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May 05 2006

'Circle of Friends' with Julie Benz. The production wraps up filming on May 10th in Montreal. It's a movie of the week thiller starring Julie. Look for it to air this fall on Lifetime Network in the US.

May 04 2006

Julie Benz on CSI tonight. CSI Episode #622 - Time of Your Death will feature Julie. She is getting her fair share of jobs on the top 20 shows (like NCIS), it seems TV casting directors are not so stupid. More...

May 01 2006

Happy Birthday Julie Benz and Bailey Chase who both turn 34 today.

March 31 2006

Julie Benz in Swedish-American movie "Kill Your Darlings." Julie plays a burnt-out Hollywood mom in this movie by Bjorne Larsson. More...

February 27 2006

Julie Benz on CSI: Miami tonight. Not sure if anyone posted this, but I figured I'd try and get it up here in time for the West Coast feed. Julie Benz is on tonight's episode of CSI: Miami.

February 04 2006

What do a Shepherd, a Pilot, and a Vamp have in common? Well besides being dead and a member of the verse. They will be at Collectormania 9 in the UK April 28-May 1st. Ron Glass, Alan Tuydk, and Julie Benz will be in attendance at the event all weekend, entry is free*. More...

January 17 2006

Julie Benz guest stars on tonight's 'Supernatural'. She plays a dying woman who joins Dean on a faith healer's fix-it list, according to TV Guide's current issue.

January 08 2006

A God, a Vamp, and a Groo at Megacon. OH MY! Orlando, Florida Feb. 24-26. Clare Kramer, Julie Benz, Mark Lutz, and Jason Carter will be in attendance to sign autographs and meet fans at megacon.

December 07 2005

(SPOILER) Julie Benz will guest on 'Supernatural' in January according to Mike Ausiello in his latest TV Guide column (contains spoilers for other US tv shows). More...

November 15 2005

8MM 2 released on reg 1 DVD on 22nd November. Erotic thriller set in Eastern Europe with Julie Benz. Sounds like strictly one for the curiosities cabinet, unless of course you like girl on girl action. More...

October 04 2005

Julie Benz to star in the Sci-Fi Channel's "Locusts: The 8th Plague". This TV movie will air Saturday, November 12th, at 9/8c. More...

August 31 2005

"I'd do a love scene with Puppet Angel"- Julie Benz tells all. Very cool interview over at MillarWorld magazine.

April 19 2004

Darla takes a chunk out of The Motor City Comic Convention that is. Julie Benz is one of the media guests lined up to be at the Motor City Comic Convention May 14-16th, 2004. More...

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