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June 01 2012

Survey Request: What Are Angel's Values? Watcher Junior is requesting help with surveys on Whedon's work. This week's survey will have you examine the values expressed by Angel, the television series created by David Greenwalt and Joss Whedon. (The comic series will be the subject of a later survey.) More...

May 30 2012

The first draft of the Slayage 5 Conference programme is now available for preview. The conference takes place in Vancouver, Canada from July 12-15, 2012. Anyone else going?

May 15 2012

'Victim Triumphant' - an Angel essay. This originally appeared in the "Five Seasons of Angel" anthology.

May 06 2012

Get drawn into Angel & Faith. Enter Multiversity's contest and artist Rebekah Isaacs may put you in an upcoming issue! More...

April 30 2012

20 things we love about Angel. SFX Magazine says "It became a phenomenal series in its own right: chock-full of laughs, drama and plot twists so relentlessly twisty it ended up as a completely different show than the one it started out as (something even Buffy didn't really accomplish)."

April 08 2012

"A World Without Love" - an Angel essay. This Smart Pop Books essay looks at the failure of family in Angel.

March 28 2012

(SPOILER) Guest Artist Chris Samnee talks Angel & Faith # 10. The artist on June's Angel & Faith # 10 speaks with Newsarama and some new art is included.

March 17 2012

"Where Have All the Good Guys Gone?" - an Angel essay. This originally appeared in the 'Five Seasons of Angel' collection of essays that came out in 2004.

March 05 2012

Mark Watches Angel. The first time watcher begins Angel season one alongside Buffy season four.

February 06 2012

Think Angel, think Israel Defense Forces? The latest IDF YouTube video uses the Angel theme tune.

January 20 2012

"There's My Boy..." - an Angel essay. This Smart Pop Books essay is taken from "The Psychology of Joss Whedon".

January 13 2012

Weekend sale on digital Angel comics. 99 cents per issue. More...

January 09 2012

Monster Popcorn Interviews Angel & Faith artist Rebekah Isaacs. She talks about her work, Buffy, Angel and what interests her as a geek.

January 06 2012

"It's A Stupid Curse" - an Angel essay. Did the gypsies curse the wrong guy?

October 31 2011

Fan-made Angel Season 5 trailer. An excellent final trailer from youtube user BuffyverseTrailers, this one is Angel Season 5. More...

October 18 2011

10 great stand-alone episodes that totally represent their respective shows. Smile! Our favourite puppet Angel comes in at #1. More...

October 11 2011

RedemptionCast starts watching Angel. The first time BtVS watchers behind PotentialCast start watching Angel. More...

August 26 2011

Angel by the Numbers. A fantastic essay by someone who worked on the show.

August 11 2011

The thirteen most hilarious moments in Angel. That's according to one writer at

August 07 2011

"Roger Wyndham-Pryce" cast in Game of Thrones. Roy Dotrice, who portrayed Wesley's father in the Angel episode "Lineage" has been cast in GoT. More...

July 20 2011

Angel Omnibus Volume 2 comes out this week. The collection includes Smile Time, A Hole in the World, Barbary Coast, Only Human and Not Fade Away. In related news, Angel writer Bill Williams will be signing at Comic-Con and his schedule can be found at his website.

July 04 2011

Angel's Jenny Frisson gets nominated for a Harvey Award. She got nominated in "Best Cover Artist" category.

June 29 2011

Dark Horse's Angel Omnibus gets released this week. That's according to Diamond's shipping list. The omnibus collects the comic book tales of Angel and co from 2000-2002. And Scott Allie writes about the comics at the Buffy Zone.

June 18 2011

Buffy 1.6th scale Library set. A WIP 1.6th scale Sunnydale library set made by a fan to go with their Sideshow 12" figures. More...

May 26 2011

Interview with IDW's Mariah Huehner. She revealed some behind-the-scenes decisions of the IDW Angelverse in this interview with Buffyfest. They also just tweeted that they are putting up an interview they did with Chris Ryall tomorrow.

May 25 2011

'Not To Say Goodbye' - Scott Tipton looks back on his Angel years. A very timely article, it's a must read for anybody interested in IDW's Angel comic books. And Buffyfest has an interview with him as well.
(SPOILER) More preview pages for the Angel Yearbook. It's out today.

May 23 2011

(SPOILER) Angel Yearbook exclusive preview. Brought to you by the good folks of Buffyfest.

May 19 2011

The 10 greatest vampire archetypes. Identifies the various ways vampires are depicted. (Maybe small spoilers if you haven't seen everything mentioned) More...

May 16 2011

The Return of the Cultural Catchup Project. Myles is back for the summer.

May 11 2011

'Tying up Loose Ends' - a review/recap of the last three issues of 'Spike'. If you haven't been reading them, you've been missing out. LiveJournal's shadowkat67 looks at the major happenings.
Contest: Review 'Angel: Yearbook' and win prizes. Patrick Shand, one of the writers for the yearbook, will give the first five reviewers a Aftermath hardcover and a secret gift.

May 06 2011

io9's Pop Punishment analyzes the weaknesses of Angel S1's "She". Maybe Bai Ling's character not returning to the series was a good thing.

May 02 2011

(SPOILER) Preview for Spike #8. Brought to you by io9. This marks the end of the series, as well as the return of the palindrome (read: Urru).

April 28 2011

CBR Interview with Chris Ryall taking stock of IDW's Angel run. The Editor-In-Chief looks back on IDW's Angel experience.

April 25 2011

(SPOILER) Preview of the final issue of Angel. Issue 44 comes out on Wednesday.

April 22 2011

Joss Whedon explains Angel. Another great SCI FI Australia interview.

April 16 2011

IDW's Angelverse titles for July. Coming out that month will be the rather fab looking Angel: The Covers hardcover, the Team Angel 100-Page Spectacular and Angel Omnibus, Vol 2.

April 15 2011

James Marsters April Q and A. This month is another video Q and A, in which he shows a scar he got from childhood among other things.

April 11 2011

(SPOILER) Spike # 7 preview pages. The issue is out on Wed.

April 06 2011

James Marsters joins Morena Baccarin at Big Apple Comic Con. This convention takes place May 21-22 in New York City.

March 30 2011

Stephen Mooney teases Angel: Yearbook. Stephen Mooney releases a panel from the final Angel book from IDW.

March 27 2011

Fan-made Angel Season Four trailer. Also from the same vid-maker, Buffy Season Seven. More...

March 24 2011

Stephanie Romanov co-stars in the movie "Last Night". It starts in theaters on May 6th. The movie stars Keira Knightley, Sam Worthington, and Eva Mendes.

March 22 2011

(SPOILER) Preview for Angel #43. Lo-res preview courtesy of Kitty's Pryde.

March 17 2011

"Touch Me and Die, Vermin!": The Psychoanalysis of Illyria. Get to know your favourite Old One.

March 16 2011

Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Joss Whedon's true tragic hero. PopMatters continues its Spotlight on Joss Whedon series.

March 15 2011

(SPOILER) Saying goodbye to IDW's Angel. Jeff Mariotte, Brian Lynch, Scott Tipton and David Tischman look back on the last six years.
(SPOILER) Spike #6 preview pages are up. The issue comes out tomorrow.

March 14 2011

Angel: Complete Series on Amazon for $80.49. 42% off.

March 10 2011

Assignment X interviews David Boreanaz. The actor talks plot, tone of Bones, and a new movie.

February 28 2011

(SPOILER) Preview for Illyria #4. Provided by Buffyfest. It comes out March 2, 2011.

February 25 2011

Sci-Fi Blast From The Past- David Boreanaz. Interview about David's experience of playing Angel.

February 22 2011

(SPOILER) Preview for Spike #5 is up. The issue will hit the stores on February 23. More...

February 18 2011

(SPOILER) IDW's Angel books for May 2011. The Angel Yearbook, Spike #8 of 8 and the Illyria Haunted trade are released. More...

February 17 2011

IDW's final Angel book. As posted by Chris Ryall on his blog: "... we're going to be releasing our final issue of new Angel-related material, in the form of a 48-page Angel Yearbook. What's it going to contain? Well, final stories from many/most of the people who've been important parts of our 5-year run on ANGEL."

February 15 2011

(SPOILER) Angel #42 preview pages. The issue is out tomorrow.

February 14 2011

25 Great TV "I love You's". Another lovely Buffy-Angel 'verse mention in honor of Valentine's Day.

February 01 2011

Emmy winning Buffy effects artist on Face Off. Glenn Hetrick, who won Emmys for his work on Surprise & Innocence, is one of the judges on this fun new Syfy reality show. "Face Off is a competition/elimination series exploring the world of special-effects make-up artists and the unlimited imagination that allows them to create amazing works of living art." More...

January 26 2011

(SPOILER) Illyria #3 interview with Mariah Huehner. The new issue is out today. Mariah gives some insight into it.

January 25 2011

Dark Horse announces Angel Omnibus. It's a collection of their Angel comics from 2000-2002 and will be out in July. More...
(SPOILER) Illyria #3 preview. Brought to you by Buffyfest. This comes out tomorrow.

January 24 2011

(SPOILER) IDW's Angelverse solicitations for April. There's the final issue of IDW's Angel series and the next to last issue of the Spike miniseries. Plus a 100 page retrospective special on Angel's run at IDW.

January 20 2011

(SPOILER) Angel #41 preview. Brought to you by Comic Book Resources.

January 17 2011

Full length video made available of Andy Hallett at Slayerfest. A previously unreleased video of Andy Hallett at Slayerfest in Grimsby, 2005, has been made available by the event company. More...

January 10 2011

UGO's Most Dramatic TV Rain Battles. The final scene from 'Not Fade Away' gets listed as does a certain Buffy/Angel fight.

December 24 2010

Joss is on an unexpected but nice top 10 list. Joss is named as author of one of the top books that one of the 2 authors of Love YA Lit wishes to get this Christmas, for "Angel: After the Fall." More...

December 20 2010

(SPOILER) IDW's Angelverse comic books for March 2011. We're nearing the end of IDW's run with Angel as Angel #43 of 44 and Spike #6 of 8 are released.

December 17 2010

(SPOILER) Illyria: Haunted #2 preview pages & interview with writer and artist. CBR has the preview pages up along with a interview with writer Scott Tipton and artist Elena Casagrande.

December 16 2010

Top five Angel episodes. What are your picks?

December 14 2010

(SPOILER) Preview pages for Angel #40. It's out tomorrow.

December 13 2010

Auction to Benefit The LA Mission. Yes, the proceeds will be in Aldis Hodge's name, but items up for bid include stuff that feature Christian Kane and David Boreanaz. Check it out!

December 11 2010

Latest episode of Series Pass podcast is Angel Season 2. They talk about everything from what worked for them to what didn't and everything in between!

December 09 2010

Best TV Characters we never actually see. Phantom Dennis makes the cut.

December 08 2010

(SPOILER) Spike #3 is out today. Brian Lynch continues the story of Spike and co. in Las Vegas. Discuss.

December 01 2010

Angel on Zap2it's TV Spinoffs: The best and the worst. Angel's one of the best TV spinoffs since 1990.
(SPOILER) Brian Lynch reveals a page from Spike #5. Featuring a major spoiler for those who haven't been following spoilers for this series.

November 25 2010

Angel: 'After the Fall' Premiere Edition Hardcover for 67% off. Amazon UK has the upcoming book, listed at 432 pages and collecting Issues 1-17, for 24.69. Update: The price is now 63.75.

November 23 2010

(SPOILER) Variant cover art for Spike #6. As painted by Nick Runge.
(SPOILER) Comic Book Club with David Tischman Live Podcast TONIGHT. David Tischman will be on hand tonight to talk about the Angel comic (True Blood, too) and answer fan questions. More...

November 20 2010

(SPOILER) IDW Releases for February 2011. Many comics to buy: Angel #42, Spike #5, Illyria #4 and the Angel: ATF premiere edition.

November 17 2010

(SPOILER) Buffyverse Comic Reviews interviews Mariah Huehner about today's Angel #39. Plus a review of the issue. This is the start of the final arc of Angel at IDW. More...

November 16 2010

(SPOILER) Preview pages for Angel #39. This is the first part of the final Angel story at IDW and it's out tomorrow. More...

November 09 2010

(SPOILER) Buffyfest reviews Illyria #1. This and Spike #2 are both out tomorrow.

November 08 2010

(SPOILER) Preview pages for Illyria: Haunted #1 Of 4. It's out this week. More...

November 07 2010

From Sherlock to Angel. An article from Journal of Popular Culture, October 2009 (academic/institutional membership required to view it). More...
(SPOILER) Buffyfest previews Illyria #1. They'll be previewing the issue more over the week.

November 06 2010

(SPOILER) Five page preview of Spike #2. Brought to you by Buffyfest.

October 27 2010

(SPOILER) Interview with Mariah Huehner and David Tischman about Angel #38. They talk about wrapping up Bill Willingham's arc, a little about how they tweaked Willingham's story, and where Angel is headed. There's also a short spoiler-free review. Angel #38 is out today!

October 21 2010

(SPOILER) IDW Releases for January 2011. A busy month with Angel #41, Spike #4, Illyria #3, the John Byrne hardcover collection, plus more. More...

October 20 2010

(SPOILER) Buffyfest preview pages for Angel #38. It's out next week and it's the conclusion of Bill Willingham's run.

October 15 2010

Angel: The John Byrne Collection announced for next year. According to the description, the hardcover "includes the two-part Angel vs. Frankenstein, the four-part Blood and Trenches, as well as the four-page Lorne story Byrne illustrated in After the Fall: First Night".

October 14 2010

(SPOILER) Chris Ryall reveals Jenny Frison's cover for Spike #5. A very special guest star shares the cover with Spike.
Zach O creates a Beast of a Cake. This Whedon fan/baker made an amazing cake in the form of "The Beast" from Angel. More...

October 13 2010

(SPOILER) Spike #1 gets released today. As does Angel vs Frankenstein II. Come discuss them both.

October 12 2010

Angel + iTunes = Finally!! Angel seasons 1 AND 2 on iTunes USA today for those of you who also need all of Joss's work in your pocket.

October 09 2010

(SPOILER) Mariah Huehner & David Tischman talk about the end of Angel at IDW. Major spoilers for the final Angel arc at IDW.

October 08 2010

(SPOILER) Buffyfest report on IDW Panel. Includes spoilerish Angel covers and a video.
(SPOILER) Buffyfest's very spoilerish review of Spike #1. They've read the first issue of Brian Lynch's 8 issue series and spoil all. More...

October 07 2010

Angel Collector's Set is's Gold Box Deal of the Day. If you have not picked up the complete series for yourself or a loved one yet, has it on sale for today only.

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