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January 11 2004

Official news on the Firefly movie soon? Chris Buchanan seems to think so and he says that the DVD has sold better than Fox anticipated. "There have been significant re-orders (an unusual thing for this type of program)".

Universal seems to be willing to make the movie (crossing fingers, touching wood, lighting candles), but we still have a few (non-creative) hurdles to cross.

Mmmmmmm positive news indeed.

For what it's worth, Firefly was sold out everywhere I looked in Evanston, IL and Wilmington, DE until after Christmas, when stores had reordered.
I also had trouble finding Firefly during the holiday season. There were several copies at Wal-Mart right when they came out, but I came back a week later and they were all gone. I finally found one copy at Target. Lucky for me, I guess, that the Target staff in my town never puts anything (DVDs, videos, CDs, etc.) in alphabetical order. Due to their incompetence, I was able to sift around in their confuddled DVD area and fish out a copy.

I live in the whitebread suburban redneck hell that is the greater Houston area, so Firefly seems to be selling well everywhere.

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"Confuddled" -- that's fabulous. Thanks, lalaa. Also fabulous are anecdotes of Firefly being sold out or hard to get.

This Chris Buchanan statement is a great sign. I'm crossing my fingers in a major, major way.....oh, boy am I.
DaveW, do you live in Evanston? I'm an NU student. And I have grandparents in Wilmington.

Anyway, when I bought my DVD's at Target the Saturday after they came out, they had 5 copies on display (the new release side display), more than any other DVD (but maybe that's all they had, with none back in the stockroom). I bought two copies.
This is very hopeful and I am also lighting candles and keeping my fingers crossed!
yeah, what you guys said.
Invisible Green - Yep, I'm an NU senior. I'm not sure of the decorum for posting personal info on this blog, so ph me - just search "David Weigel".
I can't really tell how the Firefly sets are doing in my area (the GTA of Ontario). I visited a few stores (HMV, Future Shop, Sunrise, and Rogers Video--the only place that didn't have them) on December 9th and saw from two to three copies at each location. At Sunrise they were hidden behind the counter with the rest of the big DVD boxsets. The front covers of Buffy and other big-sellers like The Simpsons got to face out in a more advantageous display, while only the spines of the two copies of Firefly could be seen. HMV had its two copies of Firefly on the bottom shelf, not even grouped with any ME-related series or in alphabetical order. It just got stuck on the bottom. Future Shop had the series in the "F"s.

This may sound nuts but whenever I go to the mall lately, if none of the sales clerks are looking I'll make the set(s) face outward and move it to a more obvious spot on the shelf if necessary. I've worked in retail so I know how annoying it can be to have to reorganize everything after the customer browsed...but too bad, I want the series to sell more.

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We've bought all of our DVD sets (6 to date) from Amazon, so I can't report on availablity in the DC area...

Kris, I have been guilty of similar mischief on occasion...good for you!

Every person I've lent these to will buy a set...exponential marketing!
I wrote the following e-mail to Universal:

To the Board of Directors at Universal:

Yes, this is another e-mail asking Universal to "green light" Joss Whedon's Firefly movie.

Wait, hear me out.

I'm not going to restate the obvious by telling you that Joss Whedon is an artist, an enormous creative talent. You know that already.

What I will tell is that Universal has a rare opportunity to make a considerable pile of cash in the science fiction film market. Star Wars? A shadow of its former self. Lord of the Rings. Done. Matrix? Over and good riddance. Star Trek? All but dead.

Firefly has all the makings of a lucrative science fiction film franchise. Talented creator. Distinctive universe. Great cast and characters you love. Give Whedon his movie, and I guarantee you won't regret it. You will clean up at the box office and on DVD sales for years to come. Go for it.


Jacob Lasky
I like your email to Universal. You avoid the crazy fan sound, which is a good thing (less easy for Universal to dismiss).

I just saw on the U.S. Amazon site that the Firefly DVDs have gone from shipping within 2-3 days to shipping in 3-4 weeks. This has happened at least twice before. Is Amazon backlogged yet again with Firefly orders? Is this another example of the "significant re-ordering" that Chris Buchanan mentioned?

The great thing about this Firefly groundswell is that it's just that -- a groundswell. Aside from the original sabotaging of the series by Big Bad Fox during the series run, the DVDs themselves were barely marketed. And yet they're selling damn well. It feels good to be on the side of the underdogs when the underdogs are looking like they might win something. Fingers crossed! Candles lit!
Shipping on Amazon U.S. is back to 2-3 days. I've noticed this quick back-and-forth happens a lot on the Amazon site, not as a rule, but for Firefly. I'm thinking it's a demand problem and they keep having to secure more.

Okay I have to stop compulsively checking Firefly's status on Amazon. It's getting a little crazy.
Phlebotinin - you're not alone in your obsession! Anyone who loves Firefly has a burning desire to see it do well and we all take pleasure in hearing these things! Keep up your obsession!!
Thanks, blwessels. I will -- even if those outside the "circle" want to call the men in white uniforms on me.

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