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April 14 2004

Two new Categories on Whedonesque. Please read the info inside.

Have a look at the 'Cast & Crew' and 'Fandom & Fun' archives to see what kind of posts go where.

Cast & Crew: any kind of news about whedonverse cast and crew's extracurricular projects. (For example: SMG's Scooby Doo or Tony Head's Manchild) Interviews with castmembers or crew. Interviews with Joss.

Fandom & Fun: Anything from conventions and other fan gatherings, fan written essays, to articles on fandom, humourous websites and cartoons.

The object of this operation is to clear the 'General' category for 'General TV and network' discussion, such as the many recent posts about show cancellations.

We have noticed a lot of our more active posters seem to enjoy discussing the state of USA television. However, this subject may not be everyone's cup of tea. Since we don't want to alienate our hardcore users by deleting 'off topic' posts, we are working towards a system that will enable users to filter out posts based on category.

We are still working our way through 3 years of posts in the 'General' category to change the labels. Most fit in these two new categories we have created.

Any questions or suggestions?

I think Joss should have his own category, being that he is a) the centerpiece of the site, and b) far more articulate and a much better read than SMG in interviews.

My 2 cents.
I like the new categories. Sometimes I wasn't sure where to put something but this makes it much clearer.
I'm thrilled! Keep up the great work, y'all.
Super additions. It's the continual improvements and passionate, intelligent discussion that make coming here a real pleasure.

Tangents do tend to sprawl a bit; thanks for keeping things so neat around the place. :)
I think these are great, but, like Chirp, believe Joss deserves his own category. Every new Joss interview, seems to me, is on topic here.

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