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August 15 2002

Television without Pity adds Firefly to its roster. TWOP offers recaps and discussion, is heavily moderated (good), very opinionated (mostly good), rather addictive (...) and occasionally infuriating. Prepare to dissect the newest product off the Whedon conveyor belt...

... though of course we'd rather see you do that here.

I love TWOP in general; I love Sars, the founder. Most of their recaps are hilarious. BUT ... they come down a little strong on the Buffy hate. Sometime after season three, all the Buffy reviewers decided the show was completely without redeeming value. Season 5? Garbage. Season 6? Perish the thought. And they've never really complicated that assessment. And those posters who disagree with that assessment tend to get buttwhacked rather harshly, by the moderators, no less. A few people have left the boards there with rather public disdain for the way the moderators come down on folks who voice a positive opinion of the show. Also, the quality of the Buffy recaps has gone down; a lot of "Jonathan looks angrily offscreen, ostensibly at his agent for not getting him off this show before it went downt he toilet"-type stuff.

I don't know how they're going to treat Firefly. I don't really read the Angel boards. Here's hoping it provides some fun recaps!
Word. I lurk there, and they have set little likes and dislikes, which you are bitched at if you don't agree with.
The Spike-hate is especially strong!
Spike hate? At TWOP? The fanfic section is Spuffy, Spuffy, Spuffy - you'd think there weren't any other characters on the show. Rest of the topics... I don't see any Spike hate. I see Xander and Dawn hate and oodles of Marti Noxon hate. It's gone a bit over the top, I think.
I guess we lurk in different areas - the general attitude towards the posters is authoritarian to the point of rudeness I think.
Yes, it is. It sometimes rubs me the wrong way, but at least posters aren't rude among each other.
OK, I had to complain about this somewhere, so I'm returning to this now-archived thread. Sputter. Anyway, TWOP is reviewing classic Buffy episodes right now, and the reviewer gave The Zeppo a bad review. The Zeppo. One of my favorite Buffy episodes ever. Arguably the only full-on Buffy self-parody in the repertoire. Among his comments ... "God, the cuts in this episode are clunky and ham-fisted." They're supposed to be. It's a parody. He claims at the end of the review that he recognizes this fact, but that it's "too serious to be a parody." What was serious about The Zeppo???? OK, [/rant].
Aside from the "Walker, Texas Ranger" line, those zombie guys were THE most boring characters in the entire history of the show (possible slight exaggeration). Come on - Xander is cool, and there were a couple of cool moments, but "The Zeppo" sucked.

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