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March 21 2004

Saving Angel campaign takes flight Wow...Just...uh..Wow.

"Theresa Fortier, one of the instigators of the Web site, said the group has raised some $22,000 from several hundred donors in just a few weeks."

Now, one would think, that anyone in the retail business who advertises their products on TV would realize that if the fans of Angel are willing to dish out $22,000 to help save their show even after being told it most likely won't help save it, that this is a show they might want to showcase their products on. And of course that isn't counting the money donated for the magazine ad in Variety too.

Glad to see that the truck campaign is getting the attention they sought and hopefully this is making some people in power rethink their unexplainable decision to cancel Angel.
Saving Angel campaign takes flight

That title and the "wow" reaction made me immediately think Saving Angel was going to get a blimp ad. So although I think this article and the billboard trucks are awesome, I can't help but feel a little disappointed. A blimp would be cool. Oh, well. ;)
I agree, let's get a blimp. LOL!!! :)
I had the same thought, electricspacegirl.
Melsta, good to know I'm not alone. Sometimes I think my thoughts are too crazy.

Anyway, how much do you think a blimp ad would cost? It's probably too expensive. But it would just be too cool.
Yeah, I was expecting a blimp or some kind of banner flying behind a plane. Or, OH! Maybe skywriting! Yes.....
Maybe not a blimp, but what about sky writing? Or an airplane trailing one of those banners? Hmmm....
There's a reason why you don't see more people doing the blimp thing, it's VERY expensive.
Man, I am all for this blimp business. Do we want to go down as the blimpless fandom? I think not. That would simply be bad form.
In my fantasy, we are not blimpless.
Hey, this same story is listed on the front page of Talk about exposure. That's great!
Anyone else laugh when they call it the "soon-to-be-cancelled", I mean the whole reason behind this is that the WB did offically canceled the show - unless they know more than we do. Either way they can keep using the "soon-to-be" line, only the next time I hope it's more like a "soon-to-be sixth season". :)
Karen - I was just going to write the same thing about this story being on the front page of CNN. This is great....I hope this helps b/c the people at have done so much to keep Angel on the air. It would be nice to feel that the fans actually matter in the eyes the network.
Ok blimp rental and such - depends on the blimp Remote Control starting at 8' for less than $1500.00 not including shiping and graphics. The kind you see at sporting events flying around. Can you imagine flyingit around the WB or FOX executives studio offices. :)

No pricing availible on these sites but there is also Airplane banner ads and Hot Air Ballon Ads

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A little blimp should follow Jordan Levin around day and night, at work and at home, just hovering over him.

[ edited by irish on 2004-03-22 20:07 ]
Let's face it, we're just a bunch of blimpless wonders...!

This is one of the more amusing and still somewhat substantive threads on this site for some time...I'm laughing out loud in my office!
I am very suprised that there has not been any articles in EW concerning Angel's demise...There were major articles concerning the SMG "exclusive" but no mention of AtS...Too bad really!
The best advertisment would be David B. walking around butt naked with a sign on his back, "Save Angel's Ass"!! I don't think they (or he) would go for it though! Oh well, I can dream.
LOL blwessels! Now I can't get that image out of my mind. Not that it's a bad image or anything...
Hey it's got Yahoo front page coverage now. News headlines spot.. the headline they use is "Save 'Angel' campaign raises $22,000"
Hey - I've got the slogan for our airborn campaign: "With fans like these, who needs wings?"
I am such a dork.
I have this urge to start chanting "BLIMP, BLIMP, BLIMP!" like some guy at a kegger shouting "Chug."

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