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March 29 2004

(SPOILER) Possible casting rumour for 'Serenity'. Apparently Joss Whedon wants this well known actor to be in the movie.

Is this really a spoiler btw? I put on the tag just to be on the safe side.

It seems only fitting that Whedon would shoehorn Buffyverse actors into the Fireflyverse, since he did vice versa last year.
oh this is great news!!!! i cant wait to see who he will play!
I'm very happy about this rumour. I'd like to see him play a villain possibly working for the Alliance.
That would be so great... Of course the character would have to be completely different from Angel in pretty much every way possible. Whedon could jumpstart soo many careers with this movie!!! Both behind the camera and in front of it.
he should be a badass bounty hunter or something!
I have never seen Firefly...but casting David.....I'm buying a ticket!!!
Since when did we start treating Dark Horizons like a credible source? :)
I hope this is true. It was fun seeing Nathan on BtVS and Gina on Angel and it would be great seeing David working with that group. He can definitely play the bad guy and it would be fun to see him in that type of role! Again, I hope it's true!

And if it is, I'm wondering if the idea came about before or after it was announced that Angel was being cancelled. It would be great if they could find roles for some of the other actors but I think if they had more than one it would take away from the actual movie.
Coll, you have to go out and either buy or rent the dvd set. The show totally blew me away with how great it was/is and it was like being sucker punched when they cancelled it. But, if you just go out and rent it you'll most likely end up buying the set anyway!
Simon, I don't think it's a spoiler ... I'm so psyched for this movie that I've actually been loaning out my Firefly DVD's to friends who are on my s**t list for not returning my Buffy DVD's in a timely fashion... (I mean, SIX MONTHS of sitting getting dusty... ok, trying not to be neurotic...) Anyway, I'm doing my part to make sure they have a big opening weekend :-)
i agree! col go buy the set...if you love joss whedons style you will love 'firefly' it wreaks of joss!
Verrrrry interesting...
Would that make Boreanaz the last hat trick?
I sooooo want this to be true!
hes probably doing this to pull more angel and buffy fans into firefly. smart idea, but ill probably still pass on the movie.
That sounds very cool. And smart. With no Buffyverse stuff on TV, that's going to draw a lot more people to the film.
If this happens, it would surprise me if he's the only Buffyverse actor in the movie. Maybe he'll be the villain, I can imagine the trailer, "Years after the destruction of earth, one thousand year old vampire travels through space, his name: Angelus!". Or maybe not, he might play a different character in this!
Ghost Spike: "Years after the destruction of earth, one thousand year old vampire travels through space, his name: Angelus!".

That would be funny - especially if they said "Once, he tried to be good but when the reward he thought he deserved was given to another - he reverted back to his true, demonic self!"

Anyway, back to reality! I do think it could be a draw for some Buffy or Angel fans who haven't watched Firefly to get them to go but I don't know if Joss thinks that way. He seems to just like the people he works with and seems to want to continue working with them if he can find a way. If this is true, I can't wait to see what type of role they'll come up with for DB. I'm betting he'll be a bad guy because he is just so good at that when he plays Angelus!
Yeah, Ghost Spike, and River takes out her magic scythe to fight him with.
Ghost Spike, you read my mind...and, Coll, what blwessels said, about Firefly!

DB's turn as Angelus in Season 4 was phenomenal...
That'd be so cool, River and Angelus fighting outside the ship while the rest of the crew fight an army of Reavers on the ship(we'd find out that Angelus was in charge of the reavers)! Despite not needing to breathe, would Angel need a spacesuit, my physics was always rubbish.

Anyway, I reckon/hope David Boreanaz will be evil, yet realise theres more chance of Angel getting picked up for a 6th season than him playing Angelus in the movie. I can always dream though.
A vampire would still need a spacesuit as long as he was made up of cells. The negative pressure of space would make an animal cell explode.
So is no one going to comment on the "Dark Shadows" irony just a bit further down that page? Not only does it appear that the "new" vampire series (an update of a HIGHLY overrated original series) will have one former 'Buffy' guest-star alumni in a major role, but it seems that the main character himself, Barnabus Collins, is being played by actor Alec Newman. The news report credits him as being from Sci-Fi Channel's "Dune" series, but fails to mention that he played Drogyn on 'Angel'.

Cruel irony!
Haunt - I didn't read that part - only the Firefly bit so I just went back to read it. I didn't recognize the name of the actress who was on Buffy. What role did she play?
She played Riley's perfect wife.
Thanks Eachman! Well, at least she played a character I didn't particularly care for!
Grrr...I really like Alec Newman. It sucks that he's attached to a project I originally had no intention of watching.
The best thing about this is that it would keep DB available for any possible Angel spin off, film or TV, just as using the Firefly actors in the Buffyverse helped keep them available for the Firefly film.

PS: vpecoraro have a look at .

Even ordinary humans can survive in a vacuum, but only for less than a couple of minutes.
Gah! Alec Newman's been cast as Barnabas Collins? Crap! Well, I don't care! I'm still bitter and refuse to watch. Damn. Besides, I've already been subjected to enough hours of the old Dark Shadows shows (via significant other's obsession) and I've had enough of the extra-cheese on this pie.

DB in Serenity as a bad guy? That would be great fun. Hope Joss uses lots of his go-to actors for Serenity.
Do you think Early will show up? We didn't technically see him die afterall. I liked that villian. Well, liked to hate him anyway. He was one of the most interesting villians I've seen in TV.
I wonder if James Marsters will show up in this movie as well? I hope Joss has some other plans in store for James...I would hate to see these great talents fade away.
For those of you in need of a David Boreanaz fix: The April issue of InStyle magazine (with Julianne Moore on the cover) pays a visit to the Boreanaz home sweet home.
Early simply has to come back...I can't imagine them not bringing him back...
And how fitting would it be given the way his last words so brilliantly summed up the fate of the series...
what were his last words? I cannot remember.

[ edited by electricspacegirl on 2004-03-29 22:31 ] I am. he floats off into space
Early's last (apparent) words, as he floated away from the ships: " I am..." Knowing Joss, Early will reappear, if we get our Big Damn TV Show after the Big Damn Movie.

woohoo! The Mutant Enemy Repertory Players strikes again. Boy, if I were an agent I'd do anything I could to get one of my kids in a Joss show--work for life. :) OK, mostly bit parts and guest shots for life, but STILL!
Man I do HOPE David is going to be a villain or something. The Serenity crew is already 9 people to introduce to the mainstream audience. If he's another crewmember it's gonna be a bit much. But yeah as an Alliance villain that would be great. And you know he'd love to do it. He's always had more fun playing Angelus than Angel for example.

Ah man I can't wait. I was uncertain about Firefly but my wife and I devoured the DVD set. It was really great. I've told my family in Holland about it (My brother in law is a big SF fan and mom's deeply into Buffy and Angel) and they said some channel there is showing it now. And they're loving it!

Funny little tidbit: for some ungodly reason, they are showing the eps in the SAME WRONG ORDER AS FOX SHOWED THEM! What a world, what a world....
well known actor???

Who is this Boreanaz fellow, anyway??

And it makes sense. Over the last few years, I keep looking at Boreanaz in Angel, and thinking, "If The Big Valley was still being made, D.B. would be a shoe-in."

The guy is cut from the rugged Western hero (or villain) of 60s TV. Makes sense that he'd show up in a space western.

On the other hand (and apologies to The Muppet Show):

Vampires in space! I love it!!!
I don't know why this has a spoiler tag, if it does happen how deep a hole would you have to live in for the next year to avoid hearing about it before the movie premiers?
I agree with zz9 -- having this with a spoiler tag is ridiculous. For a movie, knowing who is in it is not a spoiler.

As for Dark Shadows, the woman who played Riley's wife is mad hot -- former model, etc. Traitorous rhetoric aside, I would watch it just for her.

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