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September 13 2006

Buffy score used in new Star Trek trailer. Kicks in at around 2 minutes 30 seconds. It's the strangest thing to watch Kirk and co whilst listening to Robert Duncan's epic score from 'Chosen'.

I just saw that and it boggled the mind. But, I like that they are restoring the original..
I never thought I'd get teary eyed watching Kirk but that music does it to me every time! I don't know that I'll go out of my way to watch this but it's a great idea to do this. Can they do Buffy next? Fix up Reptile Boy, you know...
I'm excited by this - it looks like they're doing it properly (unlike Mr Lucas), and this trailer did a great job of reminding me how good the original series was.
They better not touch Buffy, damn it. I don't want Joss pulling a George Lucas. Warts and all, please.

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"The ship hits the fans?" Really? That's what they're going with?
But pat32082, some of the effects are so cheesy! The werewolf?? Even Joss made fun of that. I don't watch Buffy for the monsters, but when they're so bad it gets a little distracting...
Wow! What a great trailer - I love how they've re-recorded the music, using today's musicians who have been doing music for all the permutations of spin-offs.

And I loved Rob Duncan's "Chosen" theme there - just glad they didn't use Buffy and Spike's love theme in it, because that would have been very.... odd.
From the sound of this project, its very different in scope than the Lucas Star Wars Redux. Basically the only parts theyre editing(other than cleaning up sound and image, which everyone loves, or should, bringing degraded video images closer to original film stock) are fx shots, and theyre only editing fx, not cuts, not length, not angles, not anything else. So you wont be able to see the strings on the enterprise anymore, or where the painted backdrop on Planet X begins!
Wow. Original Star Trek. Where geekiness began. Seriously, The Least, you're right, in the context of it's own time it was a great show, at least until season 3. It's nice to see it being treated with respect.

Does anyone else think the Scotty and Veronica Mars' Mac are the ideal cross-universe pairings? Given that Beaver is out of the picture and all.

Gingeriffic, I always think Oz's werewolf looks like a giant tamarin. I agree it's so bad it's distracting. Glad to know Joss agrees.
Now, the Doctor Who werewolf from 'Tooth & Claw', that was a werewolf :) Just rewatched some early Oz and was struck by the werewolf being just as bad as I remembered and the rest of it being even better ("...freeze frame: Willow kissage.").
When I saw the trailer for the first time, my jaw dropped and I thought "No, surely not the music from Buffy?". And then I thought to myself "40 years of Star Trek and they picked the music from Chosen?". I'm a big fan of Jerry Goldsmith's scores from the various Star Trek films and shows.
Greg Smith, the conductor, said that the original score is "hollowed ground."

Guess he really digs it.
That is fantastic stuff. I love that they're restoring it -- it deserves it, I think.
So far then I think the Chosen music has been used for this, a Hornblower ad, a WWE/WWF/wrestling ad, a Smallville promo and possibly in something to do with One Tree Hill(?)...
...was struck by the werewolf being just as bad as I remembered...

Yeah, the Oz-wolf wasn't great though I think whoever was in the costume moved quite well. Not always but mostly, they really moved in quite an agile, powerful way, like i'd imagine a wolf-human cross might. And I used to like the way they skidded around like a dog on a hardwood floor.

Great what they're doing with Star Trek: TOS. It'll help it last longer and make it more accessible to the next generation. So to speak ;).
I still gets chills just hearing the music, even if it's not on Buffy. Amazing score.
It is sort of funny that the talk about how great the original Trek score is and then go to Buffy music to build excitement in the trailer. Still, it is effective and I am looking forward to the restoration.
The ship was such a wonderful and crucial character. Weird to think that Joss remembered that with "Firefly" but Braga didn't on "Enterprise".

Man the original series, what a remarkable show that was.
The ship hits the fans! Haha :)
I loved the look of that but now I am confused. Where is this going to be available? How?
From what I understand, they will be going into syndication very shortly.
Okay, let me get this straight, they talk about how great is to have have the original music from the show, blah blah, and how great is to hear the music live, blah blah, and then they throw in a score from Buffy?! Don't get me wrong, but I don't get it.
"dubious frowns"

I was never a trek fan, but that Duncan's score does make me emotional, everytime I hear it.
At least was a up-tempo score, it would've been funny if they threw in Chris Beck's "Close your Eyes", for example.

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Amazing you can recognize a bit of music.
Original Star Trek and Buffy ... two of my great loves, together. *sigh* I grew up watching ST:TOS in the '60's, and it was one of the few notes of hopefulness I remember amid the background clamor of Vietnam and civic unrest. It was my first pop culture obsession, and thanks to Mr. Spock there was a precedent set for cool geek-dom.

How awesome it's finally getting the respect it deserves, and that new fans will get to experience it in beautiful HD with new sound and updated visual effects. Crossing my fingers a TV station in my area picks it up!

[Edited because I'm geeky (or should that be nerdy ...) enough to care about the nuance of meaning between 'nerd' and 'geek.']

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The Chosen theme is awesome.

Some of my friends say it sounds too Matrix-y... but I love it.
Well that was fun!

Okay, let me get this straight, they talk about how great is to have have the original music from the show, blah blah, and how great is to hear the music live, blah blah, and then they throw in a score from Buffy?! Don't get me wrong, but I don't get it.
"dubious frowns"

My recollection is that there were only 2 musical themes (3 if you count the couple phrases that were to punctuate comedy.) used in the original series and neither was all that long. I assume they wanted something dramatic to pad out the rest of the trailer, but not something that would make fans say, "but that was from the third movie!"

"Wow. Original Star Trek. Where geekiness began. "

Not to be an accuracy geek or anything, but people were pretty geeky about print science fiction and comic books before Star Trek. An argument could be made that Star Trek brought geekiness out of the basement and into the mainstream, however. ;-)
Yeah, that's sortof how I was thinking about it. Star Trek was sort of the Stonewall Riots of the geek underground. It brought it up and out, exposed it to light and air, where it could grow into the vibrant, thriving, powerful force for good it is today.

Also, more or less where began my personal geekines in earnest. It was a short hop from there to Chris Claremont's X-Men, Frank Miller's Batman, Man-Thing, Howard the Duck, Alan Moore, Badger, yep, an endless downhill road.

I must say, having finally been able to watch the video AND hear the soundtrack (not being at work now), that familiar music just raises a thrill along the back of my neck. Wiseblood, I was growing up right alongside you, with all that social upheaval and outrage over Viet Nam, and yeah Star Trek was a statement. Looking back, I think I can quibble with some of Roddenberry's political naivete, but I still feel the power of his optimism and faith in the basic decency of the human race. I think when something hits you powerfully at that particular stage in life, it imprints on you and for ever it resonates with you - like the way I still feel about Dylan and Joni Mitchell songs of that period.
it looks like they're doing it properly (unlike Mr Lucas)

Yes, they're adhering more to Mr Humphries' high standards...
hee-hee. (My first thought was not of George.)

Guess he really digs it.

That was bad, Chris. Really bad. (chortle)

So was I the only one who clicked through without reading carefully and was expecting to see Shatner and/or Nimoy fighting to the familiar strains of Nerf Herder?
Ok. Wow. Two faves. Aaaand:

Greg Smith, the conductor, said that the original score is "hollowed ground."

Guess he really digs it.

Yeah, I'll chime in with another "really bad" on this, Chris. But, like melsta, I'm chortling.

Me? I prefer "hallowed ground," but perhaps Mr. Smith was thinking of one of the OS eps that had a title something like: "For the earth (world?) is hollow, and I can touch the sky. . ." Or am I totally out of my tiny, feeble mind? Or does that title/quote come from somewhere else? Not Shakespeare, I'm positive. Edgar Rice Burroughs, maybe? ;-)
To go back to what I said a few posts up, aside from not liking the idea of "fixing" Buffy years after the fact because it's got a fun B-movie sensibility when it comes to the monsters and effects that would be lost in an reason against replacing creatures like Machida from "Reptile Boy" and the "Oz Wolf" is actually Giles' reason for preferring knowledge from books over computers.

Those two monsters were made by someone. They were constructed, and acted--they were tangible, which you can tell watching the show. CGI is not. And even after years of improvements, it still sticks out like it doesn't belong in live action (even top notch CGI like Davy Jones in Pirates II).

That's why even just updating the CGI that BtVS already used wouldn't do anything for me. It wouldn't sell the illusion any better.

Craftsmanship is getting lost in movies and TV, and to go back and replace examples of it retroactively, is sad to me.
Bad make-up and puppet work is just as bad as terrible CGI. Just because one was built by a puppeteer and another was built by a CGI artist doesn't automatically mean more work went into the puppet.

And I've heard the Chosen music pop up in quite a few places. All Warner Bros. HD DVDs have a preview of upcoming titles montage, and the Chosen theme runs over it.
I just hope Duncan's getting paid for all these other uses, and doesn't have one of those horrible deals you sometimes read about where the studio gets it all. Seems like Joss should get a little something, too, for his faultless taste in fiddlers.

The cloudless earth looked dated even in the '70s when I started watching ST:TOS. The change in the trailer is good, not Lucas-y. This seems like a worthy project, and I hope it gets syndicated somewhere I can watch it.
I never said more work went into non-CGI stuff. I said that to replace what's already there with CGI wouldn't make it better for me, because CGI doesn't add to my immersiveness, whether really good or not. It always stands out in its live action surroundings, so just leave well enough alone is my feeling.

And any bad makeup or puppetwork is the fault of the budget at the time, and I'd rather see it the way it was originally. I saw the original SW trilogy for the first time in 1995 when they came out on VHS (before the redos)--and the 20 year old effects didn't matter to me. I loved the hell out of those movies, and the effects were part of the charm.
It's really powerfull music.

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