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January 25 2008

Toy Story films get 3D makeover. Disney's bringing Toy Story back to theaters next year as a 3D movie, kind of like last year's revival of The Nightmare Before Christmas. The sequel is coming out in 2010.

Given that the Toy Story films are rendered graphics, they could presumably do 100% genuine 3-D for these (by re-rendering the same scenes in a secondary perspective and compositing that over the original), instead of the faux-3D conversions they did for Nightmare Before Christmas. Not that the job they did on Nightmare wasn't excellent ... I was very impressed with how beautifully they pulled it off, and it worked 95% of the time, but with Toy Story, if they have the data archived in a useable form, they could nail it 100% ...

Either way, though, I'll be there. I love those movies :)
I haven't seen this movie in such a long time! Good opportunity to do so again :-)
what does this mean in terms of residuals, will Joss get anything for this remake?
Didn't Joss say on that podcast the other day that Toy Story has never been profitable for the studio and therefore they unfortunately couldn't pay him anything.
(ie, the studios use creative bookkeeping to be greedy.)
Yeah, you have to admire their guts, taking such a huge risk on an unprofitable film.

Or, y'know, not.
I'd be a whole lot happier about this if 3D movies didn't make my eyes cross and give me a raging headache within less than five minutes.

Trust me when I say the modern 3D trend is my absolute most detested thing ever to hit a movie theater.

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