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February 19 2013

David Boreanaz will be at Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con in June. Amongst other things, you will be able to have a photo op with him, James Marsters, Charisma Carpenter and Juliet Landau and others also in attendance.

Oooh, I've never seen David at a con! Maybe I'll check this out.
If I could get a photo op with James, Juliet, and David... I might consider flying from LA to go to this...
Excluding SDCC, I think the last con/signings he did was the one with James Marsters in London back in 2004.
Oh my god......why is Philidelphia so far away???
Oh man I am so so there. I may have to wear a Flyers shirt. This is great news. I just wish we could get more writers/creators to the Wizard World Con in Philadelphia.
Don't forget that Summer Glau will also be there.

Since she guest starred in 'Angel' s03ep13 Waiting in the Wings, i wonder if she'll be part of the group photo for Angel.
It looks like he's no longer listed, I'll post something to the front page once I can find some sort of official confirmation.

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