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August 31 2003

Buffy wins Hugo for "Conversations with Dead People" in the "Best dramatic presentation, short form" category. Other nominees were Angel's "Waiting in the Wings" and Firefly's "Serenity", as well as two episodes of "Enterprise".

I thought "Conversations with Dead People" deserved the Hugo but Joss should have gotten writting credit too. I understood he wrote the Buffy/Webster dialogue which was essential to the episode.
I've heard that Guild rules make it virtually impossible to get more than two writers formally credited on one episode.

I think Joss will be OK: everyone always thinks of him as the real creative genius behind BtVS anyway. I actually feel a little worse for Marti, who supposedly wrote most of the Willow/Cassie scenes. It would have been nice if she'd gotten some fan recognition for this, after all the flak she caught (much of it probably undeserved) for Season 6.
I think that Joss and Marti were the ones who made the decision not to credit themselves (since, as executive producers, their salary isn't determined by the number of scripts written), so it kind of sucks, but I guess it's a decision that they can live with.

I'm more disappointed that "Serenity" didn't win -- although "Conversations with Dead People" was one of the highlights of Season 7, I thought "Serenity" was far superior. Plus, a Hugo might have raised "Firefly"'s profile a little higher and made a movie a little bit more likely.

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Serenity came second and Waiting in the Wings fourth.

See links off;
Well, the Hugo Awards had to add the “Short Form” category for Buffy to finally win one. They have always given strong credit to deserving genre works, and I am glad Buffy has been recognized. Of course, I’m still a little grudgy that “Once More, with Feeling” has never won squat.
I attended the convention. Jane Espenson received the award. I spent the remainder of the evening trying to find her amid the crowds at the Hugo Party, but alas, I think she fled to her room. That, or I'm just one unlucky bastard.

I was extremely glad Buffy won, although I agree that, based on merit alone, Serenity deserved the win. But this being the only year Buffy could possibly win -- because of the added "Short Form" category (every year the city hosting the convention is allowed to add a category) and because the best Buffy episode (musical) went up against Fellowship of the Ring (as though it had a snowball's chance) and its final (inevitable) nomination, "Chosen," will go up against Return of the King (as though it has a snowball's chance) -- I was glad to see Buffy carry off the spaceship. Or, well, Jane Espenson, anyway.

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