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December 31 2003

Firefly Film Details Hinted on Sci Fi Wire - Once again Joss says the film might not happen, but it probably will. Or vice versa.

I want a movie, then a resumption of the series...I truly do...
God, I want Firefly back.
I still don't get why there isn't a single network which was interested.
ZachsMind - I don't get it either. I'm sure the sales of the DVD were spectacular for a show that just had such a short run. You'd think with all the praise being heaped on the show from one review after another that the networks that had been approached would rethink their decision. Especially with all the shows that totally flopped this season.
Maybe something has been offered but Joss & co. don't want it. The commentaries made it clear that the cast were just as pissed at Fox and even celebrated after they'd finished working for them.

I don't think they'd willingly go back to working for a network which wouldn't meet their own demands.
When it was being shopped around, it sounded like it was just too expensive for the netlets and cable channels. Firefly was a very expensive show to produce. Although most of that cost had been paid upfront for the set construction. My guess is that money, and an unproven sci-fi format (the "sci-fi/western" moniker), were the two largest sticking points.
Probably, the networks interested in Firefly couldn't afford to produce it and the networks that could afford to produce Firefly weren't interested in it.
I always read that FF was so expensive. But has anyone any figures? Maybe compared to shows like Enterprise? I somehow don't believe it ...
I just checked Amazon...Firefly is currently number 11...with 350 favorable customer reviews...Buffy Season 5 is number 9...with 22 full episodes, it only costs a couple of bucks more than Firefly's 13 episodes...if that doesn't indicate meeting a market test, I don't know what possibly wife and I have bought 5 copies of it (2 for friends, 2 for family members, and, of course, 1 for ourselves). I think a lot of people are doing this, meaning the possible audience for a reintroduction of the show (with tons of promotion on the morning shows, the cable nets, and a re-showing of the first season as a starter) could be huge.

Maybe I'm just being naive and overly hopeful. But I'm getting tired of hearing from my wife how damned much she wants more Firefly, and I'm really tired of totally agreeing with her! Zencat, I am totally with you...
My wife watched The Message with me last night -- her first Firefly ep ever. She asked me three times to explain why the show wasn't still on. "This episode was never shown? Not at all?" No, dear. "Weird." Yes, dear.

Love the Firefly DVDs. Whoo hoo to Tudyk Dinosaur Pantomime!
I only caught a few episodes when the show was on, but now that I have watched them all back to back I am so distraught that there is currently nothing else to look forward to. I will be happy if there is a movie, but the show is what I really want.

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