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December 23 2003

Baldwin Circling Atlantis Adam Baldwin, best known to SF fans as the mercenary Jayne on Joss Whedon's Firefly, told SCI FI Wire that he is pursuing a role on the upcoming Stargate Atlantis, a spin-off of the SCI FI Channel's Stargate SG-1.

If I can't watch him on Firefly, I'll be more than happy to watch him on the Stargate spinoff!!

I say he just gets a job on that show take over the set and bring the Firefly team and start making new episodes. Cause you know Stargate kinda growing old and done to death - I don't think this new series will improve on what's been done. Where as Firefly would help put Sci-Fi Channel in the drivers seat of cutting edge sci-fi series again, like First Wave and Farscape.

You think of all the network and cable channels Sci-Fi would know how loyal sci-fi fans are and how hard they will lobby to save a show. Poopy heads. :P

I mean come on they took over Sliders from FOX and Stargate from Showtime and kept them going long after their prime was up, not to mention Lexx and yet they balk at Firefly. They should have given Firefly a chance - maybe if they see the DVD sales and they are good enough they will reconcider. Yes I know .... but I can dream can't I. :)
Ok...has anyone thought that the reason that the Sci-Fi channel didn't pick up Firefly was because Fox is notorious for charging outrageous franchise fees for rights to their television shows? This was a key reason why Buffy moved from the WB to UPN and might have quite a bit to do with why Firefly was left to waste...Contrary to popular belief, Whedon has no say so as to where his works go...Fox bids out the contracts and Whedon makes the shows...HE may have wanted to pitch the series to the Sci-Fi channel but Fox owns the rights...
He did pitch the show to the Sci-Fi Channel after it was canceled from FOX and was turned down. Also one difference here is as far as the frachising rights go - Buffy was a proven success, where as Firefly never even got a chance. Also as I said before Sliders was a FOX program that the Sci-Fi Channel picked up even after it was on a downhill slide. So it would not have been the first time for the cable network to rescue a broadcast network show that had been cancelled - only this time the possibility of success was a heck of a lot greater with a new sci-fi series than a warn out one.

If FOX really priced this show out of range after it already giving it a cancelation mark - then the only thing left to believe is that someone had it in for Joss or ME and wanted them to fail miserably - which lends itself to a conspiracy theory. Although it has happened in the past - I serious doubt anyone in Hollywood would ultimate profit from doig that and profit is the bottom line - it is a business and Firefly is still a comodity to be bought and sold, perhaps now it's value as gone up because of DVD sales it may or may not return in one form or another.
That's definitely true that Joss Whedon tried to sell the show to a bunch of networks but their weren't any takers. As for Stargate getting old, well it is a bit, but I still tremendously enjoy it just as I did Buffy when a bunch of fans were complaining it wasn't as good as it had been. But to say that a spinoff wouldn't be good because the series is getting old isn't fair either. Everyone is hoping Joss does a spinoff of Buffy and that was as old as Stargate is now. Stargate is going into season 8 and the new spinoff is supposed to have a totally different concept. I'm looking forward to it and hope it does well.

But if Firefly was given a chance to fly again I would obviously want Adam Baldwin on that show above anything else.

As for conspiracy theories regarding Firefly, I truly think someone at Fox didn't want Joss Whedon to succeed. It's the only thing that makes any sense after first hearing their lame excuse why the pilot wasn't show first and then having seen the pilot scratching my head in disbelief at how they could've used those excuses. Such as the show lacked action and a bunch of other junk. And it wouldn't be the first time. I watched a special on A&E I believe about great shows that were cancelled in their pilot season and they interviewed execs who were behind the scenes and some guy basically said that someone sabatouged a show just because they didn't like it even though it looked promising. I think originally Fox was very excited about Firefly and gave Joss Whedon the green light and then maybe a new someone took over and just didn't get it or like the show. You know like Hollywood critics going and seeing movies meant for teenagers. They just aren't going to get it or like it.
Wish Adam all the best. Hope he has work from now until filming begins on the Firefly movie and the re-light of the series. Once that happens, I hope Stargate: Atlantis is canceled or Adam asks for his character to be killed off.
Well, he hasn't got the part yet but I bet he'd drop it to go back on Firefly. They sounded like such a close group and Joss has commented many times about how much fun they had. But as a fan of Stargate I'm hoping Atlantis will be a success.
He would drop it? Anyone ever heard of a Binding Contract?
Personally, I'm hoping that all of the former Firefly cast members are having a clause put in all their contracts that if Joss gets his miracle, they'll be allowed to go back to Firefly.

And binding contracts? Seth Green was signed as a regular on Buffy, but that didn't stop him from leaving. Tony Head was stil signed as well, when he went to recurring character. The truth is that if an actor is doing a job while he'd really rather be somewhere else, it'll probably show on screen, so anyone except for a series lead could potentially bow out early.
Also, it has happened in the past where an actor was on two shows at once, it could happen again.
Baldwin Circles Atlantis; Sci-Fi Circles the Drain

I can see the Sci-Fi Channel cancelling the show just as fast as it was proposed. Here's hoping Baldwin doesn't get bound in too tightly.

I'm amazed at how that channel has gone from something that I simply left running at any given time to a complete embarassment. It seems to be a graveyard for either very OLD shows which were decent or for terrible shows of the past two decades. Everything I liked on the Sci-Fi channel has been killed off (Lexx, Farscape, the Invisible Man, etc.)

Instead, we have Tremors. Tremors, if you look closely, is actually the Dukes of Hazzard dressed up worm-style. Just start with El Blanco = Boss Hogg and go from there.
As long as Adam Baldwin will be back for Firefly the movie, I'll be happy. The Firefly experience just wouldn't be complete without Jayne.
I couldn't imagine Firefly without him, he quickly became one of my favorite characters and added a lot of humor. But I can't imagine the movie (or series if it is ever given another chance) with other people playing some of the parts. I feel the casting was perfect and they got great people from the start.

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