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October 10 2006

The 101 most influential people who never lived. Buffy comes in at #44 in this pop culture book about fictional characters that shaped our culture and our lives. More over details over at the publisher's website. ETA: There's also an official author's site for the book too, a blog will be arriving soon.

Contains (SPOILERS) for those of us that didn't know that Buffy wasn't a real person.

Oh, I'll get over it, I'm just a little verklempt right now.
Buffy should be much higher than #44.

If this list doesn't include both Holly Martins and Harry Lime from "The Third Man", I will kindly ask the charming and illustrious author to reconsider their inclusion for the next edition. Self-indulgent? Perhaps, but be thankful I didn't also include Orson's fingers through the sewer grid, clearly the best finger performance in the history of cinema IMO. And the cat...
How can one film have the all-time best line, all-time best character entrance, all-time best bemused friend, all-time best finger performance, top 5 all-time best shadows, and all-time best final shot while being suffused with that annoying zither music?

Also think Sigfried is too high at #7, and IMO, Roy has more to answer for (that last could be a political slogan).

Sherlock Holmes must be very high, else how could "House" be highly rated, here and in heaven, whoops, the ratings? Plus, the canon is one the few things from that era I still enjoy re-reading as much as I did in 1893.

Anya, because she helped me kick my fear of rabbits. Note to PETA: No rabbits were harmed in the making of that sentence.

Gotta be a rabbit. While the hip crowd will go with Donnie Darko's Frank, a worthy choice indeed, I have to go with James Stewart's Harvey, who taught me all I ever learned about life at the age of six.

Hercule Poirot, who taught me the importance of "the little grey cells" and for NEVER acting superior to his decidedly inferior friend, Captain Hastings.

John Drake. Hell with 007, in a nice way.

Desmond from "O-bla-di-O-bla-Da" for bringing awareness of transgender issues to the masses years before it was fashionable without resorting to maudlin sentiment.

There are many more, but I'm sure you wish I'd stop.
Buffy should have been in the top three. COME ON!
I'm thinking number 1 even.

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