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February 11 2004

Firefly to return to television? "The original (movie) script was shelved and Joss wrote something else entirely. Something less of an epilogue and more of a potential springboard to a series return".

I'm guessing but I think this info came from Chris Buchanan, president of Mutant Enemy but I could be wrong.

A series return would be a dream come true, much more than a movie. But who is the source for this? If it were Chris Buchanan, you'd think that the poster would like to point to that, because Buchanan would be one of the best sources there is. Ah well.

I'd love to be able to read that first script that was scratched. Whedon said it was the hardest thing he's ever had to write. I wonder how different the second script really is -- hopefully it'll contain the same kind of big payoffs for avid fans that the first script apparently had.
Wonder if, hard as it was, the first script still just didn't work.

And hey, did someone say "series return"? Talk about music to my ears! But assuming that this and the last bit of news aren't mutually exclusive, a "late 2005" movie premiere date suggests there could be no series until at least Fall 2006 -- and what are the chances all nine of them will be available then? The captain especially I worry about, what with his big NBC contract and all. He could be a major star of a hit TV show by then. And good on him if he is! But while he may be willing to forego dialysis for Firefly, I doubt can he afford the financial penalties of breach of contract? Isn't that what we're facing here?

OK, I'll stop being a negative nelly for now and just sit quietly with my fingers crossed.
Well where would he take it in movie form? He has two audiences. People who never saw the series, and people like us who did. He can't tell the whole story over again. Realize how convoluted the dozen or so episodes that exist are? How intricate the plot threads? He could take as a given that all this stuff that's already happened is prestory for whatever the film would be, but then he'd need some device for exposition. Even then, there's just too much wealth of possibilities between the Reavers and the Blue Sun and the various characters with whom Serenity has interacted.

My bet is, someone important got a glimpse of Whedon's working film script, looked Whedon in the eye and said, "you can't tell this in two hours, can ya?" And Whedon soberly nodded his head. They both shrugged. The important guy made some calls, and now they're reviewing the television thing.

The series needs some retooling to appeal to a wider audience. Whedon's gonna have to make a couple more compromises. We may not get all nine principals back. What's important is that the story gets told.
If I were a TV network, I'd be looking at all the positive press that Firefly has received about the DVDs, and ringing up Joss and seeing if I can negotiate a series return... cut the budgets here and there but make it work.

Especially if a movie were planned - great way to launch a new series.

If Universal didnt think the story had legs, why would they make the movie? People out there obviously think there's a large audience for FF. One that goes out on Friday nights. :)
Oh h'biki, if only you were a TV network!
I read this in today's thread on about the latest movie news:

"Let me interrupt your celebrating with a word of restraint. Nothing is certain until official word comes down. I can't specifically say who the source of this info was, but it's not directly from anyone at ME. I would peg this about an 8 (out of 10) on the rumor accuracy scale. Okay continue your celebrating..."


An 8 out of 10 isn't so bad. I'll keep celebrating, all right, but won't break out the champagne quite yet.
I'll celebrate when it's back on the air, or on the silver screen, or whatever. I'd just like to see Whedon get to continue telling this story. It's a good story. When he gets to continue telling his story, that's when I'll celebrate.

However, I can speculate until the cows come home. =)
"a potential springboard to a series return" sounds suspiciously like a made-for-TV film. I'd be extremely happy with that, if it was hyped up with the promise of a series to air soon after. That'd be much more appealing than big screen movie news.
Personally, I would think a big screen deal would be better for Firefly. Maybe that could then lead into a return of the series, but I think it would allow more success than simply bringing back the series or a made-for-TV movie. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see any of it happen. But I think more people will be drawn to Firefly if it became a Big Screen deal. I think most people that aren't already familiar with it, will just disregard a made-for-TV film and might think 'if it wasn't good enough to air in theaters, it must be crap' - despite some successes in the made-for-TV past. And simply bringing back the series doesn't seem as effective as a feature film either.

Of course, I'm no marketing specialist. And my ideas all get jumbled and turned around, and then everything sounds like a good idea! lol Also, I realize whatever direction Firefly is taken, could have good or bad consequences. There's always the chance for a surprise audience approval - or disapproval - no matter what form Firefly makes its return.

I'm just eager for a return of some sort.
If only I were a TV Network then I'd be full of great shows that no one watches! That's the thing with being slightly above average intelligence, half the population is still stupider than you. :(
I know that if I were a TV Network, I'd broadcast Quantum Leap, Strange Luck, VR-5, Freaky Links, The Lone Gunmen, Roc, Police Squad, an american version of The Prisoner, Firefly (of course) and The Tick. Oh. And an animated version of Buffy. =)
Zach, I think I'd watch over 3/4 of that station. Sounds good to me, but let's not forget Ripper in the lineup.
Y'know, any shelved script is only a few editorial steps (i.e. making chapter separations) away from becoming a really nice novelization. I don't know about many of you, but I would LOVE to read stories set in the Firefly 'verse. Gimme a book to ease the long, cold wait for the film and *gasp* -- the series return? *crosses fingers and several toes*


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