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January 07 2004

Firefly score soundtrack in the works. Chris Buchanan, President of Mutant Enemy, says "we hope to have a soundtrack available in 2004, perhaps via an "alternative" distribution channel".

And look out for an official Mutant Enemy website sometime this year, fingers crossed and all that.

THANK YOU, Mr. Buchanan.

I had watched The Message a few days ago, and the closing music to that episode has absolutely drilled into my brain (in a good way.) Having bought the Return of the King soundtrack, I've had my fill of beautiful, sad scores -- but this was several notches above Howard Shore's good work.

Then, watching the Firefly featurette, to find out that composer wrote it, knowing the show was being cancelled -- just makes sense, and makes the music all the more touching.

I'll buy it. At $25, I'll buy it.
Oh, that's nice. Give a show that didn't last a season a score soundtrack but not a successful show that ran seven years their own. Wasn't it suggested somewhere that Fox thought the fans were not interested? Honestly, I sometimes wan't to hurt these people. I want to hurt them alot.
Christopher, perhaps if the Firefly soundtrack is successful, a BtVS one will follow. Instead of getting all bitter (though you've got a valid point), be happy for the Firefly fans who wanted this and see it as a sign that Mutant Enemy is beginning to realize that they're gonna have to be a lot more aggressive.

Nothing's set in stone yet (aside from ME getting their own site, I can't see that failing), but I see this as a very positive sign.
Also, many of the most spectacular scores from BtVS (main theme, Buffy/Angel theme from Becoming II, the suites from Hush and Restless, the sacrifice theme from The Gift, all the music from OMWF, and the battle theme from Chosen) have already appeared on the various compilation CDs. I'm sure there's still much good stuff left, but perhaps not enough to fill a whole additional CD.

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