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January 26 2017

Whedonesque's position regarding posting on the coverage of Joss Whedon's political Tweets. Earlier today a post appeared on the front page that linked to a less than savoury article about a recent tweet of Joss' regarding the Trumps. It was deleted because the article was pure poison, for want of a better phrase. We're not in the business of facilitating cynical "news" sites who get clickbait by perpetuating a culture war. And we have no desire to have Whedonesque engulfed by the political maelstrom going on in the US right now. Fandom has to reflect the changes in society but it also has to be a safe space for people to escape into, even for a moment. So we point blank do not want to see articles about Joss' political tweets on this site right now because the coverage of them is an unholy mess.

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