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August 02 2006

"Astonishing X-Men is still delivering consistently high sales". Seems like fans still can't get enough of Joss' take on The X-men. Issue 15 was Marvel's highest selling book that didn't have anything to do with the much hyped crossover 'Civil War'.

Whilst AXM's sales are in the six figure zone, you might be wondering how IDW's Angelverse range is doing. So during a long coffee break, I grabbed the estimated North American figures from The first figure reflects the comic book's chart position in the top 300. Bear in mind that many (if not all) of the IDW issues had variant covers.

Chart Position/Issue no/Price/Estimated copies shipped

June 2005
152 Angel The Curse #1 $3.99 15,357

July 2005
129 Angel The Curse #2 $3.99 14,657
244 Angel The Curse #1 (2nd print) $3.99 2,329

August 2005
148 Angel The Curse #3 $3.99 13,239
192 Spike Old Times One Shot $7.49 7,894

September 2005
134 Angel The Curse #4 $3.99 14,055

October 2005
126 Angel Curse #5 $3.99 14,660
268 Angel Curse #1 3rd Ptg $3.99 2,428

December 2005
124 Angel Old Friends #1 $3.99 17,164

January 2006
118 Angel Old Friends #2 $3.99 14,753

February 2006
133 Angel Old Friends #3 $3.99 13,057
164 Spike Old Wounds One Shot $7.49 9,754
43 Angel Curse (TBP) $19.99 1,787 *

March 2006
150 Spike Vs Dracula #1 $3.99 14,108
153 Angel Old Friends #4 $3.99 13,479
162 Spike Vs Dracula #2 $3.99 12,090
249 Angel Scriptbook 1 $3.99 4,544

April 2006
138 Angel Old Friends #5 $3.99 12,785
229 Angel Scriptbook #2 $3.99 3,448

May 2006
159 Angel Spotlight Illyria One Shot $3.99 11,805
162 Spike Vs Dracula #3 $3.99 11,341
170 Angel Spotlight Gunn One Shot $3.99 10,507
188 Spike Lost & Found One Shot $7.49 8,962
286 Angel Scriptbook #3 $3.99 3,067

June 2006
151 Angel Spotlight Wesley One Shot $3.99 9,673
233 Angel Scriptbook #4 $3.99 2,487
281 Angel Curse Cvr Gallery One Shot $3.99 1,439

July 2006
156 Spike Vs Dracula #4 $3.99 11,095
167 Angel Spotlight Doyle One Shot $3.99 8,949
270 Angel Scriptbook #5 $3.99 2,339
90 Spike TPB $19.99 1,363 *

August 2006
153 Spike Vs Dracula #5 $3.99 10,558
180 Angel Spotlight Connor One Shot $3.99 8,101
282 Angel Scriptbook #6 $3.99 2,160

September 2006
154 Spike Asylum #1 $3.99 8,999

October 2006
165 Spike Asylum #2 $3.99 7,856
178 Angel Masks $7.49 6,611

November 2006
210 Angel Auld Lang Syne #1 $3.99 8,057
220 Spike Asylum #3 $3.99 7,359

December 2006
195 Angel Auld Lang Syne #2 $3.99 7,358
206 Spike Asylum #4 $3.99 6,912

January 2007
211 Angel Auld Lang Syne #3 $3.99 6,699

February 2007
187 Spike Asylum #5 $3.99 6,753
192 Angel Auld Lang Syne #4 $3.99 6,371

March 2007
193 Angel Auld Lang Syne #5 $3.99 6,351

June 2007
176 Spike Shadow Puppets #1 $3.99 7,834

July 2007
206 Spike Shadow Puppets #2 $3.99 7,071

August 2007
215 Spike Shadow Puppets #3 $3.99 7,027

September 2007
223 Spike Shadow Puppets #4 $3.99 6,980

November 2007
41 Angel After The Fall #1 $3.99 47,563

December 2007
52 Angel After The Fall #2 $3.99 44,792
185 Angel After The Fall #1 (2nd PTG) $3.99 9,055**

January 2008
39 Angel After The Fall #3 $3.99 46,013
155 Angel After The Fall #2 $3.99 11,604**
186 Angel After The Fall #1 $3.99 8,675**

February 2008
37 Angel After The Fall #4 $3.99 48,407

March 2008
31 Angel After The Fall #5 $3.99 49,558
252 Angel After The Fall #6 $3.99 4,399
256 Angel After The Fall #3 $3.99 4,162

April 2008
45 Angel After The Fall #6 $3.99 46,645
255 Angel After The Fall #4 $3.99 4,574
263 Angel After The Fall #7 $3.99 4,403
298 Angel After The Fall #1 $3.99 3,009

May 2008
50 Angel After The Fall #7 $3.99 45,430
224 Angel After The Fall #1 (Director's Cut) $3.99 6,040

June 2008
43 Angel After The Fall #8 $3.99 47,888
45 Angel After The Fall #9 $3.99 47,081
276 Angel After The Fall #10 $3.99 3,366

July 2008
51 Angel After The Fall #10 $3.99 43,024
59 Spike After The Fall #1 $3.99 36,874

August 2008
54 Angel After The Fall #11 $3.99 44,905
71 Spike After The Fall #2 $3.99 33,635
289 SDCC 2008 Angel After The Fall #10 Previews Exclusive Variant Cover $2.00 2,486

September 2008
53 Angel After The Fall #12 $3.99 43,019
75 Spike After The Fall #3 $3.99 31,059

October 2008
66 Angel After The Fall #13 $3.99 40,838
88 Spike After The Fall #4 $3.99 29,446

November 2008
47 Angel After The Fall #14 $3.99 38,954

December 2008
64 Angel After The Fall #15 $3.99 37,649

January 2009
47 Angel After The Fall #16 $3.99 34,801
259 Angel After The Fall Cover Gallery $3.99 3,044

February 2009
51 Angel After The Fall #17 $3.99 32,842
53 Angel #18 $3.99 32,842
104 Angel Smile Time #2 $3.99 18,813

To place IDW's sales in some sort of historical context, I looked at Dark Horse's Buffyverse comics dating back to 2003. Plus it may give some indication of how Joss' Buffy season 8 comic books will sell. Though I reckon it will sell somewhere in the range of the Serenity comic book mini-series.

April 2003
116 Joss Whedon’s Fray #7 $2.99 18,911
139 Buffy the Vampire Slayer #56 $2.99 14,746

May 2003
132 Buffy the Vampire Slayer #57 $2.99 14,899

June 2003
139 Buffy the Vampire Slayer #58 $2.99 14,698
142 Buffy the Vampire Slayer Chaos Bleeds One-Shot $2.99 14,542

July 2003
147 Buffy the Vampire Slayer #59 $2.99 14,777

August 2003
111 Joss Whedon’s Fray #8 $2.99 19,435
141 Buffy the Vampire Slayer #60 $2.99 14,580

September 2003
146 Buffy the Vampire Slayer #61 $2.99 14,424

October 2003
157 Buffy The Vampire Slayer #62 $2.99 14,445

November 2003
138 Buffy The Vampire Slayer #63 $2.99 14,130

December 2003
125 Tales of the Vampires #1 $2.99 17,332

January 2004
113 Tales of the Vampires #2 $2.99 14,791
294 Tales of the Vampires #1 $2.99 704 **

February 2004
122 Tales of the Vampires #3 $2.99 13,831

March 2004
149 Tales of the Vampires #4 $2.99 13,748

April 2004
138 Tales of the Vampires #5 $2.99 13,584

*Chart position is from the Trade Paper Section

** Issue re-ordered

I guess,it's okay to mention here since I don't think it's been mentioned on any other thread dealing with the comic books.

The Angel Scriptbook series in its current format will be ending in September with issue 7,"Smile Time."

Chirs Ryall explained over at the IDW forum;act=ST;f=24;t=1503

The Scriptbooks will be returning but in a trade format marketed to bookstores instead of a comic format marketed to comic shops.Most likely five episodes per book.It will have all the same type of content I believe as the comic format.
Doesn't that make it Marvel's only comic not involved in Civil War?
I wonder if those numbers for Fray factor in how many copies have been sold in trade paperback form. Which is the form the vast majority of comics fans I know who have read Fray, read it in.
There's about nine Earth-based ongoing Marvel Universe titles not involved in Civil War, and AXM is one of them.
The above figures are for individual issues (in the case of Fray, issues 7 and 8) so they won't include TPB sales.

See what Ryall means about the scriptbook sales, not shifting in huge amounts are they ? I've only bought the last one (5 x 5 ?) myself since personally I don't really see the point in a sort of half-way house between screen and comics (I rarely buy comic movie adaptations for the same reason) but i'm a big fan of both Faith and that particular episode.

Otherwise though IDW's sales compare fairly well to the Dark Horse numbers especially given that the IDW books are more expensive (at those prices I doubt there're too many impulse try-buyers).

(nice work Simon but I hope your boss doesn't come by here, they might rethink the length of your coffee break ;)
Yeah,I can see why the scriptbooks are changing formats.I enjoy them but I can see where they would be more of a niche product for comic book readers and why they aren't doing well.
The Angel Scriptbooks are ending as a single-ep series?

That sucks. Sure, I'll still get them as trades, but I hate the idea of having the eps in that haphazard order and not being able to put them chronologically. :-(

[ edited by Telltale on 2006-08-02 18:15 ]
As one person who has yet to pick up an issue of the Civil War series, no wonder AXM is doing well! Aside from the great writing and art, it's got to be a safe haven for those who aren't looking to invest themselves in Civil War.
Otherwise though IDW's sales compare fairly well to the Dark Horse numbers especially given that the IDW books are more expensive (at those prices I doubt there're too many impulse try-buyers).

They do compare fairly well though I do wonder what would happen if IDW dropped their variant policy. Four or five different covers for every issue must be boosting the sales. Dark Horse from what I recall didn't do variant covers.
Dark Horse published most issues of Buffy and Angel with one photo and one art cover.

Also worth mentioning--only the Buffy numbers are listed for Dark Horse here. Angel sold significantly less for them, which is why they stopped publishing them and eventually dropped the licence.
As one person who has yet to pick up an issue of the Civil War series, no wonder AXM is doing well! Aside from the great writing and art, it's got to be a safe haven for those who aren't looking to invest themselves in Civil War.

If I'm not mistaken all three X-Men corebooks seems to be away from the whole Civil War thing. I've heard that the AXM characters are involved in the saga or event (however you like to call it), you just won't find it in the actual Astonishing book.

Not really interested in the Civil War thing, the only marvel book that I read that's slightly involved is Peter David's X-Factor, and that's it.
My comic bookstore has a hard cover edition of Joss' Astonishing X-Men series. Since I've never read any of the X-Men books, will I be able to understand what's going on if I buy this book? I would like to try these stories by Joss, but it's a financial commitment and one I don't want to make if I'm just going to be lost as to who the characters are and why they're acting or responding in a particular way.

The problem I'm having, being new to comics, is that many of these stories have been going on for years and have long, complicated mythologies and it's almost impossible to jump into them the middle. One of the reasons I started reading comics this year was to continue with the Buffy universe, which I know.

So, the question to you X-Men fans out there, is the book worth buying for a comic newcomer or is there a better starting place?
MacGuffin, from what I've heard from newbies, occasionally you'll be a bit confused, but not so much that it'll take you out of the story.

There's other jumping-on points I could suggest, but I don't think they could beat AXM, especially in that pretty oversized hardcover format.
MacGuffin, I've never read a single non-Astonishing issue of The X-Men series and I enjoyed Joss' story. A lot. Maybe I should also add that I haven't seen any of the movies either and didn't really know much about any of the characters when I started reading the series. I'd say go for it!
MacGuffin, here's a tip, a big big one. DO NOT buy the hardback! The thing weighs a ton and unless you're looking to harvest this on your shelf for generations to come, go with the lighter and cheaper paperbacks and just take care of them. They're a great quick read but the hardbacks weigh a ton.

I looked around a lot before I decided to start reading AXM. It's not as big of a financial investment as one would think, especially since issues are more or less once a month. I would order from amazon, since they have more reasonable prices for the paperbacks. The only confusion is that there are actually many versions of the TPBs on Amazon. The ones you want are the paperback separate TPBs, not the large black hardback that has the two individual ones combined. I picked it up at my comics store and I think it's too heavy.
Thank you, Telltale, Shukriyya, and Browncoat. Your responses are greatly appreciated. With your assurances that I'm not going to drown, I'll take the plunge into the AXM pool. Okay, maybe I'll dip my toes in the water first with a paperback. I'll pick one up next week when I get Spike vs. Dracula #5.
MacGuffin, just to add my two bits' worth. I haven't read comics for years and never any X-Men, and at that point had not seen the movies either, but I thoroughly enjoyed the last series - and am looking forward to this one. (I have been saving them to read several at once.) I found that reading the letters columns at the end of each comic also helped as they referenced one or two things that had escaped me.
Browncoat--actually, not true, the trades are not cheaper (unless you want to count a single cent): the hardcover is $29.99, almost exactly the price of two trades for $14.99 each.

That you don't like the format because you think it's heavy and hard to read is your prerogative, of course, but personally I love it. The art is slightly larger, there's some extras that aren't in the trades, and it just looks pretty.

If you want heavy, try the Uncanny X-Men Omnibus (also a terrific starting point for new X-Men readers, by the way)--same format, only 850 pages. Now that's a lap-crusher. :-)
The hardcover IS gorgeous.

Telltale, I was under the impression that part of the reason that Angel wound up abandoned was that Joss Whedon insisted on having the book seriously retooled: the ongoing series was wrapped up for the sake of this, he co-wrote a "new direction" miniseries (complete with new logo) with Brett Matthews called "Long Night's Journey" which took a while to complete, and then they just never got back to it?

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