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May 22 2003 has two article postings, one which we've seen and one we haven't... The one we haven't, "The (Un)Bearable Darkness of Buffy," gives an informed analysis of Season Six a year after the fact.

"While there were times when I, too, found the result repetitive, frivolous or dramatically inert, there were also times when I recognized emotional truths from my own experience that I had never seen portrayed anywhere with such honesty and raw intensity. And I canít think of any higher praise for a work of art than that."

I don't know that I'll have similar emotional feelings for Season 7 -- I enjoyed a few episodes and still love the show, but we'll see.

The quote above is in response to season 6, not season 7.
I know that the quote is in reference to Season 6 -- my point is that I agree with the overall assessment S6 and its emotional impact. I don't think (maybe I will after a year goes by) that I will have the same feeling for Season 7. It all seemed like, "we're getting ready, we're getting ready" times 20, and then a pretty good finish, but that's all.
Sorry, I was a little confused by your wording (or maybe my understanding of the wording) in the intital quote. I meant no offense.

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