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October 19 2002

The Remote Controllers A New York Times article on how fans on the Internet are changing TV shows. (reg required). Marti Noxon has her own point of view.

It begs the question how much influence should fans have over a TV show?

That's an excellent article. I had no idea TWoP's (Television Without Pity's) influence was so established. I'm guessing a decent number of folks on here read and comment on TWoP. It's a pretty enjoyable site. As I've complained before, the Buffy hate is rather toxic, so I try to stay away from the Buffy stuff, but the wealth of other funny on the site (especially the Smallville HoYay) keeps me coming back. And I love Sars' Tomato Nation columns.

On the fan influence tip, I'd say that should be up to the writers to determine. I love the fact that the writers consider their most loyal contingent, but I do sometimes agree with Joss that he knows what's best for our own good better than we do. They've navigated the show past the extremely fickle tide of fan opinion for six years now, and I think when the dust has settled, they will achieve the highest-quality product by sticking to their guns and writing what's in their hearts, not what's on our message boards.

I still think that last season was actually intended to be a love letter for fans. It seemed in many places like an attempted exercise in thematic focus that took very seriously the concentrated fan interest in the show, and a lot of the references seemed to be aimed at the longtime, obsessive viewers. And we all know how much season 6 was generally reviled, so go figure.

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