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December 14 2006

Buffy Season 8 gets spotlight in Diamond Comics' PREVIEWS. New season gets Front Cover spot in publication mainly used by retailers from the US and importers from all over the world.

That's quite the coup. Now I have no idea where Buffy issue one will chart.
A coup indeed.

And the order form confirms that if there is an alternate cover like the TFAW listing suggests, retailers cannot order it separately.

Now I have no idea where Buffy issue one will chart.

Good question... Definitely Top 50, and the biggest thing for Dark Horse in a while. I'm going to bet around Top 20ish for now.
Top 20 is a good guess.

Oh and in the next issue of SFX, there's an interview with Joss discussing the Buffy season 8 comics.

Relevant link.
After reprints are taken into consideration, I think the first issue of Buffy: Season 8 will be in the top 20, or even as high as the top 10.

However, I don't think it will start off there, because despite the media attention it's gotten, I think comic book stores will under order it, just like they did with the first issue of Serenity, which had 3 separate printings.

Comic book store owners probably have a good idea how many comic book fans will pick up the issue, but will be taken off guard with the number of Buffy fans who aren't regular comic book buyers who will drop by to buy just that issue.

Speaking of which, any non-comic book fans who want to start a "pull list" at your local comic book store, so that they will reserve a copy of Buffy for you, around now is a good time to do it, to make sure you get a copy. Otherwise make sure you get there on the day it comes out, as it will likely sell out quickly in most places.

I imagine it will take by issue #4 or even #5 for orders to be adjusted to reflect all the people who are picking up the Buffy comic. Hopefully Dark Horse will over print the comic or be quick with reprints to keep up with the demand.
This is fabulous, but sadly I won't be adding to the sales figures: because of limited shelf space, I have to wait to buy the collection...whenever the heck that comes out.
Okay, so I don't mass-order comics anymore with a big detailed pull list because of financial if I just give my shop a ring, can I pre-order Buffy? Or what?

Help, please...
However, I don't think it will start off there, because despite the media attention it's gotten, I think comic book stores will under order it

I'm optimistic the Buffy launch is well-timed with the tail end of Joss's AXM run and the beginning of his Runaways run. Between that and the media attention the book is already getting--which hopefully translates into many people contacting comic stores--expectations should be appropriately high.

A lot of stores around here have a minimum of titles you have to buy before they'll give you a subscription, but that's in conjunction with discounts.

I imagine many stores will be happy enough to write down your name for an assured sale.
Wow, top 20 would be great. Not sure myself though, wouldn't that mean something like 70-80,000 copies sold (just in the US) ?

I seem to remember from a breakdown Simon did a while back that Buffy was selling more around the 15-20,000 mark first time round (though obviously there's more demand now that the show's not on anymore and the 'Previews' cover certainly won't hurt, either sales or the eyes ;).

Don't get me wrong, I hope it flies into the top 10, beating the crap out of most comers, i'm just not counting any chickens. Seems like, given the original figures, it'll be non-comic reading Buffy fans that'll make all the difference and those non-comic readers can be a funny bunch ;-).
For anyone that is looking to compare pre-order sales figures of the original Buffy book, I did a little snooping and there was a big swing from the first issue to the last issue:

Buffy #1 Sept 1998-- 61,382
#2 Oct 1998-- 43,717
#3 Nov 1998-- 47,803
#4 Dec 1998-- 51,805
#5 Jan 1999-- 48,287
#25 Sept 2000-- 22,467
#35 Aug 2001-- 18,715
#45 May 2002-- 17,145
#57 May 2003-- 14,800 (last issue)

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To give you an idea how well the Serenity comic did, the first issue sold 38,502, however with all the reprints included it sold 91,594 copies (sales data via! Which if they sold all at the same time (instead of reprints two months later) would have placed the comic somewhere in the top ten of that month. Serenity #2 sold 57,290 and Serenity #3 sold 57,189, but I think it ended up a bit higher with more re-orders coming in later.

While Buffy and Firefly have different audiences (with of course a lot of overlap) I imagine that the new Buffy will perform similar to the way the Serenity comic did.
It doesn't really compare to the numbers of the first ongoing, what with Joss writing this one himself. He's written Buffy related comics before, but none focusing on the main cast, and none since he's hit the comic book big time with AXM. The Serenity comparison might be more apt, but hopefully retailers will remember the reorder activity on that book and take it into account.

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