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March 12 2004

Details on the "Save Angel" Rally. Details of "Save Angel" Week events.

Found this via Buffy Online.

[Edited because I put the wrong link in here.]

There's a very interesting account of the Rally at the WB studios here.
"A few elderly ladies gave horrified looks at the picture of Lorne that was on my sign, and many had never heard of this "Angel" show."

That is hilarious.

Interesting that the WB execs told the rally'ers that it all comes down to Fox's exorbitantly raised licensing fee. I believe it.
It's a shame there wasn't a better turn out. I suppose it raises awareness, but I can't see the WB changing their minds just because 17 people want Angel to return. :-) It's not very encouraging is it?
People have to work and go to school. + alot of people don't live in LA.
They should have scheduled it on a Saturday.
Saturday is a weekend, meaning people are off of work yes, but that also includes the people at the WB.
Well, I was there, but really, besides the work-day thing, the main trouble was with the changing of the sites. Like they said, they went to a different location on the day itself. No one could put it on the website because they were all there, so no one knew. I drove around the first address myself and didn't see anybody (And judging from many boards I wasn't the only one), and went home. Then I called one of the organizers on her cell phone and she said it had moved.

If they'd known beforehand and put that address up from the start, there would've been a lot more people I think. I've seen many posters say they drove by (the first spot) and didn't see anybody.

Must say I felt a little weird with a sign in my hand but it was an interesting experience. We got all excited when they said Nick brendon and his brother were on their way, but as said, they never showed. (And seeing how he's not even on Angel anyway I was kinda wondering why he would...ah well.)

Still the appreciation from James Marsters was nice. And you'd be amazed how many people did honk and cheer when they saw our signs. Like I said, interesting experience. There should be a 10-15 min documentary up online soon, since they had a film student interview people and everything.
Good on you EdDantes! It's great to hear from someone who was there. It's a pity there was the mix up over locations, though. I'm sure more people would have been there if they had known the rally had moved.
I think the effort sounds fantastic... but I kind of had to chuckle at the irony here.

Everyone complains that Angel would have done better and kept more viewers if its schedule wasn't switched around. And here the rally organizers suddenly changed locations (switched schedules) thus getting less participants.

Oh, if only the WB would understand that as well.
Yes, I agree. Kind of proved our point, don't you think. :-)
Well I'm going to be in L.A. for a few days in mid April and I'm going to glare at any WB billboards I see. Also plan to drop random comments in restaurants, shops etc in the nicest Northern Irish accent I can muster to say "I can't believe they axed Angel. Only US show I ever watched.".

Kudos to EdDantes for going to the rally btw.

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