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February 12 2004

Buffy and Angel nominated for 2004 Saturn Awards. The shows got eight nominations between them for best network show, best actor and actress and best supporting actor and actress. Firefly got nominated for best dvd tv release.

I find it hard to believe that Enterprise and Andromeda made this list and Scott Bakula was nominated for best actor. Also, Charisma Carpenter and Amy Acker nominated over Alyson Hannigan in the best supporting category is also shocking to me. I love both those actresses in their roles but their acting abilities come no where near Alyson Hannigan's.

Glad to see Firefly getting more recognition but it would've been nicer if the series had been given a chance because it would've been right up there with Buffy and Angel most likely knocking Enterprise right out of the galaxy.
yeah charismas name was a bit shocking. season 7 didn't really highlight alyson's acting abilities though, so i can see them leaving her out (even though i think she should get a fucking truckload of awards for season 6).
As excited as I am to see Buffy and Angel nominated for anything, it's tough to take these awards seriously when something like Tomb Raider 2 can be nominated for Best Picture. I think that the pickings are so slim in the sci-fi/fantasy genre that pretty much ANY show or movie that falls into that category is bound to be nominated.
Don't forget the sattellite awards are going to be announced Feb 21 and Angel has 4 nominations including best actor, best supporting actor and actress in a Drama by the International Press Academy. Which does not limit it's nominations to one specific genre, it covers TV and movies in general.
A lot of the Saturn Award nominations sorta discredit them as far as observing sci-fi/fantasy with a critical eye towards quality writing. I mean I'm happy to see some stuff up there that you otherwise won't find in the Emmy or Oscar nominations (like Carnivale and Peter Pan), but I think the Saturn awards should be taken as lightly as the MTV awards--it's all in good fun.

Really though, it's a matter of opinion as far as deciding which awards ceremonies/shows to take seriously and which ones to ignore or take lightly. I mean there's no real concrete reason why the Oscars are the be-all-end-all of movie awards shows, why the general public just accepts them as such (I'm sure there's some evidence in the Academy Awards' history that shows how they gradually garnered so much reverence).
blwessels Nathan Fillion won Face of the Future in the 2003 Saturn Awards due to his Firefly role.
I think if Firefly had had a chance, Nathan Fillion would've been the next big star out there. He has it all (and I just love those tight pants!!).
Did anyone catch Joss' comment on Fillion's award during the pilot commentary? He said something like "actually he won it for Two Guys and a Girl". I took it to be a joke but what's "Two Guys and a Girl"? Anybody know?
Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Joint was the original title of a comedy sitcom - later shortened to Two Guys and a Girl. I think Nathan played the boyfriend of the Girl from the title.
I thought the origianl title was Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place...if we're picking nits.
Ah, my television illiteracy rears its ugly head. Thanks for the info. Was it on long? Any good?
The show was on for maybe 4 seasons. It was your run-of-the-mill sitcom. Fairly funny, I guess. I liked the guy who played Berg at least.

Nathan Fillion was okay. He was kind of a nice, goody-goody guy (Johnny) who played the straight man/comic foil character to his goofier neurotic girlfriend (and later wife), Sharon. He was only in the latter seasons.

I think 'Two Guys and a Girl' runs daily on the WE channel in the US.

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I used to watch that show, then got bored with it and had only started watching it again when Nathan Fillion joined the cast. He was quite good in the role and, in my opinion, was stealing the show from the two lead men.
Award shows are political beasts. Agents and marketing and all kinds of connections lobbying for various individuals. It means nothing. Apparently Hannigan's 'people' didn't support her for the Saturns, probably cuz her interests lie elsewhere.
two guys and a girl rocked! honestly you gotta see nathan in it to appreciate his range as an actor.
I watched it once, I was in awe of Nathan's sweater.

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