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April 27 2004

Joss working on another series? Buffy movie definite? Herc posts on AICN with a report from the Cleveland Slayer Convention. Nick Brendon mentions Joss is working on another show and that a Buffy movie is in the works. ASH mentions Ripper.

Nick Brendon did a Q/A and let slip that Joss is working on another show. When asked what it was called he mumbled something like "Brothers" but then said he didn't know. He also said that a Buffy movie is going to happen it's just a question of when.

Exciting news! I wonder if the new show Joss is working on is Buffyverse related...
I know I already posted this before - but it just goes to show two people hear different things - I thought I heard him say "Brethern" (sp?)- Nick was asking someone who had come with him about Joss new series idea and he had the microphone pulled away from his mouth when he spoke.

Also he said he thought it would happen but he didn't know if the Buffy movie would ever come about, but he would do it if it did. ASH was ask the same question and he said he didn't know but if it did happen it would not be for the WB.

Nick also mentioned he has not watched Angel since Buffy left the WB - for the most part ASH gave the same answer.

Mercedes mention hearing about the TV movie but said she and the other cast thought it was a WB ploy. Also she mentioned that it was Joss that had her added to the Main credits for the remainder of the season - which was what he had planned on doing for her if their had been a 6 season, she kind of got a little weepy on that note.

Morena also said that we would get the back story on River and Simon - **SPOILER ALERT** (invisotext on) she also said that her character would not be on the ship at the beginning of the movie - just as it end in the series Inara has left Firefly. Although when she does come back to the ship thins will heat up to another level between Mal and Inara. Also we will finally get to see the Reavers (I'm only hoping not litteraly - cause my imagination is much scarier)and find out about the poison Inara was going to use on herself had the Reavers attacked.(invisotext off)

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Thanks, RavenU -- I was hoping someone who attended would post, as this does seem a little too good to be completely true.
Here's to hoping it is though. But "Brothers"? Were there any main characters in the Buffyverse who weren't single children (Buffy technically was a single child)? And "Ripper", I love the fact that that is still up in the air.

Poor Mercedes. Like hearing about David, it just breaks your heart...

And was it an accident when the mic was pulled away from Nick, or did some creepy guy in a black suit do it because he was going to say something "hush hush"?

Argh, damn typos.

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Yeah, I had no idea what Nick meant with that comment. When he said "brothers," I thought for some odd reason that he was referring to HBO's Deadwood, which Joss's step-brother is somehow involved with (no, I don't know why my brain went there). Nick certainly didn't make the comment clear and I didn't interpret it as a big revelation.
Andrew and Tucker is all I could think of, if it IS true and Buffyverse related, but that's doubtful since Andrew only even exists because they couldn't get Tucker back.
Maybe Nick meant to say, "Oh Brother" as in what have I gotten myself into? I shoulda kept my mouth shut.

I recall a couple cowboy vampires were brothers but I think Buffy dusted them both. I wanna say "Gorch"? Was that their last name? Maybe a tv series about them in the 1800s.. Nah!
Wow, really sounds Mercedes is about as cynical and jaded on the WB as the rest of us. BIG surprise!

While I inwardly rejoice at the possibility of another series, I have to ask the question: with the state of television as bad as it is (a wasteland of reality tv), how long could a new Whedon series possibly last? We saw with Firefly that the name "Whedon" was not enough to stay the executioner's axe. Networks seem very reluctant to let a show build an audience. If it's not an instant hit, off it goes like Wonderfalls. Whedon, while wonderful, will never produce a smash hit. We'll all watch, but it'll get labeled a "cult hit".

This sucks.

Yeah, I remember them too. They were a dudd storyline in the ep Bad Eggs that kinda went no where. Lyle and Tector Gorch. But, yeah... Nah!
When I hear "Brothers" or " Brethren" I automatically think Spike and Angel .. after all we've been hearing writers talking about playing the dynamic of Spike as the annoying little Brother pinching all of Big Brother Angels best toys.
Nick is at Fusion Con in Blackpool next week, maybe someone can get some more info.

But *sigh* it's just a rumour at the moment , I just want something, anything! to be announced one way or the other .
"Brothers" might not be meant literally. Maybe it's more like a "brothers under the skin" thing. It's also entirely possible for a brother of some kind to be manufactured for Spike or whomever. Joss et al are excellent revisionist historians.

Interesting to hear of Mercedes' cynicism. That doesn't bode well for the telemovie(s) rumors.
Maybe it will be on one of the networks that don't axe like UPN. It seems like almost all of their shows flopped this season except for that Model thing and wrestling.
Course this Joss Whedon show never happened but you never know.
I just want SOME Joss Whedon on the air next season. Ever since Firefly got canned, Buffy ended, Angel got canned as well, followed by Wonderfalls (which was great by association), there is just a really huge void that is going to be left once this season is over with. I wouldn't mind seeing a new show by Joss even if it isn't a spinoff for the Buffyverse to continue because the man is simply genius.

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Oh,if only any of it is true! Brethren sounds like it could be in reference to the monks who sent Dawn to Buffy. Maybe Joss is doing a back in time sort of thing. But even if it isn't a Buffy world spin-off I'd be there to watch. I do hope if it's true it isn't on Fox or the WB.

And it's not just Mercedes who sounds like she has issues with the WB. Both ASH and NB said they hadn't watched Angel since Buffy moved to UPN. I sense there was some anger on their parts on how BtVS was treated.
Wow that failed wizards idea that Simon just (re-)posted sounds amazing. I want that!
somthing about a buffy movie spinoff =YAY!!!
enything else...well=?

He clearly said "to blathe" and as we all know "to blathe" means "to bluff".
If its a new show, don't use WB again.

UPN seem good for it, they stuck by Enterprise which is dreadful.

ABC, try other networks, just forget I say Fox and WB.
Are you sure he didn't say Rosebud :p.
I was confused by the animated series mention too. Anyone else know any more about that?
well i know there were a hell of alot of scripts written by great buffy writers one by jane espenson involving a shrunken buffy, the pilot had something to do with a giant dragon and most of the origional cast were signed on to voice themselves.I remember joss saying its like him standing there holding 2 big giant bags of money and saying to the networks 'here have some cash' but no one was biting because smg wasnt involved.i think i read this in sfx a while ago...correct me if i'm wrong
That sucks about the animated Buffy. You know, they could get the actress (Giselle Loren?) who did the voice over for Buffy on the video games and that would be just as good.
From RavenU's post it seemed like the animated series mentioned wasn't necessarily a Buffy series, although I wouldn't be too surprised if it was.

When I first heard that the Buffy animated series was cancelled, I'd assumed that Joss would most likely resurrect it eventually, but I didn't think that it would be this soon.

The Buffy animated series was essentially cancelled when FOX decided to completely drop their Saturday morning cartoon line-up. And this was just after Joss finally found an animation house willing to do work at the quality and budget that he wanted, which had been a previous stumbling block.

And all we know at this point about "Brethren" is the title,and even that's currently and issue of debate. I'd imagine we will get to get this stuff eventually, but Joss needs to focus his work more. He's got "Serenity" and "Astonishing X-Men" now, he plans to do "Ripper" and "Fray, Volume 2" eventually, and now he's developing two new series, not to mention future plans for the Buffyverse. Well, even if next year the Buffyverse will be empty, the Whedonverse certainly won't be.
The artwork for the animated series was discussed in this thread and there's an interview with the art director at
Liam had a sister.
And all we know at this point about "Brethren" is the title,and even that's currently and issue of debate.

Yes, this is how rumors get started :) I was there and that wasn't what I heard Nick say. Again, I think too much is being read into his comment. He wasn't specific and he mumbled after saying Joss was working on a new who the heck knows what he meant by it.

The animated series, on the other hand, sounded like it was quite real and in progress, so yay for that. Ripper -- still interest on both Joss and Tony's parts, but no definitive plans as to when it might happen.
OK, just to add to the rumors -- there was James Marsters' comment on Ryan Seacrest today. When Seacrest asked him if he was ready to put Spike to rest (via the head shave), Marsters said "for now," and he continuted that there was talk of bringing him (Spike) back -- and whatever Joss decides to do, he (James) was up for it.
Simon, that link you posted sounded amazing! I think it could fit in well with the Brethren title.
What network would a new Joss show be on? Don't think I'd choose either the WB or Fox.
I don't know if this is old news but as far as I am aware the main champion for "Ripper" was Jane Root who was head of BBC 2, I am sure Tony Head was always refering to her when talking about developing the series. She has recently left the BBC to work for the Discovery Network in the US. Now I'm not saying this will make a difference but it seems that it sometimes takes the passion of one or more commited individuals to make a vision come to pass.
There may well be an executive in the BBC still willing to invest in clever and witty television. But who knows.
Actually there's a small part of me that thinks the heck with Firefly and Angel and Buffy and any other spinoffs: a full length motion picture where ASH plays Rupert "Ripper" Giles investigating what appears to be an 'ordinary' (for him) poltergeist or haunting situation erupts into something far more sinister leading to an action adventure comedy horror scifi flick with just a twinge of James Bond (old school) spy thriller. Rupert has to cross the globe following clues in order to save the world from a terrible fate that was instrumented and instigated by none other than Ethan Rayne.

We wouldn't even need a special guest appearance by anybody. ASH could carry the movie by himself, and God knows he's way overdue for the opportunity.
Zachsmind, I'm with you except for the part about forgetting about Firefly. That I can't do. But I certainly agree with you that ASH could carry a show on his own without any guest stars too.
Any news on future projects is good news to me. After initially being uncertain about Firefly, yet now loving it, I can say I'll check out anything Joss comes up with.

And yeah James mentioned that on Seacrest (let me annoyingly point out again that my wife and I were in the audience today: "WE WERE THERE!" Okay thank you. Got that out of my system again. Wow, even I find me annoying now.) And him saying Spike is not dead and will return at the drop of a hat if Joss comes out with something new put my wife's thoughts at ease since she was still worried we'd have another show-ending with Spike dying.

I'd love to see 'Ripper' even though I just don't think in today's TV landscape it would survive. It would be too cool so....ya know.....gotta get killed.

As for the other show Joss is working on.....hmm, would it be a Buffyverse spinoff or something totally new? I would have to gamble on the former, especially since he recently asked the fans to 'keep making noise' about Angel's cancellation since it would help with future projects.

TV movies of Angel or Buffy....pfff who knows. I'd love to see it, obviously, but if even the actors think it's BS..... Ah poor Mercedes. Didn't Amy Acker say she still cried so much during the last days of filming too?
My thought's concerning the potential new series.

Brethren/Brothers - Way too soon to speculate, until we know whether it is a slayerverse show or totally unrelated we are truly stabbing in the dark.

Ripper - I would love to see this happen as i'm a massive Giles/ASH fan. However i'm dubious about the BBC involvement. Living here in the UK i am well aware of the company's opinion about where Buffy the Vampire Slayer belonged, either cut to ribbons as a kids show or lost in a late night unedited version that only we really true fans will stay up to watch.

If they were to be involved with Ripper i would hate to see it ruined by being forced into becoming a glorified kids drama series. Ripper would require a real darkness of content to be true to the character and source material which would mean they would need a decent evening timeslot, preferably between eight and nine.

Honestly cannot see the BBC being willing to give up primetime scheduling for what they see as a childrens series, they certainly were never willing to do that for Buffy.

The Animated Series - Actually would not hate this to happen as long as it was not instead of a new live action series and also written within series continuity. That way you could make the decision for yourself whether the events were canon or not.

I heard that the show would be set during Buffy's Sunnydale High days (season's 1 - 3) but with Dawn in the mix, basically you would see it how the Scoobies now remember it as having happened, with Dawn in existence. That, i think, would be very cool to see.
"Ripper would require a real darkness of content to be true to the character and source material which would mean they would need a decent evening timeslot, preferably between eight and nine." Technopagan

Jane Root, the head of BBC drama gave Ripper a 9.30 timeslot, but that was three years ago and unfortunately ME didn't deliver the scripts. And now that Jane Root has left the BBC it's possible that Joss has missed the boat on this one. I hope not, but...

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