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November 16 2003

Joss interview included in Alien Quadrilogy DVD set about the whole cloning idea in Resurrection. Set also includes Joss' first draft screenplay.

Bloody hell, that's probably the most thorough DVD boxset I've ever seen *must resist urge to purchase*.

Saying that, Alien Resurrection was the only film I have ever walked out of (and I've seen Jerry Maguire). But watching it years later on DVD, it's not that bad. Be interesting to see what Joss' original script is like.
Dammit. I already own the first Alien Quad box set. I'm going to have to shell out more dough for this one? Grrrr.

I just rented the Alien Saga documentary from Netflix, and it was really well done. John Hurt handled narration, and there were tons of cast and crew interviews. Joss Whedon appeared only briefly, probably less than three minutes of screen time total. If he had anything bad to say about his Alien Resurrection experience (which I'm sure he did) it was left in the editing room.

There were many elements of Alien Resurrection that I enjoyed (like the underwater scenes) but it was definitely the weakest of the four films. I didn't walk out, but I was looking at my watch a lot towards the end. Most of my irritation had to do with Winona Ryder - normally a very competent actress, but horribly miscast for that film. I agree with Simon, I'm very curious to see how Whedon's original story would have played out.
You look at these things that seem to be the big boxed sets to end all boxed sets...but since they'll probably make Alien 5 in the near future anyway, why not just wait for that to be included in the next set?
You can find that Joss's script from Screentalk,

for educational purposes only. I'm studying it now.
Yeah this is one impressive set. Of course I have the whole quadrilogy on VHS which seems more and more outdated by the much can we spend on movies we love?

What is missing though is what I would REALLY love! But what they would NEVER include, hehe: A Joss voice-over commentary on Alien Resurrection! I would just love to hear scene by scene what he exactly hates about how his script was shot. But...yeah well like I said, not really viable, hehehee.
There's another very thorough review of this boxed set at The Digital Bits.

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