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April 12 2004

(SPOILER) Angel 5.22 cast and crew.

I'm trying to remain spoiler free but I would like to know which writers are writing the final (*sniff*) 6 episodes. Does anyone know?
yes, same situation with myself....
Writers for the final episodes:

5x17 Elizabeth Craft & Sarah Fain
5x18 Drew Goddard
5x19 Ben Edlund
5x20 Steve DeKnight & Drew Goddard
5x21 David Fury
5x22 Jeff Bell & Joss Whedon
I'm happy Joss is involved in the last episode. It wouldn't have seemed right if he hadn't had any input into it.
This is the first spoiler I've read since the cancellation. I'm so bummed that no Buffy cast members will be there.
Thanks lalaa.... :)
andrew is gonna be in episode 20, thats the last buffy character on the show, well except for anne.
I was reading the comments that people left on that page. I don't know, aside from the episode lacking Cordy and Kate (meaningful Angelverse characters, though I know Cordy's character was well written off), it also lacks some Lilah. She was in it since the first season, I'd consider that pretty important.
Christian Kane was in the very first episode, and he's going to be in the finale. That's a nice bookend for the series.
If you click on "News,mainpage&news" and go to the bottom of the page to Andy Hallets interview,you will find a nice interview with spoilers in it.

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