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December 16 2009

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel #28. The writer of Fables tackles Angel, this should be a very interesting read.

December 15 2009

(SPOILER) Buffyfest's Bill Willingham Interview. Angel #28, the start of Willingham's run, is out tomorrow.

December 14 2009

(SPOILER) Review/recap of Bill Willingham's Angel #28. The Fables writer's Angelverse debut comes out this week. In related news, there's also interviews with Bill Williams (who writes the backup Angel strip) at League of Extremely Ordinary Gentlemen and Buffyfest.

November 24 2009

(SPOILER) IDW's Angelverse comic books for February. Angel #30, Angel: A Hole In The World #3 and the Angel: Only Human tpb all come out in this month. More...

November 22 2009

Sexiest vampires... ever! With the new vampire craze, MSN today took a look at the sexiest vampires in film and TV history (includes guys and girls!) Guess who made the list?

November 20 2009

(SPOILER) Video interview with new Angel artist Brian Denham. He talks about his work on the upcoming arc starting next month.

November 17 2009

(SPOILER) Angel:Only Human #4 preview from Newsarama. Final part of the Gunn/Illyria miniseries is out tomorrow.

November 12 2009

(SPOILER) Ryall hints at upcoming Angel project from IDW drawn by Franco Urru. "Franco Urru's making his return to ANGEL... but not in the main series. Where, then? That'll be revealed soon enough. But after a look at this image, a better question might be "when"...?"

November 04 2009

(SPOILER) Preview pages for Angel #27. The conclusion of 'Boys And Their Toys' is out today.

October 30 2009

(SPOILER) Interview with Brian Lynch about 'Last Angel in Hell' aka Angel Annual #1. Brian Lynch: 'the whole movie is very Jerry Bruckheimeresque'.

October 27 2009

31 Classic Halloween episodes and specials. Both Angel and Buffy episodes make the list.

October 26 2009's Gold Box Deal of the Day - Angel Complete Boxset. Angel: Seasons 1-5 Collectors Set on sale for $52.99 with free shipping.

October 25 2009

(SPOILER) IDW's Angelverse comic books for January. There's cover art and solicitation info for Angel #29, Angel: A Hole In The World #2 and the Fallen Angel Reborn tpb (the Illyria crossover).

October 19 2009

(SPOILER) Preview of Angel vs Frankenstein. First we had the Spike vs Dracula mini-series and now we have this new one-shot. It's penned by John Byrne and will be out this Wednesday. More...

October 15 2009

(SPOILER) Buffyfest's interview with Brian Lynch Part Deux. In this 2nd part Brian discusses 'Last Angel in Hell', Spike, and Drusilla.

October 14 2009

(SPOILER) Buffyfest blog interviews Brian Lynch about all things Angel. Part 1 of 2 covering Angel #26, #27 and the Angel Annual.

October 13 2009

Celebrating Angel's 10th Anniversary. In the first part of this retrospective, a Sequential Tart writer looks back the show, the characters and the episodes they loved the best.

October 11 2009

(SPOILER) 5 page preview for Angel:Only Human #3. The issue is out this Wednesday.

October 09 2009

Ten TV spin-offs that were better than the original. #4 features the argument that Angel was, at times, better than Buffy.
(SPOILER) Chris Ryall celebrates 10 years of Angel. Posted on his blog are five preview pages of Angel #28 "The Crown Prince Syndrome," the first issue in Bill Willingham and Brian Denham's new arc entitled Immortality for Dummies. More...

October 07 2009

(SPOILER) Bill Willlingham on his new Angel arc "Immortality for Dummies". It's a very indepth interview with the Fables creator. So if you enjoy reading IDW's Angelverse comics, it's well worth reading.
(SPOILER) Discuss Angel #26. It's written by Brian Lynch, with artwork by Stephen Mooney. The story looks like it could be a classic.

October 06 2009

(SPOILER) Comics Continuum has a preview of Angel #26 with an extra page. 6 page preview of tomorrow's issue. For those that haven't seen another vamp with a soul in too long.

October 05 2009

10 years ago today - Angel premieres on The WB. It was an amazing show. More...
Listen to the first episode of Angel Between The Lines. It's a fan audio drama set between Angel seasons 3 and 4. If you've followed Buffy Between The Lines, you know you'll be in for a quality listening experience.

September 30 2009

(SPOILER) Angel #28 two page preview. Beautiful art, bodes very well! Spoilers for characters featured in the arc.

September 28 2009

(SPOILER) IDW Angel solicitations for December. These include Angel:Last Angel in Hell "movie adaptation", #1 of A Hole in the World/Shells adaptation and #28 - the beginning of the new arc 'The Crown Prince Syndrome' by Willingham and Denham. Good month.

September 27 2009

'I don't think Angel is going to be coming back' says Davd Boreanaz. But if there was some sort of Buffyverse reunion, would it look like this fab pic?

September 24 2009

(SPOILER) Bill Williams on his new writing gig for the Angel comic book. He chats to FEARNet about his backup story for the series and how he and Bill Willingham came to write Angel.

September 16 2009

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel #25. It's the second part of Dru's adventures in Los Angeles (as penned by Brian Lynch and Juliet Landau). More...

September 13 2009

The diaries of other vampires revealed. TWOP ponders what other vamps might write in their journals, including entries from Angel and Spike. An amusing read.

September 12 2009

(SPOILER) First look at Angel #25. The second part of Brian Lynch and Juliet Landau's Drusilla tale comes out next week.

September 10 2009

IDW's Angelverse comic books for this week. Today sees the release of Angel: Only Human #2, Fallen Angel #3 and the fifth volume of the ongoing Angel series i.e. Kelley Armstrong's 'Aftermath' arc. Last week, John Byrne's Angel: Blood and Trenches was released in tpb format.

September 08 2009

(SPOILER) Nick Runge's cover for Angel #27. The conclusion of Brian Lynch's,'Boys and Their Toys.'

August 29 2009

Angel crowned sexiest vampire. Angel beats Edward as sexiest vampire.

August 20 2009

(SPOILER) IDW's Angelverse comic books for November. There's cover art and info for Angel #27 and Angel: Only Human #4.
(SPOILER) Angel vs Frankenstein preview pages. 3 coloured (but not lettered) pages from John Byrne's upcoming Hallowe'en story.

August 12 2009

Angel features in the IMDB Poll of the Day. Not Fade Away is one of the options for today's IMDB poll for best final episodes (poll now closed).
(SPOILER) Angel: Only Human #1 Discussion Thread. Spinning off of Angel #23, Scott Lobdell and David Messina take on this story featuring Illyria and Gunn.

August 09 2009

Harry Groener at last night's Angel comic book signing. He was there to lend support for Juliet Landau's signing at Golden Apple Comics. Adam Busch and Amber Benson turned up as well. More...
(SPOILER) IDW's Angelverse comic books for October. Angel vs. Frankenstein, Angel #26, Angel: Only Human #3, Angel: Not Fade Away TPB, the Spike Omnibus and Fallen Angel #4 all come out in ths month.

August 07 2009

(SPOILER) Preview of Angel: Only Human #1. The Illyria/Gunn mini-series comes out next week.

August 06 2009

(SPOILER) Buffyfest Interview with IDW Editors Chris Ryall and Mariah Huehner. This new interview touches on everything IDW has in store for the Angelverse. Topics include Angel: The Crown Prince Syndrome with a look at Brian Denham's interior art, info about Angel: Only Human and John Byrne's Angel vs. Frankenstein, and when Spike's new series will begin. More...

August 05 2009

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel #24. Juliet Landau and Brian Lynch's highly anticipated Drusilla two-parter kicks off in this issue.
The ten best Angel episodes. That's according to Den Of Geek. So what do you consider to be the best Angel episodes?

August 04 2009

(SPOILER) Angel artist Stephen Mooney talks about his upcoming issues. This interview includes some cover art (though none of it is new).

July 31 2009

Portland DJ's call out for heroic vampires to fight evil lawyers. On their Thursday show from July 30th, Cort & Fatboy calls out for a brooding vampire to fight evil lawyers. And then there's some Firefly vs Dollhouse discussion as well. Eliza fans might wanna brace themselves.

July 26 2009

(SPOILER) Full IDW Angel panel report from Comic Con. Covers the Dru two parter, first story info on Angel #26-27, the Angel annual, Angel:Only Human, the Spike series, Fallen Angel:Reborn and even more news about Willingham's Angel run. More...

July 25 2009

Bill Willingham to write Angel. This is great news as his Fables series is one of the best comic books in recent years. There's an interview with him about the writing gig at Comic Book Resources.

July 18 2009

(SPOILER) Covers for Angel #25 (the colored Urru cover and two others). Look under 18th July entry.

July 16 2009

(SPOILER) Five page preview of Angel #24. This is the first part of the Drusilla story which is penned by Juliet Landau and Brian Lynch.

July 15 2009

(SPOILER) Fallen Angel: Reborn artist talks Illyria. The historic Angel/Bete Noir crossover comes out in comic book shops today. And if you want to try before you buy, then there's preview pages over at Comic Book Resources and Newsarama.

July 02 2009

Buffyverse Comic Reviews interview with Scott Tipton. Scott chats about his history with IDW and Angel as well as his new project, an "A Hole in the World" and "Shells" 5-part adaptation, launching in November. More...
Not Fade Away #3 arriving in stores on July 9th. 5 page preview for the 3rd and final issue of the comic adaptation of 'Not Fade Away' being released next week.
USA Today guide to the various "rules" for modern vampires. Compares True Blood, Twilight, and, of course, Angel.

July 01 2009

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel #23. Fan favourites Lynch and Urru return for this Gunn/Illyria one-shot.

June 28 2009

Interview with writer of 'Fallen Angel' comic featuring Illyria. Writer Peter David discusses the Illyria plot.

June 25 2009

(SPOILER) Five page preview for Angel #23. Written by Brian Lynch, this issue will be out next Wednesday.

June 22 2009

(SPOILER) IDW's Angelverse comic books for September. There's Angel #25 as penned by Brian Lynch and Juliet Landau, Angel: Only Human #2, John Byrne's World War One opus gets collected in one volume as does Kelley Armstrong's Aftermath arc. And to cap it off, Peter David continues the tale of Illyria in Fallen Angel.

June 17 2009

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel #22. The conclusion to Kelley Armstrong's "Aftermath" arc is out today.

June 13 2009

(SPOILER) Five page preview for Angel #22. It'll be out next week.

June 12 2009

Fun Fictional Worlds. AV Club writers ponder the question: "Which works of fiction create a world (or a version of reality) that you’d consider most enjoyable to live in?". More...
Vampire Blood Bath. Sidereel poll featuring a few familiar names in a vampire vs vampire tourney.

June 10 2009

(SPOILER) Angel: Blood & Trenches #4 is Out Today. The conclusion to John Byrne's Angel WWI tale is out today. More...

June 08 2009

Boston Herald Interviews J. August Richards. He says, "The show is still kind of living on, which is a strange thing to me.”

June 07 2009

(SPOILER) Preview for Angel: Blood and Trenches #4. The final part of John Byrne's Great War saga will out this Wednesday.

May 26 2009

(SPOILER) IDW's Angel comics for August. Lots of goodies here including the Illyria/Gunn spinoff, Juliet Landau's debut and the Illyria in Bete Noir crossover.

May 21 2009

Gone Too Soon: 14 TV Shows We Want Back. Angel, Firely and SCC make the list More...

May 13 2009

(SPOILER) First look at Angel #21. This'll be out next week.

May 10 2009

Jane After Dark: Is Angel As Good As Buffy? I'm going to try and dive into a deeper answer later tonight, but keeping it as short and simple as I can for now... . More...

May 06 2009

Five page preview of Angel: Not Fade Away #1. The first part of this three issue mini-series will be out next week.

May 05 2009

(SPOILER) John Byrne talks about Angel: Blood and Trenches. He also mentions an Angel/Angelus One Shot planned to be released on Halloween. (Mild spoilers about the series itself)

May 04 2009

(SPOILER) Juliet geeks out about her and Brian Lynch's Dru two parter. Chris Ryall posted on his blog an entire interview with Juliet from GEEK Magazine about the upcoming Dru arc in Angel #24 and 25.

April 30 2009

(SPOILER) Five preview pages from Fallen Angel. MTV gives us a look at the upcoming crossover featuring Illyria. Also, the article that accompanies this preview.
Angel Series Box Set is Amazon Deal of the Day. Amazon's Gold Box Deal of the Day is the Angel complete series box for $56.99. More...

April 29 2009

(SPOILER) First look at Angel: Blood and Trenches #3. And as they say, the plot thickens.

April 28 2009

Official press release for the Fallen Angel/Angel crossover. The story will take place during season five of Angel and will guest star Illyria. Set for release in July.

April 27 2009

(SPOILER) IDW's Angelverse comic books for July. There's the Brian Lynch penned Angel #23, the fourth volume of After The Fall and the highly anticpated crossover with Fallen Angel as well.

April 23 2009

Brian Lynch interview in "IDW The First Decade". Read the fab Angel feature from the soon to be released book that celebrates IDW's first ten years. More...

April 22 2009

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel #20. This is the third part of Kelley Armstrong's 'Aftermath' arc.

April 16 2009

(SPOILER) Five page preview of Angel #20. This'll be out next week.

April 15 2009

Five TV Shows Empire would like to see as movies. Angel gets a nod. Spoiler if you haven't read the comics.

April 09 2009

(SPOILER) IDW Publishing First Looks: Smile Time #3. Angel: Smile Time #3 will arrive in stores on April 15.

March 30 2009

The Ten Best Television Series Finales. Episodes of Buffy and Angel appear in the list from Blogcritics Magazine. Some of your other favorite shows are probably in the list too.

March 26 2009

(SPOILER) Five page preview of "Angel: Blood and Trenches" #2. This'll be out next week.

March 25 2009

(SPOILER) IDW's Angelverse solicitations for June 2009. There's details on what to expect from Angel #22, Angel: Blood and Trenches #4 and Angel: Not Fade Away #2.

March 23 2009

Angel artist Stephen Mooney to do commissions of your favorite character. Too expensive for me, but man, I want one. Or ten.

March 18 2009

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel #19. This is the second part of Kelley Armstrong's 'Aftermath' arc.

March 15 2009

Preview art from Fallen Angel: Reborn. Writer Peter David posts art from his upcoming Fallen Angel/Illyria crossover.

March 12 2009

(SPOILER) Five page preview of Angel #19. This'll be out next week.

March 11 2009

Angel: After The Fall Vol 3 out today. Also getting released is the debut issue of John Byrne's mini-series 'Angel: Blood and Trenches'.

March 07 2009

Auditions now open for 'Angel Between The Lines'. Brought to you by the people behind 'Buffy Between The Lines', this new fan audio drama is now doing an open voice casting call. So if you think you could do a good Connor, Darla, Gunn etc then your time has come to shine.

March 05 2009

(SPOILER) Five page preview of 'Angel: Blood and Trenches' #1. Written and drawn by comic book legend John Byrne, this'll be out next week.

February 28 2009

(SPOILER) New Kelley Armstrong Interview. Kelley Armstrong answers Buffyfest's and other fans' questions about Angel: Aftermath. Spoilers for Issue #1.
Cover for Angel:Smile Time #3 is released...may look familiar! Another great cover from David Messina.

February 26 2009

(SPOILER) Ask Kelley Armstrong courtesy of BuffyFest. "Angel: Aftermath is available in stores today and we want to give a big welcome to Kelley Armstrong. We're interviewing Kelley this week and thought it would be a great idea to include fan questions, as well."

February 25 2009

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel #18. This is the first part of Kelley Armstrong's 'Aftermath' arc.

February 23 2009

(SPOILER) Drawing Dru. A little sneak peak on what seems to be the cover of Angel issue 25. More...

February 16 2009

(SPOILER) IDW's Angelverse comic books for May. Comics Continuum has details on what to expect from Angel #21, Angel: Blood and Trenches #3 and Angel: Not Fade Away #1.

February 13 2009

Five years ago today - the cancellation of Angel. Back on Friday 13th 2004, news broke late on the West Coast that Angel had been cancelled. What followed in the days and weeks afterwards was a huge effort to get the show back on the air. It was one of our fandom's finest moments.

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