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August 27 2006

Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form: Serenity. The Hugo Awards for best science fiction works in 2005 were presented Saturday, August 26, 2006 at the 64th World Science Fiction Convention, LACon 4, in Anaheim, CA.

Woo hoo! Yay us! :-)
Ditto! It's another big win for Joss and all Browncoats everywhere.
Congratulations to Joss! The script (and the movie) was always a winner to me.
Morena accepted for Joss, reading a speech he emailed her. It was very funny (of course) and her reading of it was great. I hope it ends up on YouTube or the like.
Aw, look at pretty Morena! I think that's her, at least. And congratulations, Joss!
... and all Browncoats everywhere.


Congrats to Joss and the entire cast & crew.
Oh, hellz yes. Long live the Browncoats!
Congratulations to Joss! The script (and the movie) was always a winner to me.

Oh, that reminds me. There were two Hugos up on the stage when they were reading the nominations. They give one to the director and one to the writer. That made me worry a bit since Joss was both and none of the other nominees were "written and directed by," but since it won I guess he actually got two.
Yay, congratulations Joss and all involved! Well deserved.
Morena looked gorgeous and the speech was the usual Joss hi-larious, all about reading Hugo winners while growing up, like Herbert and Asimov and others (who he hoped were in fact Hugo winners or Morena would look pretty stupid.) And that the Hugo award stamp of approval came to him be almost as enticing as something marked "Girl Inside." And more of the Joss-mix of self-deprecating yet snarky humour we've come to know & love.

More later on the WorldCon Whedon'verse panel, etc. later... (Marti Noxon was a no-show, no explanation...)

"Not to be glib, but writers are petty, ugly people." -- Tim Minear, "Running TV Shows," The 64th World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon), August 26, 2006.

(Hey, dreamlogic. I'm way tired...)

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What great news. Congratulations, Joss and cast! You've always been winners in our hearts, but it's great to have others say the same thing.
I'm beyond tired from the con and can't sleep because there's too much nightclub clamor. I'm just staring, chain-smoking, hitting the refresh button.

You damn kids get off my parking lot!

I'm interested in the question of whether Joss got one or two Hugos, though, which sounds like a job for Simon. Or someone else with good sources. It's the weekend of course. Whenever you get around to it.
Hey we won the Promethus! Oh wrong thread.
This is awesome! A great big happy Congratulations to Joss and the cast!

ETA: Oh, and if the speech surfaces somewhere, be sure to let us know...

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Congratulations to Joss and the cast and everyone involved! It was well deserved!!
Hooray for us Browncoats, too!!
Here is a link to a results list with links to further details on the voting.

Serenity didn't just win it massacred the opposition in one of the strongest years for the long form award that I can remember. details here.

I've also go to say how pleased I am to see Dr Who win for the excellent double episode "The Empty Child" & "The Doctor Dances" in the short form category. To beat another excellent show like Battlestar Galactica shows how well they have put this series together.
Another big CONGRATULATIONS to Joss, cast and crew.

Hey Joss, can you post our acceptance speech (or ask someone else to if modesty prevents you?) I ask just in case a video of MB accepting does not get plastered all over the net. Yes, my interest in your words is far reaching and rather pitiful. (Hangs head.)
Adding my congratulations to the list! This is great news.
Congratulations on joining the short list of dual Hugo/Nebula winners, Joss!

Wikipedia has been updated with this shiny bit of trivia. “Done the impossible,” and all that.
This is just so very exciting! Yay!

Congrats, Joss...
*Raises hand* I'd like to hear the acceptance speech too please although QuoterGal did a nice job in the meantime.
Great news! Yeah! Congrats Joss, cast, crew, and Browncoats!

Me too! Me too! I want to hear the acceptance speech!
Serenity and Doctor Who won?!? Am I still sleeping?!? This is a dream, right?

If it is, it's a damned good one.
Only movie I've ever seen six times in a theatre!

In fact, the only movie I've ever seen more than twice in a theatre.
Hot Damn! Outstanding news for Joss and everyone involved. The more props he gets, the happier I am.
Oh...tis a shiny day! A very shiny day to be celebrated with joyful moonings of Fox execs and happy gift baskets delievered to Universal for believing in Joss and the BDHs when others thought them gone:D

Joss...if you can see this, I offer my heartfelt congratulations and the advice that your trophy shelf probably deserves some reno work...cuz I have a feeling this is only the begining of the "big" awards (though all the awards the BDM has netted are great;)
Congratulations on joining the short list of dual Hugo/Nebula winners, Joss!

Since the Nebula Awards only began awarding movie and tv scripts as of 1999, Serenity is the very first movie to ever win both a Nebula and Hugo!

Congrats to Joss & the crew for the award! :)
Oooh, is that Instant Runoff Voting they're using? I'd like to see more of that kind of thing in political elections.

Anyway... Congrats, all.
Cool. Now just let one of those "little irons in the fire" be 'Verse-related.

Dr. Who won for short form? Are they finally getting around to the Tom Baker years?

Kidding. Now I have to give the new series another chance.
Okay, more from the WorldCon: I've typed up my notes from the panel discussion "Running TV Shows" with Tim Minear, Gillian Horvath (Mod), Rockne S. O'Bannon and Michael Cassut -- as I mentioned above, Marti Noxon was a no-show. Michael Cassut stepped in to replace her -- the conversation got fairly lively.

I've posted it at in the thread for events & cons..

“Do it like that. Why do you suck? Do it like that.” -- Tim Minear, "Running TV Shows," at The 64th World Science Fiction Convention
Was that an uncredited picture of Jane Espenson on the site (in Photos 4)?

Joss really deserves both awards! His mantle must be overflowing at this point!
Quoter Gal, before even reading your notes, my gratitude overflows onto my keyboard nd shrts t ut.
Thank you, QuoterGal, for soldiering on despite your “migraine visual disturbance” (that I hope was not complicated by dire prophecy) and being thoughtful enough to those of us on distant coasts to take the time to file such a comprehensive, informative and entertaining report. Writing up notes taken during weekend fun is unpaid work, which is why I make with the effusiveness.

Favorite moment: An inside look at the executive lingerie decision making process.
Nebula1400: "Was that an uncredited picture of Jane Espenson on the site (in Photos 4)?"

Yep, it was. Jane presented the Hugo for "Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form" -- although she was erroneously not listed on the program. It would have been just slightly cooler if she'd presented the award for the "Long Form" winner. She mentioned that she would be doing the short form presentation in her blog from Friday..

She wore a long, fringe-decorated black dress & looked quite elegant. She had, in fact, left the panel "Crafting the Whedon'verse" before the other two participants in order to get all gussied up for the ceremony.

(You are quite welcome, Pointy, it was sortof a payback for being allowed to play in the House of WHEDONesque, and also to be able to share a pretty groovy panel with y'all. I almost never get migraines anymore post acupuncture treatment -- once a year or so -- and the visual disturbances, while never longer than 15 minutes or so -- are quite the trippy experiences. Sometimes flourescent lights trigger them, I think.)
"and the visual disturbances, while never longer than 15 minutes or so -- are quite the trippy experiences. Sometimes flourescent lights trigger them, I think'

Ahhhh, so you are that kind of demon. (C'mon, somebody had to say it.)

Also many thanks Quotergirl, I look forward to your second installment whenever you get around to it.
dreamlogic added some additional material to my notes over at -- she's got a great memory.

And I don't think she's also a demon. (Please note: I am a demon with a soul.)
Good for Joss, well deserved.

(and great account QuoterGal and additions from dreamlogic ta for that you guys, makes selling body parts to pay air-fares/attendance fees that bit less necessary ;)
Color me late and as ever.

Congratulations to Joss and the "Serenity" crew. You guys certainly had an award coming, if not there, then in our hearts. Thank you so much for keeping our whirly minds entertained!
Great job, QuoterGal! :-)

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