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November 21 2003

Amber Benson European Tour Starts Next Week. It includes stops in Birmingham (Nov. 29th & 30th), Swindon (Dec. 4th), Augsburg (Dec. 6th), Frankfurt (Dec. 7th), and Dublin (Dec. 13th).

A separate thread covers her signings in Germany.

Yes!!! Belfast on the 12th :). Smashing stuff, I'll be there. Thanks for posting this.
Oops, sorry about the Belfast omission. But yeah, you're welcome! And to think I almost thought of *not* posting about this.

BTW, if you've never met Amber before, you'll find her to be quite fan-friendly. She's one of the nicest celebrities I've ever met, and I've met quite a few.
Sigh, anyone feeling generous for airfare? ;)
In 6 days she's going to be about an hour away from me. And I can't go. Me and my fellow Buffy-obsessive (we've been to a few conventions together) can't go because we have evil, evil parents and evil, evil school and other restrictive blah. It's so unfair ;_;

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