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May 18 2004

Only One New "Alias" Left In 2004! Fourth Season of "Alias" gets bumped to mid-season. Viewers will have to wait and see what impact former Angel staff members Jeff Bell and Drew Goddard will make on the show.

I know the connections to Whedon are stretching it a bit, thought people might like to know though. Also shows the increasing stupidity of network execs.

Actually there is a strong Whedon connection, that's why I have amended your subject line accordingly. Suprised Alias got bumped to mid-season. Genre TV is really struggling at the moment.
Only 2 hour-longs I'll be watching come this fall then, Smallville, and possibly Enterprise. That really is a sad state of affairs.

Forgotten about Jeff Bell and Drew Goddard, thanks for pointing that out.
Like I mention before - the rumors about Alais being on the bubble - the only thing that saved it is that ABC's line-up sucks and it's one of the few shows with a loyal following on the network. Yeah - genre is taking a huge beating this season and next.

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Terrible news, it's ashame the viewing habbits of the USA have to effect people's favorite show continuing around the world.
Alias isn't that popular here in the UK, Sky One dropped it mid season 2 (moved it to their digital only channel Sky One Mix), and allowed Bravo to pick up season 3. Also the reason thre's been nearly a year between the DVD releases of seasons 1 & 2 is poor sales.

And, as with all good American shows, the terrestrial channels have treated it like sh*t.
This is annoying and surprising, but it's not that terrible or even unprecedented. TV Guide is reporting that when Alias returns next January, it will "enjoy an uninterrupted, rerun-free 20-episode run".

I don't know. I just look at this as more incentive to do other things, like read.
Yeah, while it's bad news as far as the wait goes, I actually think an uninterrupted season, plus the shorter period of time viewers will need to commit to watching the show, can actually help bring in more of an audience. I mean, not "According to Jim" numbers, mind you, but maybe enough that I'll be able to talk about it with somebody other than my mom, who closes her eyes during the "gun scenes". I think the amount of breaks in this season of "Alias" (among other shows) really killed the momentum. And with "Alias", it's all about the momentum.

And while we're on the topic (or the off-topic, rather) of great shows that aren't Whedon-Crafted...FOX renewed Arrested Development!!! And while that's what has me happiest today, I have to wonder...why did they have to wait a year-and-a-half before they chose start doing the right thing?

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I'm not sure how I feel about this one. After Angel leaves the air, Alias will be, in my opinion, the best show on television. I'll certainly be happy not to have massive gaps between episodes next season (this 3 week break between the penultimate ep and the season finale is just ridiculous), but waiting until January is going to be painful. Especially if the season ends in a cliffhanger, which I would guess is more than likely.

I wouldn't view this as any sort of knock against genre TV though. If I'm not mistaken, ABC has been trying a similar tactic with NYPD Blue for a few years now. The good news is for people who want to catch up with Alias. Season 3 hits DVD on September 7th, so that leaves newbies 3 months to catch up before season 4 starts.
My favorite shows will now be Scrubs (which the article says they picked up for two more seasons), The O.C., Everwood, CSI, Joan of Arcadia, 24, Alias and Smallville. The last three genre-type shows all had disappointing years, in my opinion, and my hope is that the writers and directors get on the ball for next year, because at times, each has been high quality.

Is anyone else looking forward to seeing what Gary Sinise, the wonderful character actor, does in CSI: New York? I am an optimist, I must warn you, and I see great potential for a show that has him as its lead.

Lastly, the best thing about Alias going to a straight 20-episode season that begins in January is that it will allow them, I'm figuring, to get Lena Olin as Sydney's mom for the whole season, or at least as much as the want/need her.
Getting bumped to mid-season cannot possibly bode well for Alias...let us not forget how ABC single-handedly destroyed Twin Peaks back in the day.

I don't think Alias is as good as Buffy or Angel (maybe it will change once some of our alum go there), but that's still probably the only show I'll even bother to watch next season.
Only 20 episodes?! That's too short, 22 is too short, didn't all American shows used to get 26?
20 episodes is definitely too short. Its ridiculous how many reruns and reality programs we are subjected to in order to watch a few short months of anything worth tuning in for. I can see that my buffy and Angel dvd's will be well worn next fall, because the new season is looking pretty crappy.
Ghost Spike, I swear I read somewhere that there's been talking of shortening American tv series from the "normal 22" - not as short as some European series though.

I don't know if what's happening to Alias is indicative of that.
Actually, 20 episodes may not be a bad thing. There were many complaints this season that a lot of episodes were killing time in order to better space out the revelations and big mythology moments. Perhaps 2 less episodes will result in tighter writing and higher overall quality next year. Btw, I'm actually a big fan of this season, although I admit that the show did seem to be running in place for a few patches. Now, it seems like the momentum is really kicking in again, with the past few excellent, suspenseful eps. And of course with the momentum up and running, it gets stopped dead in its tracks by a hiatus until January! Oh, well, at least when it comes back we won't have as horrible gaps between episodes.
Alias and The OC are the only shows I'll be watching once ANGEL finishes, and who knows when either of them is coming back? By the time ALIAS returns in January (that's IF it returns, about which I have many doubts) I may have forgotten all about teevee.
Well I'm mildly looking forward to Stargate and its spin-off but that would be about it. Never got the 'Alias' bug and I watched the first episode of 'The O.C.' and it washed right over me.

Hopefully Spooks (MI5 in the States) will be back in September in the UK.
I'm also looking forward to Stargate and it's spin-off but I felt the last season of Stargate wasn't as good because the character of Jack was used so sparingly. I know it was because Richard Dean Anderson wanted more time with his family but I felt it really affected the show.

As for Alias, I'm a fan and have enjoyed the show. These constant breaks between episodes have been extremely annoying and I'm not surprised that they are pulling this because they've shelved the finale for three weeks in order to show movies and Who Wants to be a Millionaire. That has driven me crazy because it's hard to get into the momentum of a show if they are constantly showing one or two episodes and then three weeks of something else. If it is true that it will be coming back mid-season but showing all the episodes in a row without a break, I'd prefer that over what they've been doing this season.

Also, I've enjoyed this season but it hasn't been as good as the previous seasons and if this delay can help them get Lena Olin back, that would probably make a big difference in the storylines.

But I'm skeptical it really will be back because all the networks say one thing and do another and I'll just have to wait and see if they actually keep their word.
Irena needs to be in season 4, have her and Sloane totally f*ck up Sydney's sister. I didn't like how she was a major player last year, yet this year she just became on of Jack's MSN buddies.

Anyway, speaking of british TV, I've given up hoping for quality, the majority of it is terrible, and it's over before you know it. I enjoy Coupling but that's only got another 4 weeks before it leaves, maybe forever (never know with British TV), god knows when Spaced and The League Of Gentlemen (though after season 3, no season 4 might be a good thing) will be back, Doctor Who is still a heck of a way off, Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) would appear to be deceased, so after June, the only bit of British TV I'm looking forward to is (hopefully/probably I reckon) the Xmas special of Only Fools & Horses.

Never watched Spooks but I've heard good things, might check out the DVD after my exams.

BBC should to a Bugs special, why finish a show you're not going to bring back with the 2 main characters getting kidnapped.

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Aside from the long wait for new episodes, I actually think this is good news. (And unlike a lot of the rest of you, I don't really have doubts about its return.) I won't have to spend as much time as I did this season trying to figure out when new episodes were going to air and setting programs accordingly. And I think it'll make for storytelling that's easier to follow and better keeps its flow. Plus, there will be new episodes of Alias during times when other shows are in reruns during parts of the new year, which is nice. And as for having two fewer shows, well, I can certainly think of a couple of this season's installments that were mostly filler and could have seen their advancing plot points incorporated into later episodes.

Plus, don't forget that J.J. Abrams has a new show starting in the fall. This way, he'll get to focus on that for a while without having to be as hands-on with Alias. And then when the time needed to be devoted to Alias kicks in, he might be a bit more available.

So, mostly, I think this is positive.
Is anyone else looking forward to seeing what Gary Sinise, the wonderful character actor, does in CSI: New York?

Me, brother_grady. I've been a fan of Gary Sinise for a long, long time (he and the X-Files are responsible for luring me online in '96), and I can't wait to see what he can do with a weekly series.

I watched CSI:Miami for the first time last night just to catch the backdoor pilot for CSI:NY, and I must say I'm intrigued. GS just doesn't get the roles he should in film; he brings an intensity and authenticity to everything he takes on, but he's not flashy. I keep hoping he's eventually going to be offered a top-line project that will catch the public's imagination and show the world how extremely talented he is.

I wanted him for Inman in Cold Mountain; when I read the book, he was the first person that popped into my head. Wouldn't he have been perfect? I guess because he's not a box office golden god, the studios looked elsewhere.

On topic, I watched Alias during the first season, but I lost interest. Too much pseudo-espionage for me, not enough solid character development and believable plotlines. (Sydney is a spy who works for a financial institution, and is also a grad student? Give me a break. I suppose you'll be telling me she has time to eat and sleep, too.)

With Bell and Goddard coming on board, I'm definitely planning on checking it out again; maybe they can work some of that old Angel black magick on the continuity and give it that cool, snappy edge it seems to be lacking?
At least there will still be Gilmore Girls next fall, with Jane Espenson as a producer and writer.
What is J.J. Abrams new show?
Abrams' new show is called Lost.

And Wiseblood, FWIW, Sydney didn't actually work at a financial institution, too; the bank was the cover for the agency that she was a spy for. Girlfriend was stretched thin, but not quite that thin. ;)

I've said it before and I'll say it again, but next season, with Angel gone, Gilmore Girls will be the best show on TV.
Abrams new show is called 'Lost' and a guy who wrote a preview on Ain't It Cool News was very excited about it.
Dang, I know promotions are supposed to sound cool, but check out the stuff on ABC upfront about Lost:

ABC Upfront 2004 for Lost

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Sydney didn't actually work at a financial institution, too; the bank was the cover for the agency that she was a spy for. Girlfriend was stretched thin, but not quite that thin. ;)

Well, I said I stopped watching. :P

Glad to know Syndney's setup wasn't completely beyond reality. But even being a sooper-seekrit spy and being a real grad student seems kind of improbable to me. All the grad students I know barely have time to comb their hair and put on clothes in the morning, much less work at a high-stress job while trying to get good grades and teach all their professors' classes *snicker*.

Yes, it is just TV. But the premise of Alias is so much more grounded in 'reality' than, say, Angel, I find I expect more in the way of believability.

I think I agree with you about Gilmore Girls. It slumped a bit earlier this season, but it's picked up recently and is about to finish off very interestingly. The writing is so smart sometimes, I can't tear myself away; I'm extremely torn about watching anything on the WB at all next season, yet I enjoy GG to the point that it's the only show on TV, besides Angel and 24, I'm following at the moment. My husband hates it so much ("they yammer"), however, I may just end up taping it and then watching it when he's not around.

The fact remains that until Alias returns mid-season, I won't have a single show to watch next year except 24, and none I will be taping out of a mad obsessive love for future re-watching pleasure.
By the way: Daniel Dae Kim (Gavin Parks on "Angel") is on the main cast of J.J. Abrams "Lost." It appears to be a show definitely worth checking out.
I noticed that too! And Harold Perrineau jr. and Naveen Andrews are both great as well. This seems like a pretty big cast.
WHAT?!!!! I'm so mad, now I really will have nothing to watch except smallville and the oc, and then wait until january for alias? not good.

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