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"Hey, I likes me some kink, but if you think I'm going downtown on this chick, you chose the wrong Chosen One."
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March 23 2004

NEW ANGEL RALLY! Another LA rally is being planned for March 31st, since it seems the first rally was less successful than the organizers hoped.

Anyone in the LA area, come out and show your support if you can! I'll see if EdDantes is willing to brave it again!

They changed sites on the day itself! That was the whole thing! Otherwise, obviously, there would have been thousands upon thousands! No wait! MILLIONS!

(So I live in my own little world. Leammealone)

Congrats on yer first post hon. As for me going again.....possible.....possible. Last time we almost met Nick Brendon, so...hehe. Maybe this time Eliza could show up!

Or uhm....almost show up....uhm....
Man, if I could get my homemade transporter doo-dad to work, I'm so there!

Or not. Just wishing I could be.

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