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May 09 2006

Seremuppety Act Three - All Good Things. Previously on Seremuppety "Everyone... to the Firepig!". And now the thrilling conclusion plus pics from the premiere party.

Act One in 8 parts

Act Two in 4 parts

Part 13:
Part 14:
Part 15:
Part 16:
Part 17:

lol, I loved this bit:
I think she's having another pyschic vision.
.... of smurfs?

Oh, my gosh, . I am most impressed (I mean, look at my username). This series completely rules.
Not the end ? Say it ain't so. Still, at least we can have a fair hope of a sequel for this version (unless the guy graduates or otherwise runs out of spare time ;).
I'm miffled they failed to produce cover art for themselves with llamas on!
Actually, if you look closely there's a Llama reflected in Kermit's woggle, part 15, frame 1. Clearly a shout out.

(well, if you look closely and imagine the reflection of a llama, anyway ;)
Simply great! :DDDDD
Heh, heh! That was great, Simon.
Orson Scott Card, the noted scifi author who praised Serenity as the best science fiction film he's ever seen, says on his website that his daughter and her friends recently raised money to buy a useful gift for a third-world family. Their purchase: a llama. (Plus three rabbits).
You mean to say, Orson's daughter designed the Serenity DVD artwork? Hide, girl, hide!
Loading the potato gun.
Love the fan who attends the premiere party, as well as Alan's conversation with Joss, LOL! So many extra points for being thorough enough to include the premiere. This series just *rocks*! :-)

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