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February 07 2009

Buffy on the Top 10 Favorite WB characters. Buffy and Spike make it to the WB Top 10 characters as representatives from Buffy/Angel. In related news, Sunnydale High made it to no.4 on this AOL Kids' Top Cool Schools list.

I added an item originally posted by Gota luv that Buffy to this entry. We are experiencing higher than usual turnover on the front page and so similar items will be merged to keep things relatively stable.
Yay for the Spike recognition! Spike is not onlt my favorite Jossverse character, but possibly my favorite character ever, in any series.
My other favorite TV characters are mostly from The Sopranos, Six Feet Under and BSG, so that's saying a lot.
Spike and Buffy are my favourite Buffy characters, too. :) (Not coincidentally, since they mirror each other in many ways).
Three of my favorite male chars are on the list! Spike, Dean and Lex. I love almost everything about the first two, Lex, well, I'm with the author on the early seasons (stopped watching SV 5 epis into season 6) -- all I have to say is, thank God for fanfiction.

Buffy, she stole my strong female need quick and clean from Xena *smirk* I am all for them to duel it out! I bet Spike and Ares would love to watch :D
Buffy and Spike...awesome characters. I'm glad that they live on in comic-format.
I love Spike, but he is no Angel!

I like all cited shows in there, but I cared only about Buffy and Angel, which are my favorite character.
Spike is what got me into the Whedonverse. While I am interested in many of the characters, I would walk over hot coals for more Spike!
I'm with baxter.

Well, into Buffy anyway. I was already watching Angel.

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Always a Buffy fan right from the start, but Spike turned it into an obsession. Spike is the reason why I started getting on the internet!
Same goes for me. I was a big fan of the show even before Spike arrived but he was the character that really hooked me during season two. Still one of the top five most interesting television characters I've ever had the pleasure of watching develop.
Since this is turning into a confession fest, I feel compelled to admit that my first experience with online fandom was courtesy of Spike/James Marsters. :)

Spike pretty, yes. But Spike's endlessly fascinating arc as a character and James Marsters' knock-out, multi-faceted portrayal of a character who changed and evolved with so many in-depth twists and turns, is what really hooked me.
As much as I loved the show in general, everyone on it and everything about it, Spike made it so much richer than it would have been, without him.
Shey, thank you for wording it better than I could've. I might be an all-in fan of Whedonverse, but if it weren't for JM capturing my attention with all that he offered (in that closing scene in I Only Have Eyes for You), I might've continued flipping through the channels and would've missed out on the greatest fandom out there :)

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