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February 12 2009

Eliza Dushku on Live with Regis and Kelly this Morning. Eliza will be promoting Dollhouse as the second guest on Live with Regis and Kelly today. She'll also be on Late Night with Conan O'Brien tonight as well. Eliza also visited today's Howard Stern Show (Scroll down to "Eliza Dushku Visits. 02/12/09. 7:35am."). Oh and Eliza and Joss will be tomorrow's Best Week Ever.

From Whedonesque poster oddjob will have an official summary with photos later today, but there's already a photo available. And HowardTV will most likely have the interview available on video to their subscribers next Monday.

It's funny---they briefly put her name up as "Eliza Dushko...and then took it off and put it up correctly later...
Now let's count how many times he calls her Janice or Marie or something -- the old coot can never remember his guest's names. It's embarassing.
Will this appear anywhere online? I've yet to find Olivia Williams on Craig Ferguson anywhere, either.
Here is a link to the R & K interview.
Why do they always mispronounce her last name? Last time, she taught Regis how to say it.
Good interview. She's quite an interesting woman. 1 day and 10 hours to go!

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I added jason.cinema's item to this entry, it's just to keep all the appearances on one thread and save space on the front page.
Dollhouse can win the Emmy for most misspelled cast names. Or maybe an Emmie.

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Thanks, Simon. Good idea. :)
I mean really, how hard is it to pronounce Dushku properly? It's not.
Well, Regis did get Triathalon and Telethon confused...and you know, they're basically the same thing. Right?
Not that great of an interview. I think the host didn't really cared about the show.
I added oddjob's info to this entry as well. Eliza sure is doing the rounds today.
I feel like I need a shower after reading that Howard Stern interview. Eliza's answers were good, but some of those comments by Howard, the listeners and other DJs--I feel icky.
By the way, a youtube user has already posted a video of the Live with Regis and Kelly interview.
Picture of Eliza at Stern today
Hi all! First time commenting. Eliza looks hot in that HS pic. I guess that's all!
"Cretin! Remove yourself from my trajectory!"
I love how TNT "magically" timed the airing of Angel episodes so that Faith episodes (Calvary and Release) would conveniently air this morning.

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