview on him. The website has a sample. Ergo, posting. More...

July 25 2006

Fox unveils Fall series premiere dates . Bones gets late August premiere date and Standoff premieres the following week. More...

July 24 2006

(SPOILER) Futon Critic reviews the Bones ComicCon Panel. David is his usual hysterical self complete with impersonations. More...

July 14 2006

(SPOILER) TV Guide's Ausiello talks with "Bones" Executive Producer, about the new developments for David Boreanaz' Booth and the new character played by "Serenity's" Tamara Taylor.

July 12 2006

Odd Couple Breathes Life into "Bones". David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel share their thoughts on their Bones characters. More...

July 10 2006

David Boreanaz's Dad Talks 4th of July Parade Coverage. Dave Roberts (DB's dad) gives his thoughts on Channel 6's coverage of the July 4 evening parade and concert as well as mentioning the upcoming season of Bones. More...

June 21 2006

Fox announces new season premiere dates. Find out when Fox will premiere Gina's new show and when we'll see new episodes of Bones and Prison Break.

June 13 2006

David Boreanaz and Daniel Dae Kim chosen as two of TV Guide's "Hottest Men on TV" according to Entertainment Tonight, which broke the story today. This issue of TV Guide, which also features Kim as one of four collectible covers, goes on sale Thursday (June 15). Pics and videos over at the TV Guide website.

June 01 2006

Bones The Complete First Season Comes To DVD On August 7th In the UK. The first season of David Boreanaz's hit show comes to region 2 DVD on August 7th. No word yet on special features.The box art is also up over there. More...

May 19 2006

Boreanaz Redux - Mea Culpa version 2.0. A columnist at MediaBlvd Magazine responds to criticism about a previous article about David Boreanaz he wrote and tries to clarify what he really meant.

May 16 2006

David Boreanaz on The View - Wednesday May 17th. He will appear on The View (ABC's morning talk show) sitting with those ladies on the couch.
It's David Boreanaz's birthday and has a Q&A with him to mark the occasion.

May 06 2006

Boreanaz and Rohm slated to attend the Farm Sanctuary's Gala. Celebrating on May 20th its 20th anniversary as the first established shelter for farm animals, as well as working to help create laws to ban cruel factory farming practices.

May 04 2006

Boreanaz film 'Mr. Fix It', being shopped around. TV Guide spoke with David's co-star Alana De La Garza and she gave them an update on the film (last 3 questions). She mentions that there's a twist at the end, "It was fun sitting in the theater [at a screening] and hearing the audience gasp. It's like, "All right, good. We got 'em!".

April 27 2006

Bones helps FOX take first place on Wed night. Bones came in a 2nd for the 8pm hour but it was enough to help FOX stake a solid claim on first place for the last Wed night before May sweeps. More...

April 26 2006

David Boreanaz on Ellen Degeneres Show Today. He'll be talking about his show "Bones." Check local listings.

April 21 2006

Mea Culpa, Mr. Boreanaz. Writer apologizes for underestimating Boreanaz's acting ability.

April 03 2006

Pre-Order 'These Girls' DVD (R1) starring Boreanaz and Dhavernas. To be released May 16th. "During their summer between high school and college, three girls blackmail a slightly older hunk into having sex with them".

April 01 2006

Pre-order 'Bones' Season 1 DVD (R2). The UK release date is Aug 27, 2006. No offical news on when the R1 version release date will be, but Gordon from suspects it will be before Season 2 begins.
David Boreanaz chats to TV Guide in their weekly podcast. It's a really fun interview and is available to listen to via download (26.3 mb) or in streaming format. More...

March 30 2006

Philladelphia Film Festival is featuring "These Girls" this weekend. The writer/director John Hazlett will be there for both showings April 1st and 2nd. The film stars David Boreanaz and Caroline Dhavernas.
The CBC reviews These Girls. Have only been reading good things about this film, and here's some more. More...

March 24 2006

Bones gets a second season. More David Boreanaz will be coming your way this Fall.

March 23 2006

David Boreanaz on the Best Sports Show on Friday. The show is on the Fox Sports Channel.

March 21 2006

'These Girls' - It's all about the peanut butter. Don't know much about David Boreanaz's latest movie? Well here's some quotes from the man himself and his co-star Caroline Dhavernas.

March 17 2006

"Bones" does well in its NEW new slot. In its new 8 p.m. timeslot, "Bones" won the 8 p.m. hour among households with a 7.6/12 -- although CBS' "Survivor" clip show, 7.4/12, had more total viewers (12.69 million to FOX's 12.13 million). More...

March 14 2006

The six degrees of Adam Baldwin. Day Break, Joss and why David Boreanaz is such a nice guy all get a mention in this interview.

March 10 2006

Bones merits more attention, according to USA Today critic. Robert Bianco in his what to watch column points out," the series has progressed, the interaction between the stars and their Scooby gang has blossomed into one of its best assets." More...

March 08 2006

David Boreanaz to guest star on 'Charmed'. It is episode 21 of this season of Charmed which puts it sometime in May. He will play Inspector Jason Jackson in the episode called 'While You Were Orbing' or 'Kill Billie Vol. 2' depending on the spoiler boards you read.

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